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Transnational pharmaceutical companies are added to the criminal blockade against Venezuela


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Luis Lopez

(AVN) – The Minister for Health, Luis Lopez, denounced on Monday that the pharmaceutical transnationals have joined the criminal blockade against the people of Venezuela that have imposed the government of the United States, the European Union and its servile countries in the Americas, denounced on Monday.

During his speech in the program “Juntos por la soberanía” that transmits National Radio of Venezuela, the minister Lopez denounced that the transnational pharmaceutical companies raise and pressure private laboratories to boycott the production and distribution of medicines in the country.

In addition, the minister said, these transnationals promote the delay of shipments of medicines and encourage the diversion of inputs to the speculative market, all this as part of the unconventional war carried out by sectors of the right against the people, a boycott that It is added to the criminal financial blockade that the imperial axes have imposed on the country by preventing the transactions of the Bolivarian Republic abroad to acquire inputs.

“We do not know this kind of organizations that are representations of the transnational cartel in Venezuela. There are laboratories that after negotiating with us, with companies that have the possibility of making a sale to the ministry, they end up blocking it and the supplies do not arrive, as oncological and dialysis ones, “said Lopez.

In that sense the minister stressed that unfortunately for the interests of the imperial axes and their obsession to take the resources of Venezuela, the Bolivarian people are being victim of “a criminal blockade that generates gigantic problems for obtaining medicines, product of the pressure international”.

For example, Lopez mentioned, treatments for dialysis patients in Venezuela come from 90% from Germany and these have been intentionally delayed so that they do not arrive in the country.

“The plane leaves Germany, lands somewhere in Spain, then it comes to Panama, and the Panamanian authorities say that the plane has a fault and cannot keep flying, they do not let it go.” We had to return the plane to Spain and through a commercial flight bring us the cargo, which raised to 3 million dollars the costs of the cargo and caused a delay, “denounced the minister.

In that sense, he revealed that during the week prior to the elections on May 20th, the international system through the US government operators blocked the payment transaction for 7 million dollars that the President, Nicolas Maduro, managed to acquire.

treatments for dialysis, a purchase that was one month after being finalized and that was blocked for 15 days by foreign financial entities to boycott and generate problems for the country.

Despite the imposition of the criminal blockade, Lopez stressed that the State will continue to carry out all possible work to bring medicines to people, especially through triangulation with countries such as India and with the support of the Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO).

Given this upsurge of the blockade against people, Minister Lopez repudiated the double standards of opposition factors that make life in Venezuela, which on the one hand speak of a large number of countries that want to send medicines they are blocked and the boycott, among them non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as Doctors without Borders.

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