Training school for models holds first graduation ceremony

Training school for models holds first graduation ceremony
The first graduating class of Modelles Magnifique Training School, their trainer Vanetta Phillip and their manager Michelle N Auguste.
The first graduating class of Modelles Magnifique Training School, their trainer Vanetta Phillip and their manager Michelle N Auguste.

Fab-Fetale Island Exclusive Model Management & Modelles Magnifique Training School hosted their first ever graduation ceremony for their certified models.

The evening began with cocktails and local drinks on the patio of the Begonia Conference Room at about 6:30 p.m.

After cocktails, the specially invited guests were treated to a 20 minute fashion show which showcased swim wear by “Elle Tee” of Bermuda and elegantly casual wear by “Jaeylu” of St. Lucia.

Once the graduates were seated, the owners of the companies – Michelle Auguste & Vanetta Phillip took to the podium to present their speeches and to give their account of the 12 week training process.

Several awards were presented;
Award of Excellence – Tanika Joseph
Most Improved Model Elite – Jacinta Constantine
The Modelles Magnifique Training School Valedictorian Award – Davika Hill
The Official Face of Fab-Fetale & Modelles Magnifique – Davika Hill
The Most Disciplined Model Elite – Davika Hill
Certificate of Recognition in Model 101 (94%) – Tanika Joseph & Sergie Williams
Certificate of Recognition in Communications (90%) – Davika Hill
Certificate of Recognition in Image Development (89%) – Davika Hill
Certificate of Recognition in Essentials of Still Photography (83%) – Davika Hill
Certificate of Recognition in Fashion Performance & International Runway (100%) – Tanika Joseph
Certificate of Recognition in Showcase Management (100%) – Tanika Joseph
Award of Achievement as a Newcomer in Exceptional Photography Work – Sean “Zack” Leon
Award of Achievement in Exceptional & Artistic Photography Work – Daniel “Belle Portwe” Marcion
Award of Achievement in Clothing Design & Talent – Sharleen “Jaeylu” Lagon

Davika Hill giving her Valedictorian speech.

Special Announcements

– A six month modeling contract with a company/agency in Trinidad & Tobago – Tanika Joseph & Tessa Pierre

– Modelles Magnifique Training School is being reviewed by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO) for Certificates of Completion to be accredited internationally.

– Fab-Fetale Island Exclusive Model Management is the first modeling agency in the Caribbean to be accepted as a member of the Modeling Association of America International Inc. (MAAI) and the agency’s models and its partnered training school Modelles Magnifique, have been invited to the convention in Miami in 2013, where the scouts of various companies/agencies attend to discover talent and sign models and actors. Fab-Fetale Models will get the opportunity to attend this convention in 2013 and compete to be chosen by one of these major companies; NY Model Management, Wilhelmina NY, Click, Visage Tokyo, Trump Model Management, Elite Model Management and World Top Japan, just to name a few. Other companies such as The New York Film Academy and the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts attend and present scholarships to attendees. This will be an exciting experience for the models next year.

– Modelles Magnifique Training School and Fab-Fetale Island Exclusive Model Management are partnering with a talent agency based in Bermuda and opening a branch of their businesses in Bermuda and those branches will be spearheaded and run by Ms. Davika Hill.
Ms. Davika Hill will be featured in several local magazines; Slush, Jen Moun Youth Magazine, Touché and the Yo Magazine – so look out for them!

– Ms. Tanika Joseph will be on the cover of a local magazine – so look out for that!

Organizers of the evening, Ms. Vanetta Phillip and Ms. Michelle N Auguste making the special announcements.

Our Sponsors

Fashion 4 U, Instyle Boutique, The Brothers International, The Ministry of Tourism Heritage & Creative Industries, Scotts Sports Shop & Awards and last but by no means least the Management of Bay Gardens.

The Management of the hotel chain went above and beyond to ensure that the graduation and Davika’s stay, was a memorable experience. They even went a step further, by making Davika’s entire stay at the hotel, her meals and her drinks complimentary! And this is the kind of treatment that is in store for whoever holds the title of The Official Face of the agency and the training school – travelling opportunities, photo shoots, branding, monetary compensation for referrals & recruitment done.

Ms. Davika Hill of Bermuda was lucky enough to be the first Model Elite to experience this five star treatment. She is currently being trained and briefed on her new duties of being the principal of the model training school and the recruitment agent for Fab-Fetale in Bermuda. So the next graduating class will definitely be bigger than the last.

Michelle and Vanetta are very excited about this new venture and will keep the public posted on the updates as they unfold.


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  1. Dat ugly girl Raina is a the person who recruited her needs to put on a pair of glasses!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO


  2. As the Owner/CEO/Creative Director of Spotlight Talent Agency in Bermuda, I would like to congratulate the Modelles Magnifique and Fab Fatele teams on this wonderful accomplishment for Caribbean models and the Caribbean islands as a whole! Also, a very special congratulatory salute to Miss Davika Hill and all the other graduates!


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