Traffic police responds one hour after minor accident

Traffic police responds one hour after minor accident


Traffic came to a halt behind the Castries market around 2 p.m. on Saturday (Jan 10) following a minor accident.

For over one hour traffic was closed to the area, because there was no response from the traffic police.

The driver of the mini-bus claims a passenger from the jeep opened a door on the left side, causing the accident.


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  1. something so simple.. polish or compound could get these minor scratches out. That bus driver could have made 2 trips in the time he waited for police... some ignorant ppl smh


  2. The shit is obvious. Thats no accident an idiot open a door and scrape the mini bus almost to the back.Pk 186 just repair the man van fast.


  3. This is rediculous, this was a minor accident. People the operative word is accident, the passenger of the jeep opened the door causing the accident, I did not say it,maths article did. My question is why should the police come to such? Both drivers should have exchanged details and settled it. I know in other judiridictions the police would not attend such silly reports. The drivers should have settled it between themselves. To blame the police for the road blockage is utter nonsense. That should even have made news. Just saying.


  4. Pretty shitty area. People do what they want there. Stop and buy stuff from vendors right next to road. People walk right in the middle of the road. Surprise nobody eh ge rundown there yet.


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