Toxik Carnival feeds the needy

Toxik Carnival feeds the needy

450c648b-c95b-439e-8e56-3b9bacee233bPRESS RELEASE – “I don’t have enough words to express how grateful I am to Toxik for doing something that is different from other carnival bands.”

Those were words of appreciation articulated by a senior citizen from Castries, echoing the sentiments of the many that were treated to a meal last week Saturday in Constitution Park.

The venture undertaken by the management of Toxik Carnival is part of the carnival entity’s expansion into a brand through its philanthropic arm – Toxik Cares.

Toxik Carnival’s Bandleader Mr. Gareth Jules says “…We feel extremely gratified to feed the need and for us, we hope to continue with several other projects under our philanthropic arm. It’s one of our best initiatives, simply because it’s the one that gives us the opportunity to give back to those people who have served this country so well over the years.


Many individuals who roam the streets have been through tough times; however, the light of hopefulness shone on every face as they gathered to enjoy the care and attention being showered on them in a true Toxik spirit’’, he added.

In addition to its Feed the Need initiative, Toxik Carnival will in the coming weeks launch its Costume Design Mentorship Programme.

Toxik Carnival plans to expand the initiative across the island and will be partnering with various organizations in its efforts to reach out to the poor and vulnerable.

Special thanks to Larry’s Icicles, Blue Waters, Piton Beer, Top Ranking Electrical, Atwell Dalgliesh and Sandals Resorts.


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  1. i am so proud of gareth and his change around with toxik. hes bring fresh ideas to the band, something that makes it encompass different aspects of an organization. i am proud of toxik as well. kudos guys. continue to do well!


  2. Congratulations Toxik Cares! First class community spirit! This is the kind of news we want hear about.


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