Town hall meeting to discuss DSH Project

Town hall meeting to discuss DSH Project
Castries Central MP Richard Frederick.
Richard Frederick will be the guest presenter at the town hall meeting.
Richard Frederick will be the guest presenter at the town hall meeting.

PRESS RELEASE – The Vieux Fort Concerned Citizens Coalition for Change (VFCCCC) will be hosting a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, 11th January 2017 at the Beane Field Comprehensive Secondary School from 7.00pm.

This meeting will be held to discuss the proposed DSH Project for Vieux Fort signed by the Government of St. Lucia with the developer.

We are extending an invitation to all St. Lucians to attend this meeting in an effort to get the necessary information in relation to the signed Framework Agreement and Supplementary Agreement of the DSH Project.

Our Guest Presenter on the agreements will be Mr. Richard Frederick.

Persons from the Business community, Farmers, land owners, property owners, church leaders, community groups, and concerned citizens will be given the opportunity to view the Terms and Conditions contained in the two (02) agreements and to share their views and discuss the DSH Project as to how they will be affected.

You will be given an opportunity to ask your questions.

Please be on time as we are expecting to start promptly at 7.00pm.


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  1. Since I won't be able to attend, I want to let it be known that I vote nay on both DSH and CIP. VF is part of this island and everyone has a say.


  2. Protest and march, now town hall meeting with Richard Frederick , would it not have served the people of Vieux Fort better had this group agitate for the Government and DSH representatives to meet with the people of Vieux Fort to discuss this project?
    I do not support the project in it's entirety and surely to do not support Vieux Fortians being denied access to the beach (if that is the case) but I support any development that will generate employment and breathe new life into Vieux Fort which seem comatose at this time
    I just think some of the individuals fronting for this group are just pushing their own political agenda.


  3. I hope he tell them why the development at Balembuse and at La Resource did not materialize under his Ministry. Did you deprive VFort and the South from such needed development and work in the construction industry, for person benefits? What was your request from the contractors? Now you are working had at it to deprive the people from the south again, because of your dislike or hate for Allen Chastanet.


  4. richard you not even from vf but you heading this pure BS STOP SELLING DRUGS AN THEN COME TALK BECAUSE YOU CONTIBUTING TO THE CRIME


    • does he have to be from vieux fort to actally support the people from vieux fort?? i see nothing wrong with him standing up for the people and saint lucia in general... The Prime minister is not from vieux fort and yet still he and his government approved this project!!


      • As a supporter of the project I am happy they invited Frederick. A guy they themselves has said is crooked and we all know he has an agenda against Chastanet. His presence alone exposes the whole intention of the VFCCCC


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