Tourist complains about “annoying noise” coming from entertainment venues in Rodney Bay (letter)

Letter to the Editor

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Rodney Bay

Dear Editor: As I sit in my room at a resort on Reduit Beach at 1:40 a.m. (June 16, 2018) my room is shaking from the music coming from a place called Verve.

I am disgusted with the lack of respect given to tourists who spend their hard-earned money to come to St. Lucia to relax and enjoy themselves.

Is it too much to ask for your police department to ask the person responsible for this unbelievable racket to be turned down? I even called the police and the answer I got was nothing can be done because the police commissioner has granted them a permit until 2 a.m.

I invite the police commissioner to spend a Saturday night at any resort along this road with his family. I’m sure he will be just as disturbed and disgusted as my family is. What is he thinking? In Canada the person playing this so-called music would be shut down in minutes because the government cares about the people.

All this character playing is doing is yelling and screaming, ‘make some noise’, and turning the bass higher and higher. This not music or even entertainment. IT IS JUST ANNOYING NOISE.

We had planned on returning next year but that will not happen now. I will also tell every Canadian not to come here. The police commissioner obviously does not care about the tourist industry that l know brings millions and millions of dollars to your country.

There are easier ways to make tourists aware of the fact that you don’t want us here. Just don’t advertise that you care because that is a blatant lie.

I suggest the police commissioner contact the police commissioner of Toronto for some pointers on how to police hooligans and run a peaceful city that tourists enjoy and their complaints are taken seriously.

– Susan Watts

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  1. HAHA i agree with the author of the letter. Not all cultures are equal, and ours here in st.lucia definitly lacks sophistication of any kind. Keep polluting your minds with trash music and rum people. Its your culture!! lmao. Animals .

  2. MMM,,,,Lady stop your rubbish.
    Solution is simple. Don't book hotels around entertainment establishment, problem solved.
    I always do a research of what's near-by prior to booking any hotel accommodation.
    She sound like one of those pesty neighbours who complains about everything.

  3. So you stayed all the way on Reduit in your hotel room and ONLY heard Verve? Okay then...I call full bs on this article.

  4. Everyone we are being quite hard on poor Susan. Luciana are great people - almost all of them.. :). We really should not be slagging the person as much as we have. She obviously didn’t get enough sleep and probably regrets writing the letter now. But the damage is done she wrote it .. and obviously in a state of frustration. She probably sent it right away without giving it time to set in. To bring racism into this and the negative comments are really over the top.

  5. For all of the haters - Just remember that it is the tourists coming to St Lucia that allow US a place to live and eat. Without them, St Lucia would not be in a very good place.

    With that said, we have our own rules and laws, we abide by them the same way when WE travel to Canada we abide by theirs. It is what it is BUT the noise IS a problem for real! So doh try dat!

    • Like really, the tourists' coming to St.Lucia that allowing us to eat and live?

      Like really?????????????????????????

      • Tourism Contributes to 40% of GDP... by 2030 it will be close to 60%. The Services industry (including Tourism) contributes 85% of GDP.

        If tourists decided that they are no longer coming to St. Lucia, within a year, the hospitals, schools and government offices would close. The banks in the country would fail, when the banks fail you have no way to pay for anything overseas, so how will you pay for Guyana to send Rice to you? And with no tourism, the agriculture and small manufacturing sectors would collapse. The entire economy would collapse. and the ripples would spread all the way to St. Kitts and Nevis.

        It would put significant pressure on the EC dollar, and threaten devaluation. We would have no way to pay for rice, sugar, milk or any bare necessities. We would be unable to purchase fuel to keep the LUCELEC generators running and with no electricity, WASCO would pump no water which will cause a sanitation crisis. With a dead economy, NO ONE will loan you money. You will experience mass starvation, disease, and rampant crime. It will be madness. tourists coming to St. Lucia allows you to eat and live, comfortably at least haha.

        • Well then, we best start growing our own food instead of buying our groceries off of Amazon.

        • I will say it again "Like really, the tourists' coming to St.Lucia that allowing us to eat and live?

          Like really?????????????????????????

        • Then you end up with disaster tourism tourists..

        • I wholeheartly agree with Susan. Rodney Bay has a concentration of very noisy bars. One trying to outdo the other with excessive noise?
          People come on holiday for peace and quiet, not to be kept awake until the early hours with noise. The only entertainment on Rodney Bay is drinking alcohol, drugs and deafening music. People get in their cars afterwards, drive under the influence without any deterrent. Why are the police not out giving tickets for drunk driving and speeding. There is absolutely no respect for pedestrians.
          A lovely Island, but few inhabitants have respect for it. I have been a tourist in the past as have been my relatives, some definitely not returning! Also most of the comments are extremely negative and if Susan reads them she will be even more disappointed with the Island.

    • Tel this woman not too come bag. Your country is no authority on morality or equality

  6. I bet you wouldn't go anywhere else with a hotel close to a club and complain, y'all whites too full of crap!! However you can walk the beach iyah awaites snow flakes..

  7. This woman on vacation in the Caribbean and complaining about loud music ...
    West Indian life is different woman . Thanks for coming to Saint Lucia but when you down here nobody gives a damn about what Canadians do in their country .

    People coming from all over the world and constantly want to treat us as if we are still colonies or as if they own us .
    You were in the wrong place at the wrong time get over it !!
    That happens all over the world ... nothing new .. there are disturbances everywhere at any time .

    • Agree. She is just a mea old white woman. I started to feel her but when she said that she was not coming back to the country & will tell all Canadians not to come to St Lucia, was like 'really' . I thought she was going to say that she would not stay in that part of the island.
      Let tell this lady that everywhere has injustice. Not because you didn't get your way you had to act so stupid and she cannot prevent all Canadians from coming to St Lucia. Who the hell she think she is.

  8. Susan
    Please tae your PMSN ass and get out f this country ..leave and don't come back..Do not bring your btches to another county and demand you rites..YOU HAVE NONE HERE..When n Rome.. You disgrace your country ..Now shut up and leave...

  9. First of all the Rodney Bay strip is a place primarily where people come for entertainment, however there are some hotels which offer accommodation in the area. Some guests come for entertainment while others come for just relaxation (peace and quiet). I think the onus is on the hotel/resort to inform the guests even before arriving that that particular locale is entertainment focused and there can be disturbances created by this entertainment.

    It is not so much that the laws of the country are wrong, it may just be a case that people are not informed of what to expect. A visitor to the island requiring peace and quiet relaxation has a huge choice of accommodation, after all its the Caribbean and we try to please everybody. Alternatively, it is not up to any visitor to determine what is music to a country as apposed to noise. I myself have been to several countries where i thought entertainment was just noise but it was just my opinion and it may have been different if i was from there.

    So while i welcome the criticism i would say that this guest's (Susan) gripe should not be with the whole of St. Lucia and our laws but with the resort who offered the accommodation which conveyed an impression to the guest that Rodney Bay strip was a place for peace and quiet. Alternatively the hotel may not have conveyed this message and it was only a false expectation of the guest who was probably misinformed.

    With so many angles it is difficult to arrive at a conclusion without all the facts. But it is wrong to inform other prospective guests in Canada that they should not come to St. Lucia. We offer every kind of entertainment and every sort of accommodation but not in the same areas as they can conflict with one another.

  10. Lucians open yall eyes. Chastenet does not want yall black asses in the Rodney Bay area. This is his way of getting Verve out! His Coco Palm guests do not want to see black people when they visit. How many years the people of Gros Islet have suffered from the street party and their cries fall on deaf ears? But rest assured, one white guest complains and he and Dominic Macack Fedee will be on Verve’s back…only because they attract a mostly black crowd.

  11. First off I am sorry you did not enjoy your time in St. Lucia. I invite you to visit us again at a quieter location and see if sweet Helen doesn't steal your heart.

    On to the story.

    On one hand, this IS St. Lucia, and we love our music and culture. Dismissing it as "Noise" is not the right way to get your point across. Also, the country has its laws (albeit lax and biased), and music goes out at 2 a.m., and I hardly think the Police Commissioner has the luxury of attending to every disgruntled visitor.

    That being said! The noise pollution situation in st.lucia is getting ****ing ridiculous. I dare any of you to challenge me on this! Entertainment hub my ass! That shate starting to happen everywhere! Drive down Dennery on a Tuesday at midnight, park your Car and try to sleep. Good luck, because your entire car will be vibrating as every damn Cabaway have their Music blasting with some moron shouting "Bend dong my girl wooooyyyy" at 1 a.m. Residents are tired of complaining as all they get is the "2 a.m. excuse". Since when is Dennery, in the middle of all the bananas, an entertainment hub? Yet, the exact same problem exists! Is like Residents are completely sidestepped to accommodate these Cabaweys (Verve is just a posh Cabawey, eh fool yourself).

    In one community (you should know yourselves) it had to take a joint lawsuit by a few residents for licenses to no longer be issued in that area. Common damn sense, if you didn't bother zoning the area for pure entertainment, and it is shared with a residential area, you need to regulate the noise pollution.

    Pause for a moment and think critically Lucians, its not a "white people" problem. It's a Lucian problem. When you have work the next day, you can sleep due to a Cabawey, that shate giving you rage. Only a matter of time before someone does something stupid.

    • Please let them know is dennery valley... And not dennery proper

    • Hello know what part of Dennery you talking about. You getting on just like the lady with the initial complaint.

      There is the Dennery Valley and there is Dennery.

      Hello I'm trying to rent my house in Dennery on airbnb so please be more specific with your bull shit. Ok.

      Don't hurt my product with 1/2 information regarding location!!!!!

      • Lady, you are barking at the wrong tree.

        And you getting on like a typical "Not me uh" Lucian. If I say its Dennery Village what will you say next? "AYE! be more specific, is it Glavier or is it Bypass? Cus my product!"


        What if tomorrow someone opens up a bar in the vicinity of your "product", you will be singing a different song no?

        Recognise that this is not a "Dennery Village or Dennery Valley" issue, nor a "Rodney Bay by Verve or Rodney Bay by Coco Palm" issue. It is happening all over the damn island and it's not the first time people have been complaining! Remember the whole shate they had going on in Laborie because of this very same nonsense?

        You yourself recognize the detrimental effect that this has on the community from how defensive you are about your location even if Dennery Valley is IN Dennery. This is an issue which has to be addressed, this thing has to be regulated. We need people like you, within the hospitality industry to lobby against this to ensure it doesn't happen to you too.

  12. Susan, I am also Canadian. We have been going to St.Lucia for going on 13 years this year!
    It truely is our second home! Anyone can have a complaint! But it's how you come across in your complaint that understandably turns people off! You my dear come off as a condescending snotty tourist! It's not a very good look Susan! You come to St.Lucia to learn about another culture and explore this Beautiful island. You say you will tell all Canadians never to go to St.Lucia? Why? Because you were too ignorant to do your own research on where to stay? Ever heard of TripAdvisor? You sound like the type of person who would not be happy anywhere you go! Maybe you should stay home and leave St.Lucia to the people who love and appreciate her.
    To my Lucian Family and Friends!...please know that there are plenty of Canadians who return year after year to St.Lucia because of the wonderful people, the amazing culture and especially the food! Thank you for having us!

  13. But Susan should really go it verve and get a piton and chill....didn't trip advisor advised you that Rodney bay is the entertainment spot ? Or this is not Canada sweetie it's the Caribbean we party all the time and the ignorant at Luciana that posting nonsense about be considerate for w hat? She had a choice to choose over the many hotels she had and choose one close to entertainment you'll just like to make the tourist have the upper hand and change our culture ... I bet if you go Canada and visit see if they will be"considerate ' to tolerate you... Stupes 😒😒😒

  14. The weekend night noise is horrible in all Rodney heights as well.

    • Besides the issue with Rodney Bay... which seems to be acceptable.. it is pretty noisy at other locations. I lived up the hill and a little bar had so many speakers and was loud enough to probably be heard in Martinique. I think some consideration would be nice by the bar owners. Honestly the music sounds better lower and there is no need for it to be so loud. Furthermore honestly what is it doing to the hearing of people who are at the bar and what about the workers. This type of long term exposure is destructive to their hearing.

  15. Stay your @$$ in your country Susan. Verve fault your broke @$$ couldn't afford Jade Mountain or another reserved hotel away for your peace n quiet 😂 have a sit tunssss

    • You said it better than I could. You can't expect to go to a night club spot and expect peace and quiet. Why are you even sleeping before 2 AM? You don't have to go to work the next day. Just wait until it's 2 AM.

      • Rodney Bay is a residential area, long before clubs arrive!

        Respect da people that live there!

        • Rodney Bay was a swamp long before residents arrived there. And it was developed to become a tourist trap so...too bad for the residents who didn't have the foresight.

  16. For real,too much noise in my country, Babonneau, Fond Assau, Aux Leon, Dennery, Castries city and all those home hifis, about time to stop that nonsense.The police even providing security for them.Too much noise, too many noise neighbours, Mr police commissioner please help us

    • I echo that sentiment. Too much damn noise in every nook and cranny of this country. People don't have a moments peace.

    • Well, they wanted to make noise in La Toc, big residential neighbourhood. I sent the police in their ass. It's been silence since.

  17. susan send me your number i will take you to Verve

  18. Susan just didn't find a black mandingo to tickle her fancy so she blame it on noise music whatever. Next time walk with a little more money and you will get exactly what you came for.

  19. There are so many wonderful places to stay in St. Lucia where it is quiet. Why would you go to St. Lucia and stay next to a night club and expect quiet? You remind me of people in Canada who move next door to a farm and then complain of the smells from the farm. Why move there. Then to bad mouth St. Lucia because of your stupid decision to stay next door to a club? what are you thinking? Maybe you should book your travel through a travel agent next time and get some suggestions. Heck you could even come onto the St. Lucia facebook page and ask people. I'm sure they would have told you. Next time may I suggest a resort where they will cater to your issues a lot more than the general public will.

  20. Most people will agree that SuSan was somewhat negative and should make a better choice of location next time. And she probably should have worn ear plugs and taken many other things into consideration before expressing such an opinion and give it another try.However we have to agree, that clearly, some of the opinions and comments are not worth publishing .Sometimes sense is not common but we should try at least to respect reason.And respect for reason is likely to help the tourist industry.

  21. Susan pay your money and go to Jade Mountain next time, we don't want you up north!

  22. Your cheap ignorant bitter a$$ have the audacity to talk bad about our nightlife like that? Next time Susan, we would appreciate if you take more of your hard earned Canadian dollars n book one of our high end resorts so you wouldn't have to encounter this problem. Dey ban salop

  23. Susan we hv a Canadian in custody due 4 deportation. So doesn't Dat tell u Dat your fellow Canadians love st lucia? They even overstay their welcome.. Lol,,,. So u don't hv this influence to prevent Canadians from coming here. U are just a miserable retired naggy white b***h!!! My advice to u is get in contact with st Lucian immigration, and send a ticket 4 ur fellow countryman, who over stayed his visit in noisy st lucia... 🤣😁😁

  24. I totally understand the complaint it is disturbing and annoying. The law needs to change and require clubs and places who want to play loud music to be underground and sound proof. It's ridiculous.

    I'm a little annoyed that the visitor made it sound like they deserve special treatment talking 'coming here to spend your hard earned cash to relax', and caring about tourist industry. It's not about tourist, it's about ppl in general. No one should ve to deal with this.

    • Underground??? Are you stupid? We experience floods more than any other natural disaster, Not forgeting some parts around party area was man built. it ignorant people like you that would elect Trump purposefully because of your own morals. Coming where you don't belong to make adjustments. GTFOOH..... I seriously hate people like you. You are always their to make whats different "common" and if allen chasnet ever decides to implement any kind of stupid law. Its gonna be him vs The whole of st Lucia. If you want to know how powerful the people are? Just try to make our life difficult and you will see!! Koshonee!!

      • I am sensing you have some unresolved personal issues which you need to address. Trs' comment was perfectly sensible. The entire Caribbean has a high disaster risk profile, and the most structurally sound buildings in Rodney Bay have underground components, so not sure what your argument is.

  25. Chu la tun chpz

  26. I have a strange feeling a tourist did not write that.

  27. Everybody have right to live in peace and quiet ,inspite of who there are orwhere they are from..

  28. seriously lady this is the caribbean not where u from......where slavery has been abolished it is a free country and we live as one ........the noises u heard is part of history mam and without noise where white theres nun u can do cuz in this country we are black ppl who know what it means to live life in our own country ......

  29. Please ignore this piece of ignorant trash. I been to the island over an over. My second home really, dis person needed to do her homework. If anyone listens to this person den dem eh worth it your homework before you leave home an stop makin canadians look like freakin imbeciles. Am sorry for dat Stl...bless..give thanks

  30. 🌍The shitstem is rigged🌋

    This beach of a woman is just one out of the tens of thousands that visit rodney bay annually and enjoys the ambience...just last week i met some english persons that explained st.lucia is too laid back and there's not much going on or to do...this is just a little we have going on for us...unlike canada most of the establishments are indoors because of yall climate always below zero unlike us who lives in the tropics and enjoying our culture,a work hard play harder philosophy.i find u are véry rude and definitely out of are the type of shitty person who will complain about the rain falling or the sea had sargassm weed....or even the smell about ganja even canada has taken advance strides in legalizing....i bet your friends in canada consider you as a party pooper.

  31. So ridiculous the things I read now a days .... smh
    Like seriously??? When we go to foreign countries on vacation do we ask them to change anything to please our mood??? If travel agent was involved simply deal with them, or if not do your research and find a quite place to suit you.....

    • Anonymous
      Based on your comment l expect , all travel agents and your Tourist Division in Saint Lucia must advertise worldwide that “ Visitors seeking accommodation in the Rodney Bay Area should be mindful that noise levels above 95 decibels are common in this area”. Publish this information so as a visitor I’m forewarned and will avoid seeking accommodation in this area if my family and I wants peace ,sand and sea. People come to the Caribbean on vacation for various reasons.
      Every dollar discouraged from entering Saint Lucia it’s a dollar less for the economy. Maybe one dollar sounds meaningless to the island.
      Once bitten twice shy.

  32. I find Susan's experience to be quite relatable. Rodney Bay is the entertainment equivalent to Barbados's St Lawrence's Gap, the latter which I had the very unwelcome privilege of experiencing a few years ago. Fortunately, it was on a business trip and so the duration was relatively brief. Owing to the fact that I was not responsible for selection of the venue, I obviously had no control over the location of the accommodation, as I would not have chosen to stay there otherwise. Nevertheless, I think that this feedback can serve as a teaching moment for the tourism officials. Perhaps further clarification should be included in the descriptions of Rodney Bay accommodations to indicate what entertainment capital really entails in an effort to enable visitors to make more informed decisions? I do not think that anyone enjoys having one's sleep disrupted or altogether elusive. Whether or not we want to admit it, our economy is heavily reliant on foreign currency and any negative publicity can only harm the tourism industry.

    • Your comment is very informative and properly laid out with the choice of words and comparison. Well read comment. Impressed much. To the other fools. I know it isnt English class. I just had to tell a sister or a brother.

  33. Proof positive that St. Lucia is a country full of ignorant morons. Yes the law says until 2 a.m. Doesn't mean it is a correct law. At one point there were laws saying it was ok to own negroes as property. It wasn't right now was it? The ill effect of continuous exposure to loud noise on people's health has been well documented. You idiots in this country think lifestyle disease is the only thing causing you'll to have so much hypertension? Continuous exposure to environmental noise also leads to hypertension.

    In every country, there is some regulation guiding where loud music can be played. Every country except St. Lucia. In every corner even in residential areas there is somebody playing loud music at all hours of day or night. What about the locals who want to some peace and quiet at their homes at 10 a.m. or 4 p.m. or 12 a.m.? They shouldn't have that right?

    You think the tourist had any idea the place would be so annoyingly loud. I am sure she would have stayed somewhere else if she knew. She never asked for the music to be shut off. She asked for it to be turned down. That is not unreasonable at 1 a.m. For a country so dependent on tourist dollars, and to read some of the comments in response. Just mind-boggling how stupid St. Lucians are.

    Dear Susan Watts. On behalf of the sensible St. Lucians, I sincerely apologise for some of the stupidity you had to read here. Not all St. Lucians are that retarded I assure you. If you were not familiar with the concept of empty vessels and their elevated sound levels, guess you are now. Don't stop being a customer of our hotels. Somebody's child will need school books and the parents need the job provided by the hotel your dollars patronise.

  34. We are missing the point. People pay their money and don't expect to be treated so. There are so many bars in residential areas and all the police says when you call is that they have up to 2:00 am.

    Some of them even have their music on on a weekday when people are trying g to bet to bed because they have school and work in the morning. You are subjected to karaoke and all types of foolishness. The situation became even worse when you live in a depressed community like March and.

    We must exercise some sort of consideration. Even though we are in the carnival season we cannot continue to impose on people that way. He who knows it feels it.

    • So true. Marchand and Castries Central are the absolute worst. Everyone in those communities must be suffering from hypertension because of the noise at all hours of the day and night.

  35. Susan DROP DEAD uh

  36. I don't even think a tourist wrote this! Sounds more like someone with an axe to grind against Verve. They seem to have a lot of haters!

  37. Susan Susan Susan. You are so petty.

  38. Tiay chouw la suzan

  39. The level of ignorance in some of the comments is amazing. I have no problem with partying and people enjoying them selves, but is it really necessary to have noise pollution as a result ? The music does NOT have to be so loud in Rodney Bay, there should be a level at which the volume can be played publicly (legally) and this should be patrolled by the authorities, using proper decibel meters. If anyone ouves nearby or in Rodney Bay, they are full aware of the noise pollution that is caused by these places on a regular, it's terrible sometimes.

    If you want to play your music at unbearable levels with supersonic bass, invest in an indoor facility and play to your heart's content.

  40. Let me get this straight.

    She came to a Caribbean island during carnival season and complained about the noise level?

    I swear white people will literally walk into your country with demands like they did centuries ago.

    • White people also brought you here.

      • you are so racist and bold to write such susan. hunkies brought us here. they enslaved us for years. they raped our women while the husbands watched. how dare you say white people brought us here. u come to our islands and call yourselves expats.... we go to your country you call us immigrants and want us out. GTFO. you people make me sick. hell is for you people. wicked MF.

        • Hi Dee. You had all mixed race prime ministers since independence, only 1 black named King and now a white guy. We lived 12 years in St. Lucia and enjoyed it very much. We left as we saw unemployment, cost of living rising through the roof. We live since 2015 in multi mixed racial Panama. Living here is more diverse and about 35% less expensive. I advise you to visit Panama.I am an expat for almost 30 years, Nigeria, Spain, St. Lucia. Travelled all over the world.We still like St. Lucia, but sofar Panama has been the best choice.

        • How is it your country if you were brought here ?

    • To be fair, white people brought you here. Let's face it, can you swim ?

    • It is always loud there. Not just carnival season.

  41. Shander Cecilia Alphonse

    It is rather silly to stay in the entertainment mecca region of the island and complain about noise. There are plenty other hotels to fit your quiet relaxing mood. Do a little research before you visit like you'd do for any other destination. Just incase you don't have access to WIFI where you're from, I can recommend a few. The Landings St. Lucia, Le Sport, Cap Maison, Sandals Grande along with plenty more situated in thr Northern region of the island if that is your preferred location. Countless others in the South, West + East.

    • There is coconut Bay Resort in Vieux Fort, Clear Sky Hotel in Vieux Fort, Fox grove in Praslin Micoud, Francines in the village of Micoud, Zamaca in Escap, Micoud. Manja Domie in Desruisseaux Micoud. Many many more in Balambouche, Soufriere you name it!!!!

  42. Terry and family

    Dear susan

    I have been coming to st lucia on vacation for about 6 years now and even as a foreigner, i no what sort of place rodney bay is and the beautiful atmospher it has esp at the weekends. Like the other are saying you should of done your research before heading to the beautiful island and then making threats about telling your canadian people not to visit .welll i have bought all my engish friends and family to the island and its more welcoming than the cold climate we are use to so leave the lucian people alone and Get a life
    St lucia i love you and your people . We will be back for Carnival 2018 x

  43. ohhhh let me do a childish gambino remix

    this is st lucia where we dont give a damn
    this is st lucia you cah tell us what to do
    this is st lucia we like to party, all in the am
    this is st lucia it sure as hell aint canada

  44. She looking for a refund the nerve of visitors these days...they travel and find any shit to complain about so they can get their money back because they know when they get back home they cant eat...
    Canadians dont even have a say in their own country they have no culture..other nationalities come to Canada and set their laws..make them shes trying to do the same outside of her county..girl bye...
    Or put your money out and go to a hotel in the south
    ....or then again you wont be able to afford it hence you in the north of the island where real tourist who come for enjoyment stay...tourist that didnt have to save for airfare ...and can hardly eat..bye Felicia

  45. Miss Susan you had a wide range of hotels to choose from. You made your choice and that was final. Had you done ample research before hand you would have found out what goes on in rodney bay. It really isnt anyone's fault that the environment is not conducive to you. i would suggest you get the hotel to provide some ear plugs just for you or a room change if that would help mitigate the noise. Do enjoy the remainder of your vacation.

    • St Lucian u rude and out of place. Everyone deserves to have undisturbed sleep. These entertainment places must set limits on the volume of their music and a cut off time. Choops

      • There is a cut off time. 2 am !!! She should have done her research or hired a knowledgeable travel agent.

        • And what about Marchand, and Babonneau and Central Castries where thousands of people are deprived of peace and quiet in their homes because of loud music. What's the solution for them?

      • There is a cut off time. It is 2am.

      • amen

      • But there IS a cut off time - 2a.m. Did you read? Smh. Furthermore Rodney Bay is an entertainment area. Left to miserable persons like Ma Canada, I guess Saint Lucia would have no night life. You need to understand that different people (and LOTS of tourists) are LOOKING for night life when they travel. It's not all about you, Susan. She can have her undisturbed sleep elsewhere.

      • Minding my business

        There is a cut of time as you can see she stated it in the letter 2am all music all bars should be close.. and you cant come in the heart of rodney bay and complain about the music especially during carnival season.. she should of gone to windjammer or st james where she could have her peaceful sleep

      • Rodney is the Entertainment District of the island. If you choose to stay in that area, you should expect the noise. Also there is a cut off time. Hence the police saying they have a permit until 2 am.

        Don't come to an island during Carnival time and expect quiet especially on a weekend. If you want quiet stay at the hotels outside on rodney bay.

      • Umm but they do. Susan is out of place.

      • Nobody cares about your white racist @$$ . Should stay in ur country . Your country’s government cares so much about its people but you leaving there to go relax in another country YOUN KNOW NOTHING ABOUT... wow

      • Hold ur ass stupid...thats why black people will all be slavesss...stupidness...u come in our country n beat ur ass about our culture our bye

      • As it was clearly stated, the limit is 2 am. ALSO, take into consideration that the area in question is the entertainment basin of the island, there are quite a few hotels in the same northern area which an absolutely quiet evening is a definite. Please do your research and stop trying to form the native environment to suit you and your nitpicking

      • susan u racist b, why u still commenting. u just wrote that white people brought us here. u have guts. karma will get you, dont worry. karma will get all whites for their racism. .. patience

  46. hymc

  47. Susan,are we being threatened by you saying that you will let all Canadian know not to come to our shore.
    What a disgusting thing to say.we dont live by your laws thank God for that
    There are places in the island where you can stay and
    Have a rerestful night like a private villa .just a suggestion for mext time if you dp change your min

  48. We go do it OVER AND OVER, OVER AND OVER. Take a chill pill Susan. People don’t come here to die they come here to live. Happy Carnival everyone!

  49. After you'll coming to ppl country for a lousy 1 or 2 week period you'll feel you'll have rights just so to shut down ppl business what these ppl think woman stay your rear end in Canada ok. All for this same crap Samaans park got shut down you want to drag Verve , Rodney Bay, from its hype know that there are beautiful quaint and luxurious hotels in the south of this beautiful island as well, just for stooch ppl like you. Cause apparently you and your family are the only ones who knows about hard earned cash the staff and management at Verve don't deserve to earned hard earned cash too so that they too can take a family trip and then when you return to your lousy country they unemployment rate gets even more over bearing just for your satisfaction...NONSENSE.

  50. My dear Susan, I understand where you coming from but first of all can you use your energy constructively, by telling your government to ease up on the gold and diamonds they asking for .just for us to visit their country, when you all coming in for free with no stress. The requirements for visa. And I speak for decent citizens of St Lucia, thank you

  51. Oh Susan! Relax.

  52. Please give her a break, seems like no one is on her side; "this is our island" mumbo-jumbo. Apparently, the Commissioner does not know what he is doing and cannot contain his cops. We spend millions in advertising to bring them her, sometimes this the only trip taken outside of their country after retirement, to come to this plywood city and have to put up with this nonsense. I have conversations with some of them and related their stories to me, it was shocking. Let's have respect for ourselves and country because we need their dollars. They don't have to come here, there are other lovely places to go to in the world.

    On behalf of the people of St. Lucia I apologize for the bad experiences that you had during your stay here and also for the insults hurled at you, please come back next year.


    • Lol Gassa tiay chou la eh with ur b.s

    • While I understand and sympathize with this lady, she has to take some of the blame. Majority of tourists coming in do research before they book their vacations ( most popular areas, rainy season, must dos and so on), upon booking this resort did you mention to your reservations agent the type of vacation you and your family are hoping to experience? Hmmm. In future do your research before you book, know where to and not to stay. Some tourists come just for the fetes and estatic that the hotel is right on the Strip where all is entertainment is. Choose your cup of tea wisely next time not just here but wherever u decide to vacation

    • A Saint Lucian who understands. Commonsense

      I am a Saint Lucian and have continuously complained about this. Maybe she isn't supported because she isn't a Saint Lucian. Not that we support our own that often. It doesn't happen only in Rodney Bay.. It happens in the tiny fishing villages. The fact is it's inconsiderate and should be revisited. Our Elderly need good rest as well. Neighbours blast their music to show they have sound system. They burn garbage without caring for anyone else. It's just unfortunate and disheartening.

    • Hushhhh chewww !

  53. The world must bend and break to keep Susan happy. Susan herself says that Tourism brings millions to the country which is an indication of success. It would hardly be possible for the industry to grow and maintain as it has if we did not care about Tourists. What we generally don't care for though is the selfish and self-righteous. Why does Susan expect party goers out to enjoy their night to end their fun because she failed to do proper research on where she chose to stay during her vacation? Rodney Bay is known for its night life Susan. Verve has been operational for quite some time now. Feel free to stay in Toronto or wherever else you want to go where you expect everyone to do as you desire. Unless you change your attitude, you're definitely not welcomed here.

  54. my dear first of all this is not Canada. so go back to where you come from. secondly you are just one irate tourist and how do you think telling every other Canadian not to come to saint Lucia and they would listen to you? you could have just changed your location if the noise was to much i have seen tourists spend some nights at one place and another at other places. you dont need to come back cause am sure you dont even spend money cause yall Canadians cheap. further more who the hell you think you are for disrespecting our police? leave that for us to do and not you. also since you have not bloody noticed you went and stayed in the entertainment part of the island so you will always get noise so next time if you want peace an quiet do your research properly and get a villa that is not so close to all the party but then again there wont be a next time. tourist go to the Friday night jam and believe me its much louder than this

  55. At 1:40am you were not sleeping. And it would be over in 20 mins. This is not Toronto Susan. By the way hope you tipped the housekeeper.

  56. St.lucia is ours not yall own stop coming with dat dam excuses yall not coming back oh please ,nobody didn't rob yall or rape your family or harass yall , choopppsss , dats our country , a lil music for a few hours , lady its carnival season enjoy and invite others to do the damn same , how is Verve cococnuts does have loud music too aaaaa choops, yall cannot come and control our country and our nite life susan thanks for coming Canada and Usa, U.K have their rules we in the Caribbean dats how we roll on weekends get it rite, when yall go gros islet nite life yall dance partially naked with the black men till sun rise with louder music , please susan gives us a break, chasnet and Cheriki put you up to this so they can buy there. choopssssssss

  57. Seriously you are not entertained by it , but some other tourist really enjoy the boom boom an never complained u need to sweat down madam

  58. Susan move yuh a ** deh. So people will stop deh session just to please maybe an old granny. U act like we don't care about tourist. I'm sure u more annoying than the noise. Even if u tell all Canadiens not to come, u deh like somebody will listen to you. Chps. Do not come back susan watts my a** !!!!

  59. Susan there are resorts in the south of the island, your letter has a very condescending tone........going as far to advise every canadian to not come is a bit much.......there are resorts that cater to people who don't want to be in the thick of the noise rodney bay did you even bother to find one???


  61. Bye Susan

  62. Susan , were you aware that Rodney Bay is the party city of St. Lucia ?
    You should probably head down south or the hotels further north for a quieter space.

  63. this tourist is very rude... u came from a place where noise is y'all second language choopz

  64. Susan er eh want your kind here!!!

    • Stay in Canada don't leave home. This island don't need people like you. St.Lucia have residents as well not only hotels on the island. We need to enjoy our lives just like you do in Canada. Saying out music is noise and annoying comes out as prejudice. That's our culture. And how dumb are you. The police commissioner didn't write our laws. We don't need your police comissioners pointers. Take it and stick it. I'm sure you just an old miserable woman. Maybe lack of something you should be doing instead at 1:40 am

    • Dear Susan Watts,

      First of all, thanks for coming to St.Lucia.

      Although I get that what you are essentially saying is that the "noise" was just too much for you and your family at 1:40am, and out of frustration you chose to write this foolish letter. Let me be the one to inform you of a few facts here in St. Lucia.

      We do have laws, the music shuts down at 2am. Did it continue after?

      We the people of St. Lucia love our music. I'm sure there are genres of music that you enjoy, that the majority of St. Lucians will find absolutely annoying and unbearable.

      We have a culture here, understand that...

      Many.... MANY tourists enjoy the Rodney strip at night and they enjoy their selves to the MAX!!!

      We don't go to Canada trying to change your laws or change your program.

      We don't go challenging your police commissioner on any matters that we have a difference of opinion on.

      We don't need you or your government telling us how to run things. This is Saint Lucia!

      Canada alone does not bring in millions and millions. LOL and I'm sure your didn't spend quarter of that coming here.

      You should consider it an honor to be allowed the privilege to visit this country and experience it's beauty and culture.

      I would suggest staying somewhere other than "the" entertainment hub of the Island. Are you gonna go to a world cup game and ask everyone to stop cheering and keep quiet because your head hurts? And they don't care because they won't do as you like?

      You sound like an attention seeker.

      Go ahead Queen of Canada. Forbid the hundreds of millions of people to never come here.

      You sound ignorant.

      You give off a vibe in your letter that says that you think we're so puny as a people that you should be able to just pick up your phone and have everything at your will. And we St. Lucians are sooo desperate to have disgusting people like you visit, that we'll stop activity and obey.
      The police Commissioner must have nothing better to do than to come to your call at 1:40 in the morning.

      You might not believe this but, St. Lucians do like our tourists. And Tourists do love coming here. They come all throughout the year, they keep on coming.

      We just don't like you!!

      How dare you!


      • "We just don't like you!!

        How dare you!




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