Tourist complains about “annoying noise” coming from entertainment venues in Rodney Bay (letter)

Tourist complains about “annoying noise” coming from entertainment venues in Rodney Bay (letter)
Rodney Bay
Rodney Bay

Dear Editor: As I sit in my room at a resort on Reduit Beach at 1:40 a.m. (June 16, 2018) my room is shaking from the music coming from a place called Verve.

I am disgusted with the lack of respect given to tourists who spend their hard-earned money to come to St. Lucia to relax and enjoy themselves.

Is it too much to ask for your police department to ask the person responsible for this unbelievable racket to be turned down? I even called the police and the answer I got was nothing can be done because the police commissioner has granted them a permit until 2 a.m.

I invite the police commissioner to spend a Saturday night at any resort along this road with his family. I’m sure he will be just as disturbed and disgusted as my family is. What is he thinking? In Canada the person playing this so-called music would be shut down in minutes because the government cares about the people.

All this character playing is doing is yelling and screaming, ‘make some noise’, and turning the bass higher and higher. This not music or even entertainment. IT IS JUST ANNOYING NOISE.

We had planned on returning next year but that will not happen now. I will also tell every Canadian not to come here. The police commissioner obviously does not care about the tourist industry that l know brings millions and millions of dollars to your country.

There are easier ways to make tourists aware of the fact that you don’t want us here. Just don’t advertise that you care because that is a blatant lie.

I suggest the police commissioner contact the police commissioner of Toronto for some pointers on how to police hooligans and run a peaceful city that tourists enjoy and their complaints are taken seriously.

– Susan Watts


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  1. HAHA i agree with the author of the letter. Not all cultures are equal, and ours here in st.lucia definitly lacks sophistication of any kind. Keep polluting your minds with trash music and rum people. Its your culture!! lmao. Animals .


  2. MMM,,,,Lady stop your rubbish.
    Solution is simple. Don't book hotels around entertainment establishment, problem solved.
    I always do a research of what's near-by prior to booking any hotel accommodation.
    She sound like one of those pesty neighbours who complains about everything.


  3. So you stayed all the way on Reduit in your hotel room and ONLY heard Verve? Okay then...I call full bs on this article.


  4. Everyone we are being quite hard on poor Susan. Luciana are great people - almost all of them.. :). We really should not be slagging the person as much as we have. She obviously didn’t get enough sleep and probably regrets writing the letter now. But the damage is done she wrote it .. and obviously in a state of frustration. She probably sent it right away without giving it time to set in. To bring racism into this and the negative comments are really over the top.


  5. For all of the haters - Just remember that it is the tourists coming to St Lucia that allow US a place to live and eat. Without them, St Lucia would not be in a very good place.

    With that said, we have our own rules and laws, we abide by them the same way when WE travel to Canada we abide by theirs. It is what it is BUT the noise IS a problem for real! So doh try dat!


    • Like really, the tourists' coming to St.Lucia that allowing us to eat and live?

      Like really?????????????????????????


      • Tourism Contributes to 40% of GDP... by 2030 it will be close to 60%. The Services industry (including Tourism) contributes 85% of GDP.

        If tourists decided that they are no longer coming to St. Lucia, within a year, the hospitals, schools and government offices would close. The banks in the country would fail, when the banks fail you have no way to pay for anything overseas, so how will you pay for Guyana to send Rice to you? And with no tourism, the agriculture and small manufacturing sectors would collapse. The entire economy would collapse. and the ripples would spread all the way to St. Kitts and Nevis.

        It would put significant pressure on the EC dollar, and threaten devaluation. We would have no way to pay for rice, sugar, milk or any bare necessities. We would be unable to purchase fuel to keep the LUCELEC generators running and with no electricity, WASCO would pump no water which will cause a sanitation crisis. With a dead economy, NO ONE will loan you money. You will experience mass starvation, disease, and rampant crime. It will be madness. tourists coming to St. Lucia allows you to eat and live, comfortably at least haha.


        • Well then, we best start growing our own food instead of buying our groceries off of Amazon.


        • I will say it again "Like really, the tourists' coming to St.Lucia that allowing us to eat and live?

          Like really?????????????????????????


        • I wholeheartly agree with Susan. Rodney Bay has a concentration of very noisy bars. One trying to outdo the other with excessive noise?
          People come on holiday for peace and quiet, not to be kept awake until the early hours with noise. The only entertainment on Rodney Bay is drinking alcohol, drugs and deafening music. People get in their cars afterwards, drive under the influence without any deterrent. Why are the police not out giving tickets for drunk driving and speeding. There is absolutely no respect for pedestrians.
          A lovely Island, but few inhabitants have respect for it. I have been a tourist in the past as have been my relatives, some definitely not returning! Also most of the comments are extremely negative and if Susan reads them she will be even more disappointed with the Island.