Tourism minister says vendors must think outside the box

By SNO Staff

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Minister Dominic Fedee

(SNO) — Tourism Minister, Dominic Fedee, said vendors must think outside the box and try different things in order to excite visitors about Saint Lucia and its unique way of life.

On Tuesday, Fedee visited several vending stalls in Morne Fortune, Castries and said his ministry has been making sure it works with the vendors.

“We’ve already trained 200 of them in various techniques, some of them are here,” he told GIS Saint Lucia. “And more or less what we are saying to them is to think outside the box, to try different things, do different things, to excite the cruise passenger in a different way and to showcase Saint Lucia with different products, different experiences and different flavors and different beverages…”

He said it is good to see some of the vendors putting their training into practice.

Fedee said the government is embarking on a holistic approach to create a good enabling environment for visitors. This will be done with the assistance of the World Bank to the tune of $40 million.

“When we look at the facade of Castries, when we look at the state of the market, when we look at customer service experiences, when we look at safety and security issues and so on, a very comprehensive and holistic approach is being employed to make sure that we create the best, enabling environment for cruise tourism and land-based tourism, and yachting tourism, for all of them to thrive,” he stated.

He said his ministry has declared 2019 the year of revenue and greater economic yield and impact.

The government presently has plans to construct a port for cruise ship in the south of the island, which Fedee said will provide visitors an alternative place to come ashore to visit.

“Finally, you will have an airport of first class standards next to a cruise facility in very close proximity to enable to host the largest ships produced today, I think its the Genesis class, and that now gives us the opportunity host bigger ships but also to be considered and to build up the home-porting business which is the next level of the cruising business,” he remarked.


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  1. Seriously from the Guyanese who thinks that SLAVERY WAS A GOOD THING.

  2. Everybody must eat

    Mr Fedee we need you to visit the ports as well we have SSU officers working there on their day off to make an extra salary to prevent the independent taxi drivers from making a living... everyone has bills, these guys out there telling the tourists they cannot go with the freelance taxi when they are taxi drivers as well just not part of the union and they operate outside! We have cases of assault on taxi drivers outside done by the officers, harassment, deformation of character... and it is not professional at all a lot of this happens in the eyes of our visitors... everyone must eat!

  3. Fedee, you talk a sleek patter.

    • He just chatty chatty . I agree the vendors need to be more creative visitors want something unique and different. People don't want to deal with TSA again too times have change you really don't want to bring big bulky items behind you so you settle for the T shirt and pepper sauce rum sight seeing and plenty pictures

    • As a st Lucia who lives in Canada and visits once a year what discouraged them from going to the island is the crime st Lucia has more crimes per capita than Toronto when one compers millions of people to thousands it is ridiculous you bring the crime down more tourist will visit

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