Tourism Minister denounces “malicious” attempt to paint St. Lucia as unsafe

Tourism Minister denounces “malicious” attempt to paint St. Lucia as unsafe
Tourism and Creative Industries Minister Theophilius
Tourism and Creative Industries Minister Theophilius
Tourism and Creative Industries Minister Theophilius

Yahoo Travel has listed Saint Lucia among  group of other Caribbean territories which may be considered the “most dangerous cruise stops”, based on a local media report.

Yahoo’s story captioned: “The Caribbean’s Most Dangerous Cruise Stops Will Surprise You,” and published online today said there is renewed attention on a “sticky issue” for cruise lines in the Caribbean, while making reference to high incidence of crime.

“The president of the Saint Lucia Vendors Association publicly accused the Minister of Tourism of ignoring the island nation’s crime problem. He said crime in Saint Lucia has gotten so bad, cruise lines might consider dropping that popular Caribbean port stop from their itineraries, as Norwegian Cruise Line did in the 2010-2012 season because of reported crimes against passengers,” Yahoo reported.

Yahoo contacted Norwegian for a comment. The company is quoted saying: “Norwegian has been calling on St. Lucia for the past several years and is scheduled to call the island this year and in 2016. As with all destinations we visit, we continuously monitor any events and may make future itinerary adjustments should the need warrant.”

However, Tourism Minister Lorne Theophilus has condemned the statements made by the association dubbing it as “dangerous and reckless.” The minister said those statements maliciously try to paint the destination as unsafe for locals and visitors.

“Such irresponsible and blanket statements jeopardize and erode several of the gains and strides made within the tourism industry, especially over the past three years,” Theophilus told the local media.

He said the island has made significant gains in the past few years and this is reflected in the outstanding arrival and stay over figures in both land based tourism and the cruise sector.



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  1. After all of a man can take the bum bum cherry and lie about it what else wouldn't he lie about ? We do have a problem with providing safety for tourist , let's not lie about that ! Please Lorne ?


  2. no one has to paint st lucia as unsafe the EVIDENCE is apparent. Laba, your days are numbered, sinking to rise no more. The Lord will deliver St Lucians from your iron grip.


  3. One of the first laws of marketing anything a destination like Saint Lucia, be it tourism or site attraction like the Sulphur Springs or an idea or whitewashing the damaged reputation of a societal high flier, is that PERCEPTION IS REALITY.
    That is a given. The wise work from this standpoint. Losers try to beat down others as the preferred method of changing the minds of those holding contrary views. Perhaps, our friend, the goodly and seemingly wet-behind-the-ears minister should do or read a little Dale Carnegie on "How to win friends and influence people".
    That done, he may find himself a little more successful in all his life's objectives. He might even see real better days.


    • When you come to civilization please take a good look. Because country bookies like you believe all of Saint Lucia should be sold or given back into slavery as the SLP is hell-bent in doing each and every day, it does not mean that the rest of us will ever buy any of your SLP stinking crap! 17-0!
      The clock is ticking. We are already mentally done with your SLP better days!


    If I say to you that Saint Lucia is unsafe don’t come to Saint Lucia, that comment of itself will carry its weight in gold if told by a reputable voice or voices, everyone reading this report will first think of the credibility of the report and lastly the truth of the matter, now test yourselves is Saint Lucia really that unsafe? There are several little villages and three major metropolitan districts plus some inward hamlets which makes up the Island population
    We know the total homicides at this juncture yes it’s not good, it must be better we as citizen must work to change that, remember it’s the Land The People The Light, sons and daughters of Saint Lucia, I say you sons and daughters get up on your hind legs and be involve
    Citizen criticism comes easy, they are only useless words but they don’t fall on deft ears those are the statements that gets headlines and later gossip, Saint Lucians loves a good gossip please be responsible of what you say and what you write, especially what you write the written words goes a long, long way there is much to love about the land that I know you love, there are some living here that are not sons and daughters, don’t let them dictate our future
    And for heaven sakes quite fighting among yourselves every statement you make reflects back on you it’s your home our home, boot out the unwanted you have the right there are some of you that are diamond in the rough rise up to your calling quit wobbling take control, make the Island again Helen of the West, no more name calling please, if you must fight choose your battles and Unite My People.


  5. I don't give a shit ..what the Minister says..cause they will spin it any way they see fit ..whether it was a Flambeau or labour minster..and ya'll know that it's all bout saving face and appeasing the hacks having been a victim ,not once and also having my reputation tarnished ..i feel all criminal should be shot ( then again that's against the law) how many of you have had information and withheld it? many of you are benefiting from ill gotten gains ? should i go on...i understand self preservation but i have found out the biggest critics are worth looking closely at .. IT ISN'T THE GOVERNMENT JOB ONLY !! WE HAVE A PART TO PLAY AS WELL.. SO NO TO CRIME ..STOP BUYING STOLEN GOODS ...SPEAK UP !DEMAND FROM GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY ! NUFF SAID


  6. This statement from Ipa was so irresponsible and malicious that i think he is destroying his on association members earning power and his.They are already complaining things hard and their president making such unpatriotic and ridiculous statement like that.Every day their killings and robberies all over the globe and visitors go there.St.Lucia is part of the real world and we all have to play our role to keep it and make it safe.Some of those who complaint purchase cheap stolen goods for retails.


  7. That minister is ....! sorry but there are many other places one can go and feel safter... is he even aware of what,s going on


  8. It would appear that both our minister of national security and tourism are both ignoring the voices of the people whom they both made a vow to listen to, never fear my fellow Lucians election time is once again looming, this time We shall be heard!! Loudly and clearly. SLP is not a party for the people!! They are all out of touch.


  9. Almost all of the population and our most backward thinking, mal-informed, and mis-informed seem to become our most revered worshiped and political representatives, voted in as PMs and MPs, Yeap! And they come from deep within the belly of this nation. Sadly, and not from anywhere else.

    They highly reflect us in so many ways when they get voted into government. Our notional values, Our social values. Our national values. Take for example MP, the most Honourable Bousquest from the quarter of Choiseul.

    When such people go on the world stage, or use language that can and will eventually echo, or be replicated in the local media and on social media, it makes the entire country look bad. It, with a very deep sense of shame, makes a lot of us literally cringe! We squirm!

    What is said in the village, and with a deeply village peasant mentality especially, does not remain in the village.

    And nationally, we must in all haste, drop this national silliness and belief, that our ministers and potential candidates can verbal or jaw-bone the international community into thinking in the way that our very naive ministers want them to think. This bears repetition.

    It is highly ignorant on their part, if the choose ignore the role of social media in shaping, not only thoughts but behaviour -- everywhere.

    This means you have to go back in there, social media, and work on changing the negative publicity created and injected by the serially reckless statements and behaviours of our two major political parties' ministerial and political actors, talk show hosts included.

    Hell! Why must we always seem so hellbent to always be confirming that we have our high places heavily populated with just morons?


  10. Seriously!!!??? Wake up to the reality Mr Minister. Castries is a shameful mess. Young men with criminal minds rule Castries. They need money because they like "nice things"; designer shoes, pants, caps, shirts and even underwear. They want to drink Hennessy and show the opposite sex that they have money to spend.
    Robberies take place round the clock in Castries and most times these young criminals get away unscathed. They are always motivated to go to "work" the next day. Their prizes include wallets, phones, tablets, lap tops, gold chains and everything fashionable and valuable.

    They are merciless! Even when they get caught they get bail and continue harassing people out of their hard earned dollars. Its a crying shame. Every day and every night in Castries, all day and all night long.
    Two police on Chaussee Road while Chisel Street, Coral Street, High Street and all other streets belong to the criminals.

    Something or someone has to put an end to that!!


  11. I take it Yahoo are also taking note of the sentiments being expressed here. The Minister needs to get a grip in this information society you do not need Ipa to say that our destination is under threat of criminals, social media and media such as this is enough for authorities overseas to make an assessment of the destination. I take it that the Minister is either not that information literate or he is trying to blame someone for their incompetence at dealing with the problem. If there wasn't a problem then there would be no need for anyone to make comments. Knowing full well the operations of the information society that we now live in, it is now the Minister's job to either fix the problem or try reassuring stakeholders overseas that the destination is safe. I don't know how he can convince them by doing nothing since they are not as gullible as St. Lucia who would be satisfied with words such as "measures are being put in place" and other such baseless idiotic comments. They want to see tangible methods Mr. Minister.

    Your government should stop pronouncing conspiracy theories and start working, since you have been on vacation for almost 4 years.


  12. Speak the truth. We are famous for ripping off people or over charging you. St.lucians,if they notice you are coming from oversees the prices of whatever you would bye from them would go up.Its in our everyday consciousness.


  13. Does this poor chap have a reduced capacity to comprehend the English language? He screws the timeline of events. He gets so many and a host of other things so misunderstood.


  14. Saint Lucians are a very sick people. Little wonder this country is in such a bad state. It is incredible that in the face of clear statements made by officialdom to the contrary, some people would argue that the opposite is what is the truth. Why do we have such a problem with understanding English? Is it because English is the second official language of this country?
    Does this mean that both a lot of the representatives in government and large parts of the population islandwide are duncy?


    • Idiot not everyone is evil in St »Lucia me myself am st lucian and i am concerned and will never do some of the things those idiots do... do sound as if you don`t have a brain in your head because am sure wherever you come from there are evil folks there too.... am just wondering if the minster is high on the fumes of the sulpur springs or if he`s been drinking to much ..... that all


  15. So a tourist gets robbed (not that I'm saying that this is ok) and the cruise line is ready to pull out but a Norwegian crew member gets killed in Roatan, Honduras and they still call into that port. I dunno.


    • Imagine that, it is possible to get robbed and killed with poison poured down your throat. No go areas and better days!


  16. This plague is not new to this country Lorne you ar wrong, the government don't take any steps to provide jobs for these young men, hence the reason for crime in this beautiful country. Better days Kenny must go!!


    • its not about politics ... u think you gonna come there with so political party that will do better we... just need to make a few serious adjustment... soon or later the tourist they depend on will stop coming lorne is an idiot we all know that and most likely he will be one of the lucky ones to leave the country to go to the usa or uk or canada...


  17. Continual cheap political shots, country bookie political statements and shooting itself in the foot, that is the genius of SLP politics. If from the very top to bottom, this administration undermines the local police force, first with the IMPACS report, then the broadcast of up until now, unsubstantiated and dangerously reckless talk about a coup, investors and visitors alike, will take a very hard look about the risks involved in coming to Saint Lucia.

    Country bookie thinking again. If you deny that a problem exists, it will go away. Country bookie thinking again, if you deny that a problem exists, your perception will dominate the thinking of prospective visitors and investors. Wallow in your ignorance. The world owes you something. Right? Thank you so much for your "better days".


      • Dictionary of Saint Lucian English:

        Country bookie (noun; adjective): Backward. Bouchay. Dumb. Jackass. Maitre couyon. A myopic shoot shayter showing little sophistication or knowledge of the real or outside world.


  18. When the minister is in his "LAUNE ROVER" he is oblivious to what is going on in this country. Tourist disembark onto the dirtiest and crime ridden streets ( jeremie street) on the island. Castries is very beautiful on entering port, but the reality hits the tourist when they walk the streets. If we want to improve our cruise ship industry, let's improve our city.


  19. Mr Minister everyday locals and tourists are robbed in broad daylight by young men on the streets of Castries. There are gangs of young men circling Castries everyday, by 3s and 4s robbing people of their chains, cellphones and bags or wallets. As a local I will not walk the streets of Castries at nights. St Lucia is becoming a very dangerous place for locals and tourist alike. Something must be done with those young men from New Village, La Pansee, Conway, Ciceron, Hospital Road and all other places that are robbing people everyday in Castries.


  20. Sorry Mr. Minister, I must agree with Yahoo with their findings. I will not say that St. Lucia is the most dangerous, but it's bad. You will never admit it, but as a St. Lucian
    I am very careful of where I go and the time, be it day or night. You have not done a
    good job; Jeremy Street is still the dirtiest Street in Town. The Garbage floating in the Castries Harbour is never a pleasant sight, let's face it. Young men without jobs looking
    for an opportunity to rob anyone, is a menace, both in Soufriere and Castries. We are
    waiting for the so called "Better times" and I will not hold my breath.


  21. Face it! There is a crime problem on the island and it needs fixing. It is is not going to disappear on its own. Lorne's denial is not going to solve the problem. As a matter of fact, the first step in problem-solving is "identifying the problem."
    We have a security minister who is totally worthless in addressing the crime situation. This is where true leadership is displayed; if the minister is ineffective, then he must be relieved of his duties and replaced by someone who is capable.
    Here is a World Bank report of Homicides around the world. Note: chain snatching, wounding and thefts are not even included. St. Lucia population is only 174,000+



    • Thank you thats what happens when we elect the so called politicans that promise and promise and end up doing nada in the mean time they get to travel drive fancy cars get paid well and talk me rubbish


  22. Are you serious Mr Minister, are you not the one on the news last week saying that Marigot Bay, one of our most important tourist destinations, was the sex capital of the island which again serves to put tourists and cruise lines against coming here, please sir check your facts first as they are completely untrue, you are damaging our precious tourist industry, the one you are meant to promote.

    In your own words
    “Such irresponsible and blanket statements jeopardize and erode several of the gains and strides made within the tourism industry, especially over the past three years,”


    • Thank you ... sad and wasn`t to long ago a british tourist and her friend got attacked one getting stabbed in the eye.... tell me even me i was once in st lucia visiting un provoked and this guy hits my forehead with a bottle not sure if it was intended or not but to this day i have a scar on my forehead and i have no idea why


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