Top Trinidad cyclist Teniel Campbell based in Italy says she’s safe

Top Trinidad cyclist Teniel Campbell based in Italy says she’s safe
ALLAYED FEARS: Teniel Campbell, Trinidad & Tobago cyclist
ALLAYED FEARS: Teniel Campbell, Trinidad & Tobago cyclist

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – Top Trinidad and Tobago female cyclist Teniel Campbell, based in Italy, has informed her supporters and the national community of her well-being, stating she is safe.

In a March 12 Facebook post, the lanky cyclist, a member of the Italy-based Valcar-Travel & Services female professional cycling team, tried to calm the concerns of her fans with a concise message that read: “My concerned fans/supporters, I am fine, thank you.

It is a difficult and stressful period for all. (No, I do not return to the sweet islands of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago).

Unfortunately for the time being Valcar Travel & Service will not be on the start line for some of our upcoming races. However, the members of my team as well are all fine and awaits (sic) the necessary steps/measures until we get the green light to race again.

In the meanwhile, we train and prepare for goals later in the season and act accordingly.”

According to the latest report out of Europe, Italy has reported 345 new coronavirus deaths in the country over the last 24 hours taking its total death toll to 2,503—an increase of 16 per cent.

The total number of cases in Italy rose to 31,506 from a previous 27,980, up 12.6 percent—the slowest rate of increase since the contagion came to light on February 21. Italy is the European country hardest hit by coronavirus.

Late last year, the 22-year old Campbell was the first TTO cyclist to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, a Games which the IOC stated Tuesday would proceed as scheduled (July 24- August 9) despite the threat of coronavirus or COVID-19.

The IOC stated in a communique that they are constantly monitoring the threat of the coronavirus and would keep stakeholders including athletes updated in the disease’s status.


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