Commissioner of Police instructed to remain on vacation leave

By SNO Staff

Vernon Francois.

Saint Lucia’s top cop, Vernon Francois, has been given another 40 days vacation leave.

Francois who was expected to return to work on April 24, 2015 was sent a letter with instructions to remain on leave.

Errol Alexander remains the acting police commissioner .


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  1. Ba bye Vernon. Enjoy your vacation. U are the alleged sacrifice from when cheap and dirty politics enters the operations of the police force. You got squeezed between actions of members of your force, the US government and the souciers

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  3. Kenny have his boy for COP already.

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  5. Kenny shud be one of those the criminals X out foe his dumb decisions. VERNON FRANCOIS IS BY FAR...TOP COP..there can be no other to fill this man's shoes. He is shown what community policing is about....he has taken a step against crime...n he does not encourage any bullshit from police who are forming d ass or taking advantage of policing powers. Errol, sorry but u cant fill them big ass shoes that Vernon Francois has one can. So them stupid political ting Kenny trying he need to chk himself and allow the person who rightfully deserves the position to resume duty.


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  7. Let the man enjoy his vacation he eh vex at all we just going to sit and laugh at erol cos he can't do the great job that vernan can do the force is not the same with out him and looks like the force may have to take a stand

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  9. If Mr Francois is replaced, SLP will lose this election. We cannot play politics with our security, no way. The only thing that UWP did right was bringing Mr Francois as Commissioner.

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  11. Everybody crying for Vernon. Obviously there was something in the IMPACCs report about him or he's being investigated. Everybody putting down the police but who give the police their orders? Yes they should have know better but they carrying out orders. When they impaccs report come out to the public a lot of heads will roll. Think people. Think! There a lot going on in the underbelly that we don't know about. Let him stay on leave. The outcome might surprise us all.

    • Its obvious that you gave that comment a lot of thought , I love it .
      Some ppl minds have been made up and nothing can change them not even a proper investigation would .

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  13. he will b back his only on vacay.

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  17. Could the GG sent Kenny on vacation for life.......

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  19. Nice Guy very well said. Ausbert Regis was a waste of space, don't know about the new guy, but pulling people from there position when they're doing great work is nonsense. Send Kenny Anthony on extended leave.

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  21. Friends, Lucians, countrymen, and women, let us wait patiently for the COP's side of this story. It might be quite enlightening.

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  23. The Police force has turned out to be a big joke.Cops have less respect than boyscouts. What a shame.

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  25. Erol must be happy. Monchery should b comissioner. Iveh hearing some of them. They went quiet.

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  27. The Impacs report has had an impact on our decision making which is having an impact on the future of the nation's top cop. More time may be needed to ensure that all the T's are crossed and all the I's dotted.

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  30. It always take an idiot from North to talk about a bookie accent. And what do they say...I does.
    Just letting you know the world has lots of different accents and that's okay. What is important is the grammar

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  32. Politics in the Royal St. Lucia police force.Francois is a much better commissioner than Alex.Alex is not a peoples person,much too harsh. Kenny just looking for a way to bring in one of his boys.

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  34. I knew it, I knew it... I just knew it!

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  36. I don't know how Kenney will deal with this IMPACS thing going forward after his disaster of an address and with his balls in an american made vice-grip. But all I know is Mr. Francois was the only man who stepped to the plate to defend St. Lucia when dem criminals were making minced meat with us, killing people mother and all.. Coming from an area heavily afflicted by crime.....I want Mr. Francois back.

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  38. Though Francois has his flaws, he is far, far better than this Alexander guy.

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  40. Vernon Francois shouldn't have turned a blind eye on the extra judicial killings.come on.this is human life we talking about.

    • You are absolutely correct on that matter, its very disturbing to know that those things are happening and person are willingly accepting it as good and normal .
      As I stand The Top Cop has to go along with whos ever that was directly in charge of the mission.

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  42. The SLP candidate for Dennery failed to win the seat in the 2011 general elections: Here he comes as the next top cop.was that a campaign promise?

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  44. Why Errol Alexander and not Frances Henry? That is unless she declined the offer. I know she is more than capable. I think it is time that a woman is put in the driving seat so that the men can see how it is done. I hope this job is not earmarked for another foreigner. That would be a flippin travesty. Or perhaps we can elect Mr Chastanet "the foreigner" so that Kenny can get a taste of his own medicine.

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  46. rum,coke&2 ice cube

    Amazing!!!! The one persin who was doing something to deal with crime is the one person you plan to remove st lucia is a place where people sit by and say nothing even when something is wrong.

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  48. Kenny fired that msn big time

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  50. Vernon has shown that he is no nonsense, tough on crime and what happens.... He is already being pushed out the door... Lucians don't know what is good for them nor the country.

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  58. If yourll don't want the man there anymore just say so chpz the acting commissioner is a jack in the box letting the criminals kno the cameras are working lol who does that???

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  60. The musical chair has started with this decision. The intention might have been hinted or implied in Kenny's IMPACS report to the Nation. My view is that we creating more problems and not very good government. We are creating a system of victimization and pointing fingers that will create very long-lasting division and even hatred among our people. Our beloved people and country will remain sadly divided.

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  62. Why? One might asked,Does his extra vacation days have to do with the inquiries or he is no longer the Top Cop. Mr. Prime minister let us know where we stand as a nation. We must be in the know .jah

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  64. Eh bien me lee! The ball game just start

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  66. Try and bring back Mr Vernon Francois please. Stop giving the man the run around. This acting police commissioner does not suit Errol Alexander at all.
    His speech alone is not convincing

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  68. lol... feel the man vex. vacation with pay lol


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