Top Cop says plot allegations being discussed; prefers external investigation

Top Cop says plot allegations being discussed; prefers external investigation
Acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander
Acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander
Acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander

Allegations that high-ranking police officers have plotted to overthrow Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony and his St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration have been brought to the attention of Acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander, who said the matter is now being discussed at the executive level.

Alexander told the media during a press conference held at the Police Headquarters on Thursday that he has spoken briefly with Dr. Anthony about the allegations, but said he is not aware that the matter is being investigated, explaining that a formal complaint would have to first be made, before action is taken in the matter.

While the acting top cop has deemed the allegation “serious”, he could not state whether in fact a formal complaint has been made or not. Alexander declined to answer the question when asked by reporters, stating that he would not be able to say either “yes or no” and he rather not comment on that aspect of the matter.

Asked whether the police force will launch an investigation, the police chief said: “Well it’s kind of difficult for the RSLPF because we have to be careful how we tread in these circumstances. Allegations are leveled at members of the RSLPF that you don’t know at what level it stops. It may stop at my level.”

He continued:  “You have to understand that for the investigation to start, we need a complainant. From my standpoint I would prefer an external body investigating that against the police.”

President of the Senate Claudius Francis has alleged that several high-ranking police officials are conspiring with the United Workers Party (UWP) to overthrow Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony.

Francis who made this statement during one of his talk-shows also claim to have evidence to prove that his assumptions are true and said that the matter is of grave concern.

A few days after Francis made this statement, Dr. Anthony confirmed it, stating that a “small group” of police officers planned to use the Lambird’s and AIMU investigations, to try to embarrass him personally and three other ministers in his Cabinet.

He disclosed that a senior officer at the centre of the allegations is reported to have openly boasted of his intentions to his colleagues and civilians alike, to bring down him and the Labour government. Nevertheless, Dr. Anthony had told the media that he is not afraid of anyone.

Meanwhile, leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Allen Chastanet has called on Francis to retract statements he made about an alleged plot between the police and the UWP.

Chastanet said he finds those claims absurd, stating that Francis has brought the office of President of the Senate into disrepute, and it is now necessary that the prime minister address the issue.

Observers have said that if this happens to be true, then Dr. Anthony, Francis and others who claim to have evidence of this alleged coup, should provide it to the police, so that an investigation can commence.


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  1. I cannot understand how revealing details about how Kenny got paid by AIMU as a lecturer is overthrowing a government. What crap is that?


  2. Come on! That's ridiculous to conceive and even more ridiculous to be made public if thought to be conceived. If one or two people come together to plan a crime, that's a conspiracy and that's a crime. If one or two come together to plan a military "coup d'etat" then that's treason and that warrants immediate arrest without bail and a subsequent trial with the maximum penalties on conviction.

    If any government has any evidence of a conspiracy of a military "coup d'etat" then arrests are usually swift. Stop "pappyshowing " people.


  3. So Mr. COP who launched the complaint in the case of IMPACS? Any information re guarding the overthrow of any government is a criminal matter. As it now stands ONLY the RSLPF has the jurisdiction to investigate criminal matters since they work hand in hand with the judical system and this is why IMPACS is left in the cold. So another question why not use IMPACS to do this one? The PM gave the parameters by which he though IMPACS got its legitimacy to conduct such investigations. Taking two different routes for the same problem seems to be quite controversial one would think. So why is this so? Is it part of a plan to circumvent our judicial system? If IMPACS is fairer than our own system why not open it to the ordinary citizens who are either languishing in jail for years without evidence or who have families dying from violent crimes?

    Mr. PM, inconsistency only points to one thing, convenience or political expedience


  4. Investigation my rump, these people know how to keep the friends employed and rolling in dough with bogus investigations that lead nowhere.


  5. Denial is not dis-confirmation only a lack of proof of confirmation. SLP thinks that it will get away with murder this time. It is pulling all the stops.
    When telling lies is characteristically SLP's modus operandi, mate has to show proof. Words are just that. More words and mere words. It is like telling us since SLP is in power we now enjoying better days. Nice! Everybody knows that better days are continuously cutting on a daily basis, our tails. Soon, only SLP's $3 million dollar citizens, and SLP ministers will be able to live here happily, without fear and without want.


    • SLP will forever go down in history as the party that reintroduced slavery into Saint Lucia. The people asked for jobs. SLP responds with new slavery!

      The British abandoned slavery. Our bright scholars and university graduates could not do without it. They introduced it with great fanfare in their Panda suits.

      So we now again have two classes of citizens. First class economic $3 million dollar paid-up citizens and and born and raised Saint Lucians are now automatically second class.

      Way to go SLP! See you idiots at the ballot box (SLP traitors = ZERO. LPM/UWP patriots =17) for selling us out like our African brothers on the continent, and giving out our patrimony each, every way and that.

      It is such a very nice place, especially with one particular prime minister and minister of finance, to do business. Get huge parcels of lands and millions of dollars for a song and a handshake. So much for SLP's country bookie idea of better days.


  6. really....???!!!! SLP will waste tax money to investigate if there is a coup against kenny. What country kenny think he living in. Kenny are you st.lucian? if so, why the hell you are trying to do to our country's image.


    • Kenny has been hanging out with Maduro too much. This sounds like the delusions of a paranoid Dictator. Trumped up charges to take out his political rivals in the police FORCE. What next? This is the catalyst for a secret police answerable directly to the PM. Meanwhile unemployment and murders keeep rising. Such a waste of our tax payer dollars and time


      • It is time to reload all our crap at Shit Alley. Good riddance to very dangerous and bad foul-smelling SLP rubbish. Does the ambulance service have a HAZMAT Unit?

        Literally and physically, we need the USA to donate HAZMAT gear to help Saint Lucians contain and manage the continuing waste and fallout from the top and bottom coming from the SLP. The whole darn place is being contaminated with rot.


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