NewsTop Cop Promises to Hunt-Down and Bring to Justice Perpetrators of Police Shooting

St. Lucia News OnlineJuly 1, 2022120533 min

Members of Parliament attending Tuesday’s 8th March 2022 Sitting of the House of Assembly stood in a minute of silence in honor and memory of slain officer, Constable Nathan Timaitre.

The elected parliamentarians on both sides of the House of Assembly joined Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and Speaker Claudius Francis in expressing sympathy with the families of two police officers ambushed by gunmen last Saturday, leaving one dead and the other badly wounded.

Timaitre and fellow officer Isaac ‘King’ Calvin, along with two other unnamed persons, were attacked, shot and robbed during a private cash escort operation in Bocage last Saturday, the former killed on-the-spot, and the latter left to battle life-threatening wounds.

Police Commissioner Milton Desir commenting on the incident said the attack was “senseless, daring and barbaric” and that six persons had been held in custody “assisting the police in their investigations.”

The top cop promised, however, that his officers will pursue “everyone and anyone who participated, encouraged, or was in any other way associated with the vicious attack…”

He also warned possible perpetrators still at large that the investigating officers “shall not be intimidated” and they “will relentlessly hunt you down…”

“We will find you and will use all legal avenues available to bring you to justice,” he messaged firmly, adding: “We will not cower and we will not relent.”

Prime Minister Pierre, who issued a public statement Sunday offering sympathy to the bereaved families and traumatized fellow officers, on Tuesday reiterated in parliament that the government will not sit idly by and allow criminals to reign supreme.

The Prime Minister warned that, “this behavior will not be tolerated in Saint Lucia” and reaffirmed his earlier “commitment to providing law enforcement officials with resources that will assist in citizen security.”
PM Pierre also called on the police high command “to use every available measure in our quest for peace.”

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  • hmm

    March 23, 2022 at 10:04 am

    Please give updated news. The 6 held suspects have since been released (Some were charged with offenses not related to the case. This is equivalent to being released when referring to this case). So is the case cold? Similar to the government accountant who got shot? In that case they suspected the husband but he has a solid allibi, so… “*shrugs shoulders* what can we do? *files case folder in the basement*”.

    In this case:
    “We suspected 6 fellas but nothing stuck so… * shrugs shoulders* what can we do? files case folder in the basement*… let me go and by a shirt for the funeral.”


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