Too late to save baby of pregnant teen killed in Trinidad; murder toll now 452

Too late to save baby of pregnant teen killed in Trinidad; murder toll now 452
The slain pregnant woman

(NEWSDAY) — Distraught family members of murdered teenager Danielle Yearwood say they pleaded with police to take their pregnant sister to hospital to try and save her unborn baby.

Yearwood, 19, was expected to give birth next week.

She died on Monday when she and her boyfriend, Ricardo Dalloo, 24, were gunned down on Brazil Road, Wallerfield. The couple was returning from having an ultrasound done.

At Yearwood’s Valencia home yesterday, her family expressed shock and disgust over the killing.

They said they did not know why anyone would want to harm her.

The 19-year-old’s sister Camille Joseph told Newsday she got home around 4 pm, but did not see her sister.

She said a little later, another relative came and told her Dalloo was shot. They did not know Yearwood was fatally wounded.

“I didn’t know she was hurt as well. I remembered her telling me that she was going with him to get the ultrasound, so then I got nervous because I was thinking that she would be hurt too.

“I went to the police station and the officers took me to the scene, I was trying to call her on her cell phone the entire time but couldn’t get through. It was very heartbreaking to see this happen the way it did.”

Joseph said she pleaded with the officers on the scene to take her sister to the hospital to try and save her child, but were told it was too late and they did not want to lose any evidence by moving the body before crime scene investigators arrived.

“Danielle was supposed to give birth next week, so that was almost a full-term baby. I know the first responding officers could have done something to save him.

“We were all so excited and happy to have him as part of our family. His name would have been Rashaad Akim Dalloo.”

Joseph said her sister was doing her Masters at the University of the West Indies’ St Augustine campus and supported herself by working at Pennywise.

Yearwood was on maternity leave.

Joseph said if Yearwood did not go for the ultrasound on Monday, she would have been at home, painting and preparing for the birth of her first child.

“Ricardo was always there for her. Even in the photos of how they died, you can see her head on his shoulder and his hand in hers. It was tragic.”

Laura Dalloo, Ricardo’s older sister, yesterday visited Yearwood’s home to extend condolences and support to the family after the tragedy.

Commenting on the recent upsurge in murders, Dalloo said crime was totally out of control. She said while parents tried to protect their children, it was futile in the face of rampant killing.

She told Newsday she did not know why anyone would want to hurt her brother and said he worked hard as a vendor in the Arima market to support his family.

Two more murders on Monday night

In an unrelated incident at around 7.20 pm on Monday, a man identified as 34-year-old Devon Ash was buying pies from a vendor at the corner of Mt Zion Road and the Eastern Main Road, Arima, when he was shot several times.

He was taken to the Arima District Health Facility by police but was declared dead on arrival.

Shortly after, another man identified as 30-year-old Kendall Leon was shot while liming at Phase 4 La Horquetta.

Leon, also known as Olivio Williams, was recently released from prison.

He was walking along the road at around 9.15 pm when he was approached by a man who shot him several times.

Police were notified and he was taken to the Arima District Health Facility where he died while receiving treatment.

Cop’s father killed

Yesterday afternoon, a pensioner was shot and killed by a gunman who came to his gate asking for the driver of a vehicle. According to police, Charles Campbell, 51, was at his Ramjohn Trace, Eligon Street, Diego Martin home, at around 1.30 pm when a man came to the gate asking for the driver of a vehicle parked outside.

Campbell’s daughter, who is a police officer, was in the gallery at the time and called for her father.

As he came outside, the man shot Campbell several times before running away.

He was taken to the St James District Health Facility where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Griffith mum

When asked to comment on the recent spike in murders, a curt Commissioner of Police Griffith refused, snapping at the question put to him by Newsday. He said the commissioner of police cannot comment on every single murder that takes place.

Messages were sent to National Security Minister Stuart Young via Whatsapp. He read the messages but did not respond.

The murder toll for the year stands at 452.


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