TOO LATE: Homicide victim may have wanted to tell friend something was wrong

TOO LATE: Homicide victim may have wanted to tell friend something was wrong
Howard Pascal
Howard Pascal

Three ‘Please Call Me’ texts and a call to his friend that ended abruptly may have been indications that Howard Pascal was in trouble days leading up to his tragic death.

Pascal, a resident of Bois d’Orange, Gros Islet, was reportedly found chopped to death in the wee hours of this morning, Sunday, Nov. 18, on the football field next to the Corinth Secondary School in Corinth.


According to reports, Pascal’s body was found with what appeared to be wounds mainly to his upper body, including his head and hand/s. A resident in Corinth said pieces of body parts of what appeared to be finger/s were found close to the body. Blood stains can be seen just outside the penalty area of the football pitch.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) has not yet received information about the exact time the body was found, but calls and texts to our news team came in as early as minutes to 6 a.m. Sunday.

When SNO visited the scene later this morning, residents told us that Pascal was reportedly last seen at a party in the north before he was killed. While residents spoke to us, men were seen playing football on the field Pascal was killed. They were however playing on the opposite side of the crime scene, which was already opened after police completed on-the-spot investigations.

SNO then journeyed to a bumpy, dirt/gravel road behind the ‘Old Government Building’ off the public road in Bois d’ Orange to find Pascal’s house. There, in a clustered neighbourhood, this reporter found a group of neighbours and friends, on a verandah across from the deceased’s house, speaking about the incident.

One of them, David Philogene, aka David Smoke, told SNO he last saw and socialized with Pascal two Fridays ago, but pointed out he received about three ‘Please Call Me’ texts from the deceased earlier in the week. This included a call from Pascal, he said, which ended abruptly as it appeared he ran out of credit.

“He called me Wednesday and his phone just cut off… sounded like he was trying to ask us to meet,” Philogene said, adding that some time ago his friend tried to tell him that something was wrong but never elaborated.

“He said he had two issues dealing with but he never say what they were,” said Philogene, who added that Pascal was not known to be a troublemaker or a “notorious person”.

According to Philogene, he and Pascal were not only close friends but former co-workers. Pascal was not known to be working anywhere when he died, Philogene said.

“He was a very well-mannered person. Everybody he sees he greets them,” he said.

Philogene said when he heard that Pascal was killed, he was in denial. To ensure that it was true, he visited the deceased’s home and found it locked.

One neighbour told SNO that Pascal was planning to hold a birthday party for both of them.

“He was a quiet person, he never greeted you without asking how you are doing,” one of the neighbours said.

Philogene said Pascal, who lived alone in a two-storey house, had asked him to move in with him at one point. His only companion lived outside: his pet dog, tied to a tree in the yard.

When SNO visited the scene, the dog was sometimes seen directing its head towards its owner’s apartment and sniffing the air, waiting for him to come home.

This is the third homicide in St. Lucia within a one-week period.

On Saturday, Nov. 10, a double shooting in Maynard Hill left a 16-year-old dead and his best friend, also 16, nursing a gunshot wound. Both are students of George Charles Secondary School.

Two days later, on Monday, November 12, 48-year-old Francis Mathurin of Petit Bough in Anse-La-Raye was stabbed to death in the community. A man of unsound mind was held for questioning.

Almost 40 homicides have been committed in St. Lucia since the start of 2012.

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  1. Well this is jus the beginning sooner its gonna get a lot worst ppl will jus start killing ppl like crazy,a world of madness has come so brace yourself for what's to come.


  2. to hang a criminal first you need to catch and prosecute them there is no point bringing back the death penalty if the murderers can't get caught then the only thing that would be hanging is the rope what should happen is witnesses come forward and police do a better job and people resolve problems without killing each other and start prosecuting to many crimes are left unsolved


  3. i used to love to tell people about st.lucia it was the prettiest island in the caribbean to visit because of the people and it's culture but now what can i tell them when it's all over the enternet the amount of murders that's been committed it's ashamed what's happening to the place i love and call( home.)


  4. Omg what is happening in st lucia is the world coming 2 an end crime will never stop we need 2 stop the crime an love one another god's blessing


  5. It will never stop the Judicial System need a purge.Who so ever committed this heinous crime I hope they can eat, sleep and live the rest of their lives as though nothing happen.Remember there is no perfect crime you will be caught. Howard may your soul rest in eternal peace to your family my deepest condolence. I do not care what he did to the invidual they should of gone to the police my God I cannot take it no more, mea las eck say ba ba sa la twop say twop.


    • IF his family know where to go and what to do i asure you the persons who did this and for what ever reason will eat out of a garbage bin for the rest of there low lives.


  6. It was time people learner to have respect when commenting on posts in St. LUCIA. I say delete and block them!


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