Toddler’s head crushed by truck selling fuel in Guyana

Toddler’s head crushed by truck selling fuel in Guyana
Terrence Antonio Wilson

(SNO) — A 15-month-old boy was killed on Saturday in Zeelugt Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo in Guyana after a truck selling cooking gas cylinders and kerosene crushed his head, according to local media reports.

The incident occurred around 6:30 a.m. after the child’s grandfather reportedly stopped the truck in front their home to make a purchase.

The Guyana Chronicle reported that while the transaction was being undertaken, the child, identified as Terrence Antonio Wilson, ventured out of the yard and went under or near the trucker, unknown to anyone.

The child’s head was crushed by one of the rear wheels of the truck after the vehicle drove off, the Chronicle further reported.

The grandfather said that he had left the child sleeping in his mother’s room to buy kerosene, according to Kaieteur News, while the grandmother explained that the grandfather, who was obese, would usually take the child out in the morning to exercise.

The woman,  Kaieteur News further reported, said that “everyone was still in bed. It was really early and everything happened so quickly” and that the child was probably looking for his grandfather so that they could carry out their morning routine when tragedy struck.

The grandmother blamed the truck driver for the child’s death.

“People saying that the child crept under the wheel but the truck had a barrier and I don’t believe he creep under the wheel. The baby was standing next to the wheel, he (the driver) had two porters, before you pull off you are supposed to look around. We are not saying the child was right to be there but as a driver with two porters, he could have looks around before pulling off, he is supposed to be focusing,” the grandmother was quoted as saying by the Guyana Chronicle.

The mother, meanwhile, reportedly told the Chronicle: “I just wish his license get taken away, he is careless, everyone in the community can tell you how reckless this man is drive. When the porter said hold on driver is what you knock there, then the porter said it’s a baby and the driver was hustling to drive off. If my brother didn’t run and snatch the keys from the truck he would have driven away.”

The truck driver, who is reported to be in his late 20s, was taken into police custody.

According to the Chronicle, Wilson is the third child to have died recently.

The paper stated that the “first reported incident occurred on December 11 when an 11- month-old baby drowned at Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara (ECD) and the second occurred the same day when a five-month-old baby boy was electrocuted after he placed a live electrical cord in his mouth”.


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