Today is her 112th birthday! Happy birthday from everyone, particularly St. Lucians!

By SNO Staff

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Christina Cetoute is today, Tuesday, June 9 celebrating her 112th birthday.

Cetoute, believed to be St. Lucia’s oldest living resident, had two children. They are now deceased. She however has numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Cetoute, who was a farmer for decades and from the community of Morne d’Or in the Roseau Valley, is bedridden and has hearing difficulties, but she is reportedly otherwise in good health.

A distant relative told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) last week that he would like more government support for his great grandmother.

He credits Cetoute’s longevity on eating natural, non-processed food.



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  1. 112 that is a record. Good for her Hats off to her. Happy birthday Lady.

  2. CynthiaSpark-Mogroo

    Happy birthday, mom you look so pretty, may god bless you on this special, day, inspiration to all the young people

  3. Bonne fete madame you have done no wrong in live keep it up.

  4. Happy birthday I would love to meet you!

  5. I don’t know her but I’m proud of her she is showing the you generation that she live a clean and healthy life ,my grandmother passed at the age of 103 years so I know what it’s like I pray that the LORD ALLOWED you to see many more to come, you have a bless and wonderful life

  6. Happy birthday

  7. Happy happy birthday! Wow


  9. Happy birthday miss Gladys you are duch a sweet soul

  10. Happy birthday miss gladiss you are such a sweet soul

  11. A happy birthday to you…you are now the mother of the island and for that longevity we all owe you much: love, respect, and all the care and companion required. May God bless you with many more years.

  12. Happy happy birthday to my my dear, with u was my grandmother, I would be so happy to be by your said, may god continue to guide an protect u my st lucian hero.

  13. A very Happy Birthday to you lady.
    You are an icon for healthy eating and no processed food – congratulations !

  14. Respect 2 elders

    The government of St. Lucia should honor her by making a memoir in her name. No one in Lucia knows Lucia like she does, I am sure she has seen it all. The government should ensure all her needs are met regardless of what support her remaining family can do for her,she is a living legend. 112 years young? God bless you sweetheart, I wish you were my granny!!!

  15. Wow, Happy Birthday is enough. When her age was verified in December 2012, she had just turned 109 in June of that year. The family decided to celebrate her milestone and called up a meeting among themselves. The family and friends in the community of Morne D’Or came together and chipped in and made it a success. The media (HTS and DBS) was present. The Ministry responsible for this sort of thing was contacted and they said that only when the individual reaches 100 years will they get involved to help celebrate, any thing after that they are on their own. It was really sad to know that we have the oldest living person right here in St. Lucia and Government officials would not even recognize her. She has now made it to 112 thank God. She is doing just fine with family and friends.

    • If what you wrote is true it’s a damn shame. I’m familiar with the program from it’s very beginning. It started in the 1980s and meant to recognize senior citizens upon attainment of age 100 years and over. All such persons deserve the recognition and a monthly public assistance from the government. I don’t know if the focus was changed but it will be very foolish to change such a good program.

  16. Happy Birthday to you. May God continue to bless you. Have a great one.

  17. Happy Birthday, two own kids enough, no stress
    you get long life in harmony with god


  19. new york concern

    she’s suppose to get every thing, what is wrong with you people this lady is a senior.

  20. new york concern

    yes she suppose to get every thing from the gov/

  21. Happy birthday,any way some people just can’t say happy bityday and not make a negative comment like MVP,who ever u are


  23. “She however has numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren” yet still they asking for Government support! SMDH

  24. What part of st lucia is she from ?

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