TJ departs for intense Trinidad Carnival season and Allez tour

TJ departs for intense Trinidad Carnival season and Allez tour

e9c29305-4d76-48a9-a34f-ab86b45178e5PRESS RELEASE – St. Lucia’s son of the soil and musician extraordinaire Teddyson John (TJ) has departed  for an intense Trinidad Carnival tour as his hit single ‘Allez’, continues to inspire the masses in the Caribbean and diaspora.

The song which has grown tremendously in popularity and today stands at quarter of a million hits on YouTube, is currently on very heavy rotation on all radio stations in Trinidad and Tobago. ‘Allez’ has also made it to the number one spot on Synergy TV’s weekly music video countdown for two consecutive weeks.

Additionally, a December 31st release of the Remix of ‘Allez’ featuring Bunji Garlin, has further spiked an interest not just in the anthem but in Teddyson John himself and his incredible talents.

Having recently completed an extensive international ‘Allez’ prior to this Trinidad Carnival experience in the United States and Canada, TJ stands ready to continue to fly the St. Lucian flag high while spreading his infectious and positive message. While in Trinidad TJ is set to grace the stage of several major events across the republic including Soccer Fete, Soka in Moka, Tribe Ice, Fire Fete, Army Fete, Kes Tuesday on the Rocks and many more.

In commenting on his departure to unfamiliar territory TJ shared this “I am very excited about this journey, I am incredibly humbled that I am able to rest amp St. Lucia’s presence and contribution to the art form and soca music not just regionally but internationally. I am thankful that I am able to share my gift of music with the world and while at times I feel a bit nervous with everything that’s happening around me so rapidly, I stand ready to continue to move forward, just as I encourage everyone to do in the song, ‘Allez’.

TJ also took the opportunity to thank fans, supports and well-wishers for the overwhelming support thus far and looks forward to 2016 being an even greater one.

Updates on TJ”s Trinidad ‘Allez’ tour well provided as the season progresses however fans can also keep abreast with TJ via social media, Facebook, Teddyson John and on Twitter and Instagram @teddysonjohn.


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    • all the best to you TJ. u had a successful time in mia and i hope more follows u in tnt.

      re: that shirt....unfortunately that's what de boogs and goons here wear, it's been in style since last yr...and i was hoping it wud just stay in SoFL but look it done spread, why? 🙁


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