TJ and Kerwin- A ‘Magnetic’ Collaboration!

TJ and Kerwin- A ‘Magnetic’ Collaboration!
Teddyson John (left) and Kerwin Dubois.
Teddyson John (left) and Kerwin Dubois.

Teddyson John and Kerwin Dubois have collaborated for Trinidad Carnival 2015 in producing Kerwin’s first tune for the 2015 season- Magnetic!

Over the years TJ has been known for his amazing work as a singer, performer and producer on the local scene; but this time he has raised the bar further by co-producing and co-writing this masterpiece with Kerwin Du Bois.

Teddyson’s contribution in the production of this piece is truly a testimony of his gift, talents and skills as a musician. His holistic approach to music not just as an artist remains consistent with the brand ‘Love.Passion.Music’ in all his work.

In commenting on the collaboration TJ said “it was a privilege to work with a creative musician and being able to bring ideas together was amazing. It was a humbling experience to see how my input and imagination was genuinely respected and accepted by someone who has been in the business for so long, especially in a producer capacity. It was mutual respect that shows a certain level of maturity and reminded me to never doubt your God-given talent and potential.”

When asked about further collaborations and the future especially going into the 2015 season, TJ commented further stating: “It’s all about continuous growth and developing daily and not just waiting for “the season’ to begin work. It’s important to master your craft daily, and given my passion for music, given that music is my life, it’s only natural I constantly seek opportunities to mature and advance as a musician.”

Although the song is not your typical soca track, it is guaranteed to have you nodding and vibing and leave a truly MAGNETIC effect and been growing on audiences far and wide.

The tune can be checked out on Youtube and social media links of both artists. 


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