Tigers InFLOW joins Northwest in major tennis tournament

Tigers InFLOW joins Northwest in major tennis tournament

(SNO) — The Tigers InFLOW Academy has partnered with NORTHWEST limited to bring tennis lovers the biggest tennis tournament yet in the Kenneth Wriggler King Complex.

According to a release from the organisation, they are expecting over 100 players at this event, a far greater number than before as they officially launch our Red and Orange ball campaigns.

The NORTHWEST Championships begin on Thursday, March 14. This will be special as the event also encompasses a development category for both boys and girls. The men’s and women’s draws reportedly host some intriguing matches from the very first round.

The categories are as follows:
Boys and girls Red ball development
Boys and girls Orange ball
Boys and girls 10s, 12s, 14s, 16s, and 18s.
Men’s and Women’s Open
Plus the ever-favored Veterans.

Says Sirsean Arlain, head coach and director of tennis: “We are very excited about the start of this event as it seeks to help develop and promote the sport on a grand scale. Now Saint Lucian tennis is headed in the right direction.”

The Tigers InFLOW Academy provides instruction to hundreds of youngsters, mainly primary school children from the city centre.


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