Ti Kaye Resort & Spa undertakes beach clean-up

Ti Kaye Resort & Spa undertakes beach clean-up

Island Divers at Ti Kaye Resort & Spa makes International Coastal Clean up Day an annual event on their calendar.

For the second consecutive year this beach cleanup has gain serious momentum by attracting some keen community supporters. For those who are not aware, Anse Cochon located in Anse La Raye is one of the protected marine reserves on the west coast of Saint Lucia. Home to many tropical fish and thriving coral reef, it provides a haven to respectful observers of aquatic life like divers and snorkelers as well as a livelihood to the fishing community of Canaries and Anse La Raye.

Spearheading this cleanup initiative was recently appointed dive shop manager, Mr. Curtis Antoine.

Born and raised in the community of Canaries, Curtis actively rallied up hotel guests and long time visitors to Saint. Lucia Nick and Sarah Mc Intree not only volunteered to be hands on help but also got Curtis in touch with the Saint Lucian Cadets Core to come and assist.

The participation of volunteers was overwhelming with 15 Cadets along with Cadet Leader Cyril D Elisee, as well as Ti Kaye staff and guests. After 2 hours of hard work both guests, staff and the cadets accumulated 12 bags of garbage from the beach and road access to the beach of Anse Cochon. A great sense of achievement was share by all.

General Manager Sarah Watts expresses her gratitude to the supporters of this event: “I am extremely proud of everyone who took personal time out of there day to volunteer and help us clean up our piece of paradise. The impact of plastics and uncontrolled garbage has terrible environmental and health consequences and contributes to the destruction of our coral reef, marine life and natural beaches. I am confident that this cleanup will become a an engaging part of our Ti Kaye community and culture and look forward to being alongside all the other wonderful people who care about Saint Lucia by supporting this venture. I also wish to applaud and encourage all organisations that are spread heading similar campaigns in the battle to keep St. Lucia Beautiful and Clean.”


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