Ti J’s stands with employees and residents affected by the Soufriere fire

Ti J’s stands with employees and residents affected by the Soufriere fire


PRESS RELEASE – CEO of Ti J’s ULTRA MART is dealing with the tragedy of the massive fire on Thursday 22nd, October, with a resolve to restore business as soon as possible. The fire destroyed multiple buildings between Sir Arthur Lewis and Bridge Street in Soufriere including his own business, the Ti J’s Ultramart Supermarket.

“Ti J’s is a family store and the town of Soufriere has lost a service provider that was integral to their way of life. More importantly our employees have been seriously affected by this tragedy. They have families to take care of and now their place of employment has been destroyed.”

“As a company, we are dealing with the monumental loss together. Of major importance to us is the plight of the residents nearby and we have already started a campaign to provide some relief to them in the form of food supplies and clothing. What was usually a time of much celebration is now a time of somber recovery. We are actively exploring ways to assist our workers and the affected residents, to the best of our capacity during this time. They are our family.”

“We were very heartened to hear that the Government of Saint Lucia has taken this tragedy as a call to action to provide aid to all those affected. We intend to assist wherever possible in this recovery effort. In time we hope Ti J’s Ultramart will recover and once the commercial space becomes available we will be well placed to continue providing employment opportunities and service to the residents of Soufriere.”


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  1. As a citizen of Saint Lucia and i came from the beautiful town of Soufriere , I need to ask y a particular supermarket in soufriere has raised the price of groceries, when they know what we are going through after the fire. Its Located on Church Street soufriere


    • Dont create controversy, that is not true. i have already done my own ivestigations. It appears to me that the persons who are saying that never really use to shop there. There are some items that are a little more there but it has always been like that way before the fire. So i am somewhat or rather baffled by this sort of comment. Please lets be realitic and honest with ourselves. Let's stop spreading propaganda.


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