BREAKING: Three shot in separate incidents in Castries

BREAKING: Three shot in separate incidents in Castries


Police are investigating three shootings that broke out in different parts of the city within a few hours Tuesday night.

At about 7:00 p.m., officials from the Saint Lucia Fire Service were reportedly summoned to the scene of two separate shootings in which two individuals are reported to have sustained gunshot wounds.

One of the shootings took place at the Bexon bus stand, while the other occurred at the Babonneau bus stand.

At 8:30 p.m., emergency officials responded to another shooting at City Gate area, where a man was reportedly found with multiple gunshot wounds.

The condition of the injured men are unknown at this time.

The motive behind the shootings is still not clear.


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  1. Hi i am a st lucian living abroad,and tourism is the major driving force fir the country economy.when is the new prime minister going to ask for help.apprently they cant fix the problem by themself.when the late Sir John Comptom wad in power he ask scotlandyard for help.why cant they do the same.they have so many people in prison and they cases take years to be heard that is not the st .lucia i knew.And when you come home to visit they search your belongings like you are a criminal,and asking you if you bring anything for your family members ,st lucia is still backwards when it comes to customs instead they treat you like you have comitted a crime and take your stuff they need to send these custom officers for training .


  2. A change of government has done nothing to deter or curb criminal activity. Let's face it,change ala Allen CHASTANET where crimes reduction is concern is a hopeless case. Kenny could not fix it- King could. It fix,?Allen proves to be just a big show off where solving crime is concerned.
    Who and where to.we turn too now, our country is exploding with crime.Its a fact,


    • Mama, the PM hasn't even finish putting all his family photos on his new office desk yet you expect crime situation to get fixed. SMH. Give the man a break and let them formulate their plans, allow the plans to mature and start taking effect nuh.


      • He should spend less time in the air and more time on the ground, can't put photos on a desk from an airplane.................


  3. Let's face the truth. Our crime situation is getting progressively from bad to worse. We had never seen two double homicides in a year and a long list of crime records such as this current triple. Yet we want to bring in foreigners, potential mobsters through CIP, gambling and contemplating legalizing prostitution and weed. The weed would be alright, only if law enforcement was in control. Everything seems out of control at this time. We need an iron fist.


  4. Where was our vaunted RSLPF's new stop-and-search progaram while this was happening?

    What am I to say about our island when I am made aware of this by someone else 5,000 miles away due to how things go global at the speed of light, literally, on the internet.

    One more reason, sadly, the foreign ec-dev, be through tourat dollars or though firmer FDI (foreign direct investment) slips though our hands like sand to our OECS counterparts that take a hard line on the safety and security of their citizens and also visitors.

    We have a new government. As the expression goes, :deeds speak". Our new government, please do something concrete, results-oriented, and measurable before we go from "Helen of the West" to , instead, "Haiti of the Windies".


      • Leave the woman alone. Since when is she responsible for crime? She does not report on crime either. She is only concerned with the humanitarian aspect and treatment of people held in custody and accused of crimes. This is completely separate to addressing a crime situation which requires the police and a national strategy. It also begins with your attitude and how your own raise your children, what demands that you make of your leaders and what you yourself can contribute to society without committing a crime yourself.

        Now be good and you should have stayed in school because you would have known the difference between criminality and human rights. You would have also known the value of evaluating information so that you wouldn't make incorrect decisions or spew out garbage such as this and spread misinformation.

        So stop Associating the woman with crime. Idiot.


        • PREACH!!! So sick of these people dragging the woman's name in their BS and villainising her for standing up for human rights...if it was them or their relatives she was standing up for, they would be singing a different tune!!!


        • Hear Hear "Wam there" some Lucians just love showing off they in ability to read and understand a news article.

          They just love showing their level of intelligence or should I say lack of it.


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