Three nabbed in connection with Dennery armed robbery

Three nabbed in connection with Dennery armed robbery

Police have arrested three individuals in connection with an armed robbery report, according to law enforcement sources and media reports.

The robbery occurred in Dennery and was reported to the Richfond Police Station, but details about that incident were not immediately available.

However, reports are that around 2 p.m. Saturday (Oct. 19), a vehicle with the suspects on board, was stopped and searched by police in Trois Piton, Castries

A firearm with ammunition was discovered by the lawmen. A quantity of cash was also found.

The three individuals — all males — were subsequently placed into police custody.


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  1. These criminals will destroy st.lucia if this situation do not stop. They need to get some rounds up their ass.PLEASE STOP THEM.IF THEY HAD MADE AN EXAMPLE OF A FEW THIS WOULD NOT BE GOING ON.THIS IS CRAP.


  2. They need to get the police to do what needs to be done to cleanse our island for these evil. When you get these criminals they should never see daylight again. Wish I could help do this. F them.


  3. It is a reminder for everyone, particularly in the out-districts, to remain vigilant particularly when strangers are around. Trust no one in this time. Unfamiliar vehicles are most likely to have unfamiliar faces on board. Keep a close eye from a distance and always be ready to defend oneself if necessary.


  4. long as we have this soft laws and giving bail to a person with a illegal gun nothing will change. (that's a slap in the face of any law abiding St.Lucian).
    Polititians talks but afraid to demonstrate with stiff laws who ruling the country.
    Do your job what your elected for or get out.


    • For your information bail is granted for every crime and it is against the Constitution to deny bail for any crime except if you can show the person is a real and continuing danger to himself or society. The real problem is that the justice system is inadequate. That's the issue that needs to be addressed.


      • Very smart idea but the government need to allow the police to clean up the bad apples.ONLY SOLUTION.


    • Everyting is about the money...they really don't care about the ppl,s life...which one you think is cheaper for the system..taking more money from them and letting out or confining them and spending their budget to feed them....think of it!


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