Three more students get LIME scholarships

Three more students get LIME scholarships

Earlier this year, LIME awarded scholarships to a number of children who have started secondary school this year. All the students were children of staff members, and each of them turned in outstanding performances at the Common Entrance Examinations.

But members of the LIME family have been excelling at various levels, and most recently the Human Resource department extended scholarships to three students who have started studies at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC).

The three colleagues are Welby Gills, an administrative agent in the Regional Support Centre; customer care representative Dawn Biscette from the Service Support & Delivery team; and retail analyst, Michelle Plummer. Dawn’s son, Shaquille Antoine, and Michelle’s daughter, Savvy, are pursuing qualifications in Business Studies at the Department of Technical Education and Management Studies (DTEMS) at SALCC. Welby’s daughter, Chelsea Goodridge, is at the Department of Arts, Science  & General Studies.

The scholarship award, which was presented to the parents and students this week by Head of Human Resource for the Windward Islands, Goretti Lawrency, is for a period of two years and each recipient will receive $2,500 per annum to cover the cost of school supplies, including textbooks and uniforms.

Scores of students have benefitted from the LIME Scholarship Programme since it was established in 1995.


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