Three lucky Digicel customers win $1000 each

Three lucky Digicel customers win $1000 each

7ecc1755-0afb-438c-aee9-c80370fb339cPRESS RELEASE – Digicel in its January Text to Win Promotion rewarded three lucky customers, Leandra Bishop, Grandeelia Gittens and Nattalie Neptune, who all secured the top three spots respectfully earning them $1000 cash each.

Leandra Bishop, Grandeelia Gittens and Nattalie Herman were contacted on Monday via telephone to inform them of their winnings.  The lucky winners were not at all surprised that they were the winners in the January Text to win promotion since they are no strangers to being winners with Digicel.  They all look forward to playing the Digicel monthly text to win game and winning fantastic prizes.  

Digicel continues to create fun, exciting and engaging content with its monthly text to win promotions and the Scramble words game in the month of January offered customers nothing short of that.  To get in on the action Digicel customers simply had to text the word “CASH” to 7171 to play the “Scrambled Words Game”.    The more customers played the game the more words they unscrambled and the greater their chances were of becoming 1 of 3 lucky winners of $1000 cash each.


‘Digicel continues to create new and engaging ways for customers to win big during the text to win promotion each month.  Being able to reward customers with fantastic prizes that appeal to those who participate is always a win for Digicel.  Digicel encourages customers to continue to look forward to enjoyable text to promotions for their chance to win extraordinary prizes,” Marketing and Communications Executive Fiona Smith commented.

Make a love connection in February when you text “Love” to 7171 or top up with $10 or more for a chance to be 1 of 2 to win his and hers Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones.


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