This sugar baby makes thousands without ever having sex

This sugar baby makes thousands without ever having sex

(NEW YORK POST) – A cash-strapped student has revealed how she’s raking in more than $9,000 per year by going on dinner dates with strangers to save for her first home.

Rose Clifford, 19, signed up to a dating site to help fund her student lifestyle — where her date for the evening not only pays the restaurant bill, but also for her company.

Over the past year, Clifford has earned over $9,000 from the website What’s Your Price, with most of the money being put into savings for her first home.

As well as cash gifts from men, Clifford has an impressive collection of designer items including a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes that cost a whopping $4,325.

But brainy Clifford, from Birmingham, United Kingdom, insists that there is no pressure to have a sexual relationship — as she does nothing more than join the men for dinner.

She said, “So far the money I have earned from dating has paid for my car insurance, designer shoes and handbags and the rest I have put away into my savings.

“These days it’s so hard to save a big enough deposit to be able to get onto the property ladder and so this has been the perfect solution for me.”

“It’s unbelievable, I joined around a year ago and I have already made more than £8,000 ($9,000).

“I also have a strict no-touching policy and a hug is as far as I will go.”

Clifford said for her first date, she was offered $100.

They went to a restaurant in Solihull, about two hours northwest of London, for dinner, and a few hours later they went their separate ways.

She said: “I have been very open with my family and friends and they are really supportive, I always let them know where I’m going or who I’m with as they like to ensure I’m OK.

“As soon as I get a date offer through from What’s Your Price, I check their profile to see what they are looking for, people are usually very up front with what they are after.

“I make sure the amount of money they are offering is worth my time, I’ve had offers of £5 ($6.50) before but that’s definitely a no-go.”

A friend of Clifford’s suggested she join the site after struggling to pay for her car insurance.

She added: “It was an easy way to make money quickly, and within the first week I had messages off several men.

“Usually men offer £100 ($130) to £150 ($194) per date, and they will also cover travel expenses and pay for the bill at the restaurant.

“The people I date all tend to be wealthy businessmen in their 50s, a lot of them are directors or CEOs of big companies.

“Usually they are just looking for company whilst they travel and some are even looking to meet up around three times a week.”


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  1. This is normal practise. I know many girls who get a side income in the form of donations, gifts and other benefits from men interested in them. For instance many girls don't pay to go into a club or for expensive drinks all night. There are enough foolish men willing to pay for them. Men buy phones, give top-ups, help out with bills and other things to impress girls they are interested in. These girls are not doing anything for money so its all good. The men give themselves false hope through fool fantasies and keep paying. Most of these girls who many men want usually want a real man who they willingly do many things for the real man and give him gifts and money. Sometimes I fee sorry for some men and buy them a drink using their own money that they gave one of my girls lol.


  2. smh i dont believe a word that girl says about she not sleeping with those men. so just so because you beautiful men will waste their time and money just to have dinner with you? girl please. if is that then they really have stupid men in this world no wonder yall hanging yall self for woman and drinking gromaxone and woman taking yall for papishow and controlling yall. just so i going to give you thousands of dollars just to have dinner with you. GIRL TAKE A HIKE. there are strippers much more beautiful than you at least i know i will be spending my money worth something in the end


    • Ignorant
      You must be living under a rock.Websites like that have been around for the better part of the last decade
      Typical stereotypical
      Not verything revolves around sex
      There are sites where trashy women havecsex for free
      This is obviously not one of these trashy sites


      • Ignorant lol really i dont give a damn about these websites and i do know there is alot of trash websites like this and yes everything revolves around sex in case if you have not noticed because most of it is indirectly. if you are a man that is why women will always walk over yall and make yall stupid and eat yall money. if you a woman then that is why there will be hungry mitches like you to take advantage of stupid men that have money thats why most of yall marry them and divorce them to get half of their things yall didnt work for. please dont hate me cause i choose to do more important things with my money than to give it to woman for free.


  3. "I have a strict no touching rule" yeah right. I only date rich business men ... and if they ask you how much it would cost to override that rule and the price is right you would drop them draws in a minute. Cooops oh please !


    • you obviously have not mastered the art of not using your pussy or sex of any form to entertain men. Not all men are dogs looking to have sex and bounce.... Smart girl


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