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“This storm must not be taken lightly” – Prime Minister

Prime Minister Anthony

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PM Anthony. * Photo credit: St. Lucia Star

Fellow Saint Lucians, Fellow Citizens! It would appear that our worst fears have materialized.

At 11.00 p.m. last night, the National Hurricane Centre (NHC) upgraded the approaching weather system to a tropical storm. Named Bertha, this tropical storm formed very quickly and has taken aim at Barbados, Saint Lucia and Dominica. Tropical storm warnings have been issued for these islands.

At 8.00a.m. this morning, the storm was located at 13.6N, 57.9W and travelling towards us at 20 mph.

Tropical Storm Bertha is likely to begin to affect us sometime this afternoon.

This storm must not be taken lightly. It packs winds of 45 mph, so could bring moderate to heavy rain, lightning and thunderstorms. It could also cause considerable damage.

Mercifully, today is a national holiday and most citizens should be at home. Since the effects of the storm will be felt during the day, some will be tempted to go outdoors. This should be avoided. I wish to urge all citizens to remain indoors until the storm has passed and the “all-clear” has been given. Small craft should remain in port and safely moored. Fishing boats and accompanying equipment should be secured. As the Met Office has always reminded us, “Residents in areas prone to flooding and landslides should exercise extreme caution and take all necessary precautions.” All major events should be cancelled.

The center of the storm is likely to pass just to the north of us, so the entire island is expected to be affected.

Disaster Preparedness Committees have been activated and will be on full alert in the event that they need to spring into action after the passage of the system. The Ministry of Infrastructure has already begun to position equipment in the vulnerable areas in the event that roads, drains and fallen trees have to be cleared.

We have had our fair share of adverse weather systems in the past few years, from Hurricane Tomas to the Christmas Eve Trough on December 24, last year. We have survived. We are better fortified in these matters but the unexpected always occur. So, be prepared.

We have worked together and made use of the considerable experience that we have acquired on each and every occasion that disaster has struck. Once again, we must summon the will to work together for the good of us all.

I pray that each and every one of you will remain safe and sound.

Do have a blessed day!

Prime Minister
Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony

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  1. Hell no we will not take Kenny Anthony Lightly. He is a category 6 hurricane sweeping across our island at this time.

  2. Inquiry mind, since Tuesday or Wednesday, we were being asked to monitor a system, so why are u disappointed that supermarket close.

  3. When u applied for the job u knew the conditions, maybe u need to get a job only when the sun shines

  4. In fairness, it is good that he is making a warning. Better safe than sorry, so good on him for that.

    Any storm damage will repair quicker than the years Hurricane Kenny have been ravaging the island!

    • Then above, why did he not warn the country of Hurricane Toni. The ravages of this are still being felt around the country. We don't know from where or when the much-need relief is going to come. Barrels are not enough. What is worse is the forecast is for more of the same.

  5. So, here I am running to get some stuff from SJ this morning, to my dismay they were closed before 11am... I know everyone need to remain in doors but come on....

  6. SO ANYWAYS...!!! One day the Prime Minister cares about "Fellow St. Lucians/ Fellow Citizens... So what is happening to us for the rest of the 364 days... Hypocrites and parasites!! Sandals employees the latest victims of BETTER DAYS!

  7. Dr Anthony are you now the director of NEMO? Where is the new director and who is he or she? We have not heard a word from this end. Is NEMO now dysfunctional without French? We have no text blasts from NEMO alerts etc....

  8. keep your culture!!

    Hold tight my people please stay inside and let us use our common sense.

  9. my dear I hope you are safe.... Talk to your boss. Hope he/she drops if its raining heavirly

  10. Gas Station staff are very important with the approach of a system. They can be considered as essential service. Sorry you can't go home early.

    One more thing in the PM's speech "Fellow St. Lucians, Fellow citizens." Do citizens and St. Lucians mean the same?

  11. I have a problem with some gas station owners their are hearing the news at yet still da want the staffs to work i want to no if there is something in place for this staffs..because this is not fair


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