“This is wrong” — Opposition MPs not happy with $10,000 Christmas “stimulus”

By SNO Staff

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Labour party members at press conference earlier this year. Left to right: Alva Baptiste, Philip J. Pierre, Ernest Hilaire and Moses Jn Baptiste. (ST LUCIA STAR PHOTO)

(SNO) — It appears that Saint Lucia Labour Party parliamentarians are not 100 percent happy with a customary $10,000 ‘Christmas stimulus’ and the time it was sent to their constituency by the government.

Castries East Member of Parliament (MP) and Opposition Leade rPhilip J Pierre believes the amount is too small and Castries East is the most populated constituency in Saint Lucia.

Pierre reluctantly thanked the government for the funds.

“On the behalf of the citizens of the constituency, I will accept it just on their behalf, because I know that they are in need, I know that my Christmas hampers etc. will not be able to suffice, so on their behalf I humbly accept it,” he said. “But I say to the government, this is wrong.”

Pierre pointed out that there is Christmas stimulus happening in his constituency but he knows nothing about it.

“And I am not going to deal with argument used by the government that ‘Oh, you all did the same thing too’,” he said. “No, that is a bizarre argument. First of all it is not true, and secondly, the public of Saint Lucia voted the Labour Party government out of power and I don’t think the United Workers Party understands that. We may not agree with it but the public was dissatisfied with us and they voted us out.”

Castries South MP Ernest Hilaire received the same amount, and he expressed his displeasure on social media.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Hilaire said he received a call last night, around 6:30, to inform him that he was going to get the amount to spend in his constituency before Christmas, just two working days before the holiday itself.

“No promised letter but a call with two working days left before Christmas. I can’t fault the official of SSDF, guess he was just doing his job,” he wrote. “For the last two weeks, the Constituency has been abuzz with workers chosen by the UWP Government ensuring that their supporters have some financial support for the Christmas.”

He stated that he has accepted that there will be no equity or fairness of the awarding of work under the stimulus.

“The victors enjoy the spoils of conquest! But surely this treatment of SLP supporters is plain wicked and malicious. How else can it be explained?” Hilaire said. And to add insult to injury, a week before Christmas, a crew of unknown workers appear to resume work on the unfinished Barre St. Joseph Community Center. A project which was stopped in June 2016! No consultation with the community, no notification to me as Parliamentary Representative, not even community workers chosen! Funny though, the sand and cement are being transported in dog food bags!”

Vieux Fort North MP Moses Jn Baptiste also disclosed on Facebook, under Hilaire’s post, that he received a similar call.

The annual Christmas stimulus provides short-term employment, normally in beautification projects.



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  1. Grow up, you idiots! Xmas is not everything.


  2. St Lucians never like the gift u give them for Christmas. you give them a bottle Black they telling u is Hennessy they drinking. Just take the money and buy your people some hams and turkey. stop being ungrateful.


  3. just use the damn money. yall might not need it but your constituency does. shame on yall.


  4. What's on display here is evident in all developing countries. The leaders do dumb and spiteful crap like this and the people defend them, and fight among themselves.

    The negro defends his master and his 'stuff' with his life.


  5. We Uwp didn't need your sympathy vote to win . obviously you are slp u should stay there, we need loyal people on our side, chopped than ;No SHAME


  6. This crap needs to stop ON BOTH SIDES. I you are helping the poor during the festive season then just help and bring a little joy to the lives of the less fortunate in society regardless of party affiliation a hungry man is a hungry man. This is the reason this country cant move forward too much divisive petty politics. Imagine fighting over the spoils of party politics like dogs here is a bone take that for your Christmas if "they" don't get too bad shame of it,


  7. I am a sttong supporter of labour but made this huge mistake by voting uwp with the belief thst we needed thechange. This party is the most bias i have come across- even when u do them a favour by voting for them. They look at u and say we not giving them because they are labours. I urge the slp supporters like me who made that mistake as never to consider doing so next election and to our young new voters if u want a future for yourselves znd for st.lucia please cast your vote in the next election for tbe st. Lucia labour party. U.w.p arf z bunch of greedy and wickex people who only give to their friends. The secretary and the second boss. Lol. The one after the district reps are the ones giving the jobs. Lets wait patiently to see those same set come beggong us next election for votes to secure their jobs especially in soufriere and choiseul. Again to my young folks who will be vohing for the first ley us rally with the stlucia labour party for a better st.lucia. no cash for christmas but leh us spend it with peace and love


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