“This country is broken and broke” – Guy Joseph

“This country is broken and broke” – Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph

Member of Parliament for Castries South East Guy Joseph has said that Saint Lucia is “broken and broke.”

He said this is a direct result of the alleged incompetent leadership of Dr. Kenny Anthony and the St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Government.

Joseph was at the time addressing supporters at a public meeting held last Friday at the Peter Boulevard Square following a protest march in Castries.

The protest was aimed at urging the government to change its policies and help to address poverty, unemployment, crime and other key social issues facing the country.

The former Minister of Works and Communications told the gathering that the SLP’s promise of “Better Days” has turned into “bitter days.”

“If you go to church on Sunday, go to church, you will hear that every pastor and leader that not even the churches can survive from the offerings that they are receiving. That is the simplest measurement for how bad the economy of Saint Lucia is performing under the SLP,” Joseph said.

While elections is constitutionally due by February of 2017, Joseph said he doesn’t want to live another year under the SLP and urged supporters to “force him (Dr. Anthony) to call early elections.”

“I cannot afford it. Saint Lucia cannot afford it. And every day I fight is not to make Allen Chastanet prime minister. Allen being prime minister is secondary to fixing the problems we have in this country. It really doesn’t matter to me who becomes the prime minister; I want somebody who can fix the problem,” he asserted.

However, in the same breath, Joseph publicly declared his support for Chastanet to become the next prime minister of Saint Lucia.  “I think the best man for the job is Allen Chastanet,” he told a cheerful crowd.

He said once the founding leader of the UWP Sir John Compton was confident enough to choose Chastanet to be part of his cabinet, then the UWP should be confident of him running the affairs of the country.


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  1. Government's first duty is to protect the people and not run or ruin their lives, Kenny and the SLP have to stop blatantly lying to the people of St Lucia Kenny Anthony and his goons know very well that the economy of Saint Lucia has continued to decline, yet, again and again they have twisted the facts in order to mislead the nation. Guy Joseph and Allan Chastanet is just being real because they feel the plight of St Lucians but the SLP party hacks are trying to mislead the readers and the nation at any cost even if the country and it's people are being drag to the point of poverty. St Lucian,s change is coming and soon with Allan and the UWP.


  2. This country for true because jackasses vote for people like mate to be their representative. How the hell will this country ever make any progress when a complete numbskull like this makes into as a minister? Saint Lucia they say is idiot country. The population about holding tightly to its ignorance, the people are stupidly stubborn. And about holding on to their ignoramuses, the people are stubbornly stupid.


  3. I am tired of hearing such jackass country bookies UWP. Really sick and tired. I am so sick and tired that right now I want to vomit. I feel revulsion every time you have mate speaking for UWP. I want to puke just to see mate being considered to represent Saint Lucians anywhere. You know? Too many flipping shark teeth. Give us a friggin break!


  4. If even when divided squabbling and quibbling the UWP is a more effective party than the SLP then members of the UWP are a bunch of super men and super women.


  5. The FORMER MINISTER OF COMMUNICATIONS AND WASTE really believe that he is TI JESI ...RIGOBERT wATh your back they bringing GUY JOSEPH IN AS deputy to get u out as political leader...WATCH OUT RIGO


  6. Yes Kenny must go to allow Guy and the rest of those who unquestionably (allegdely)stole the people's money to come back and continue their rampage.These guys (pun intended)have no shame ;all they want is to make themselves richer


  7. Yup, the country is broken and broke and dangerous (as pointed out by one of the posters). Thanks to you, your government and the current government. All looking after yourselves, your family members and your friends.


  8. Hungry politicians when not in power they talk more shit
    If shit had legs for sure it would have jumped out of guy's mouth a long time ago? I hope he and chas t nay never get into power.
    I can't c dem getting in a hurry? Instead of trying to campaign house to house, and convince the the voters that things may get better when if they get in. ALL I CAN SEE IS A BUNCH OF BLOOD SEEKING Vampires?


  9. So why yall fighting for it? Politicians are always in their own interest, is something it have that's why yall so eager to get in. If it broke and you love it so bad donate and spend some of the millions you got from it.


  10. Elections not to far from now, so all we have to do is vote the joker out of office it's as simple as that. St Lucia now has the 5th slowest growing ecomony in the world, how embarrassing a man they say that so smart educated and all that bullshi#t and yet it has gotten to this point. I don't care who is elected enough is enough time to vote this guy out of office.


    • ...Indian Pride YOU MUST REALLY READ WHAT U WRITE...at the end u said ..vote this GUY out of office..am sure u are referring to GUY JOSEPH


  11. Who to blame? Only you and your cohorts. So shut the hell up. Where is the monies from the road projects by your overnight company? Return some and help fix the problems.


  12. I think its Guy Joseph who is broken and broke no more big contract. Would somebody tell that guy shut the help up he is very annoying and has a lack of respect for women I think he fears them. Anything he says sounds like rubbish most times. There is no room for this kind of pawol politics now. We need honest educates ppl who can work. Stop the throwing talks.


  13. Oy guy check me, i'm one of your cousins, i doh have no equipment either, but i promise to do the jobs you will give me lolol, you will get my vote..............


    • Cousins don't pass before church brothers. Here's the pecking order: Guy himself---> His Ego--> Immediate family---> Party/Church brothers---> all other cousins/relatives/ friends---> Trivial stuff ----> St.Lucia. So get in line...


  14. The whole country is inefficent. Everything everyone. The roads the health care. The peoples motivation. People think why work when their salery cant even pay rent.
    Cut all the taxes and reduce government jobs. People have a crazy thought on what productivity is. This country will have to work very very hard to pull things back together. Everything will change. People will no longer be paid to do nothing. Thats right every single person paid by the state will need to be evaluated. This is cause lots of trouble


    • @Hello. You are 100% right. Just an example. Go to the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Rodney Bay. Big office and a bunch of people doing little to nothing.


  15. Blah blah blah your party will be elected and the same issues will resurface recycled politics just tired of all this gibberish.


  16. This guy's audacity knows no bounds!!

    WHO GOT THE COUNTY IN THE MESS THAT IT IS ROGHT NOW. Surely not I, or any of the commenters on this story!!

    You have absolutely no shame - none at all


  17. What are his plans to develop this country ? How trust worthy is he ? More of the same rhetoric. Another gold digger !


  18. Not sure any of you are any good. It's a shame that there are no other "real" parties in contention. I don't think any of these parties are really looking out for St. Lucian people, just to line their own pockets and not address the real issues that need addressing. We need leaders who are going to stand for us and bring jobs, investment and safety to our country. Stop talking out of both sides of your faces and help this country not be a laughingstock of the region.


    • Anything but SLP and its pack of jabbering clowns! There are people out there with great financial, business and economic knowledge and skills, that they use in their line of work. We have lawyers who are AGs who have not and cannot win a case in the law courts.

      There are better Saint Lucians out there, but they are out of politics. They will not join the platters of manjay cochon that are served to this country every five years. They do not need handouts of jobs for the boys, with every darn idiot guaranteed to become a minister. Did you see how many idle SLP hands were available to rush to have their photos taken in Soufriere?




  19. And this blathering ignoramus has only one idea to fix it. He wants to prove how smart he is by telling us again to look at how much money he was able to get out of the country and job and how much more he will make this time. I don't vote for questionable characters and people who are more ignorant than myself. No. Never have. I just don't vote. I will not vote for mate if UWP takes him on board. The HIA deal still has a stench of corruption coming from the decomposed plan.
    Besides that, no jackass country-bookey who says in the full view that a country can get money from the IMF, put that in a bank account, get the interest and then give it back to the IMF must ever be given a chance again to shoot that kind of shayte again as a government minister. We have had enough of these kinds of crap shooting idiots in government already. Instead, I am voting for LPM.


  20. and will the next prime minister make the same mistake to be MINISTER OF FINANCE ?
    or will he be just prime minister and leave the resorts to expert.


    • st luLucian open you all eyes no body cannot change no country because the world is coming to an end the one that there is already the other Wii come and full there if we was reading our babile we wasn't. Talking who come make things right with French president for us who beg for us because every we st Lucian's pass we spoiling the hold

      population if god be for us no one can't be against us I never vote in st lucia but Lucian Lucian each your bread no body cannot change no country that's mouth talk the world is comlng to an end


    • frustrated...I CAN SEE WHY U ARE THIS WAY ....no more money coming your way for the past four years and i do not blame you...BUT BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR U MIGHT JUST GET A 6 FOR A 9


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