Thinking of dumping your baby? Foster Care official highlights adoption process

Thinking of dumping your baby? Foster Care official highlights adoption process

The dumping of a newborn baby boy in a river at Ravine Chabot, Castries has resulted in widespread criticism, a hot topic of discussion, and most importantly, a genuine concern for citizens island-wide. The baby was discovered in a black plastic bag at about 10:00 a.m., on Thursday, August 21.

Coordinator of the Foster Care and Adoption Programme at the Ministry of Human Services, Victoria Francis, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an exclusive interview today, August 28, that the incident is an unfortunate one and is advising persons in situations where they cannot afford to take care of a child, to seek help.

“Some people are aware of the services and even those that are unaware can still come into the ministry,” Francis advised.

She explained the programme is a safety net for children in difficult circumstances.

“We can try to have a plan in place for mothers, where the child can be placed in foster care or put up for adoption,” she added.

The role at the Human Services Ministry, she explained, is to find a suitable home for these foster children and to ensure that the children are in a safe and loving environment.

“Persons can come in to human services and we can speak with them, provide them with the physiological support needed for placing the child up for adoption,” Francis added.

The foster programme coordinator stated that they are a number of women who have joined the programme. She said in most cases it is because the women are financially unstable and wish to secure better homes and families for their children.

She further explained however, that they are a number of other reasons why mothers seek the assistance of the ministry.

“Some might be a situation of rape or the person they got pregnant for denies paternity and does not accept responsibility and they feel that they are not able to cope with a new baby.”

The coordinator told SNO that they are many persons who are willing to adopt children, who enter foster care programme. She explained that the adoption process is a legal matter that must be placed before the court.

Interested persons must undergo an assessment process to determine their suitability, provide character references, police certificate and recent medical report; be of sound emotional and mental health and be in a stable relationship. Applicants and their families must also be interviewed and their homes, visited as part of the assessment process.

The objective of the programme is also to provide alternative placements for children in need of care and protection; to help children heal emotionally and afford them the opportunity to once again enjoy their childhood.

It also seeks to enable children to go on to become well-adjusted adults who can enjoy their personal lives and make a valuable contribution to the society; to recruit and train foster parents and adoptive parents; and to promote family preservation through appropriate methods.

The foster care programme also provides services in child abuse and, neglect prevention and management, child maintenance, foster care and adoption, counseling, crisis intervention and critical incident stress debriefing (CISD).


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  1. well well well am trying to have a baby for my spouse in a few months ,cause I lost two of our babies last year but if am unable to have any more I will b happy to adopt a baby maybe from 4 months old . we woman should really seek help from the right sources in order to knw what to do .don't damp your baby in a garbage bin or river...........god bless u with this pecious gift at least u gave birth to this innocent infant I didn't even saw mines I cried for days months didn't wanna have correspondence with any one.may god bless all of u abandanly..........


  2. Please does anyone know how I can get in touch with Victoria I am not sure if thats her name but she works at the human resources department or Mrs King at the family court.
    So sorry to hear about those little ones who are losing their lives at such young age.


  3. wow! never knew of this adoption programme. I know of plenty women who would definitely consider this option.
    I myself have been considering adopting a child later on in my life.


  4. we are always so quick to judge , you never know it could be one of your children . You don't knw the situation . that's if she was even aware of that option or even had that option to think about .


  5. I cannot have and have been wanting a child so if u know somebody that's willing to give them up call me or send me a message


        • Hey are u still interested in adopting a baby I know noe of this programme and I'm giving birth anytime next month I need someone willing to adopt my baby for I have chosen the option of giving him up.


  6. that girl is evil she should be in jail am tried of ppl not standing up for the right thing if we just make her go she may do the same thing put her in jail she kill a living person .


  7. She should be in jail who give her the right to do that sometime she kill the child because she don't no who is the child father.


  8. please I'm begging you those out there who do not want their children any longer I am here to take them I am a foster mom of 25 years I'm looking to adopt two more children I've already had two adopted I would like an infant or maybe 1 /2 year old but whatever you do not harm your children do not kill your children give them a chance to live a life. if there is anyone out there that is pregnant and looking to give their child to someone I will take that responsibility, this is what I love. I love helping children I love children if you looking for a good home for your children please contact me. I live in LA Los Angeles California it's never too far to save a baby's life.


  9. We live in a world where the word "sex" is used in every aspect of our lives. Please young men and women, if u know u can't afford to get pregnant use birth control. It's cheaper. If u were raped and afraid to speak up go to your local health center and seek the morning after pill if it's available. I don't know how much it costs at home but I am certain if u are in dyer straights someone will help. Please do not carry a child for nine months, hold that child in your arms and place that precious life into a garbage bag to die. Your guilt alone will drive u to depression and suicidal thoughts. This story breaks my heart.


    • their guilt may not do them anything. some women just too bad. Why not give the child to the father? Again, the law doesnt want to acknowledge the father, but maybe the father would want his kid and care.
      I mean even I myself have a kid and the mother refuse to let me see her. even when i go to her house, i stay outside and she keeps the kid inside. we are too spiteful using our kids to cause hurt. them women must be held to account


  10. We should not judge the individual harshly. I respect all opinions and I think and agree that she should have gone to the hospital and left the baby if she is unable to care for it. There are so many women in Saint Lucia who are unable to bear children. God Bless the little one's soul.


  11. Well said, to you who just had an abortion because you and the father are no longer together. He begged her to keep the child and promised to take care of them both. Out of spite she had an abortion and number two and counting SMFH


  12. Many of those who are incapable of caring for a child should consider this instead of getting rid of their baby. Giving your baby a better life does not make you a bad person.


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