Thief caught and put in cage

Thief caught and put in cage


A man was allegedly caught stealing at the construction site of Courts (Marisule, Gros-Islet) this morning.

Reports are that the man was placed in a make-shift cage made of steel rods, until the police arrived.

He has since been taken into custody.

No further details.


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  1. Construction workers are one the hardest working people in any country, you don't just simply steal with them and not feel their pain and struggle.


  2. I can`t stop laughing omg that made my after just when I walked in to start my class today... i laughed and my friends asked me ca va.... serves him well should learn to stop stealing


  3. well i have nothing much to say on this but but bravo to those construction workers on acting wisely and swiftly and making sure that the crook was caught and will get his justice.but still for that i feel he will get it better than many others in the hotel cause he might be sentenced to at least six months at borderlais and trust me christmas coming so he will have all the ham he wants inside job guys.i rest my case.


    • I've heard that there are persons who deliberately commit crimes so that they may be locked up over the Christmas holidays.


  4. aa! rrhhhaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! ROTF! Rooster caught! cage him! cage him!


  5. The voleur has it easy laying down on his back just chilling. I would have loved to him in a chicken cage with some water grass next to him.


  6. Christmas is coming..........for the next few months be extra vigilant people the place is full of those that want to laze about all day and steal what they want from you.


  7. Now that's a decent citizens arrest.... Great Job! These people need recognition and an incentive from their employers.


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