“They lost everything” – PM thanks persons who assisted Vieux Fort fire victims

“They lost everything” – PM thanks persons who assisted Vieux Fort fire victims

IMG-20150726-WA007Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Vieux-Fort South, Dr. Kenny Anthony, has acknowledged the help of residents during Sunday afternoon’s fire in ‘The Mangue’, Vieux Fort town.

In a post on his Facebook profile, Dr. Anthony said he visited the community Monday morning to see the extent of the destruction and to determine what help he can provide.

Dr. Anthony disclosed that the fire completely destroyed five homes and partially damaged another. He said 12 persons were displaced as a result of the inferno.

“They lost everything,” he said.

He thanked the persons who helped to extinguish the fire and prevented it from spreading to other houses.

The MP said: “It is to the credit of the community that everyone rallied together and saved other houses. Differences were put aside in a huge effort to prevent the fire from spreading. Those who know the Mangue will tell you that the houses are exceedingly close to each other. “I thank everyone for reaching out to assist those in need. No matter what our issues may be, I believe and I know we are a good, loving people.”

Persons who wish to help, may contact Cyril Saltibus of the National Volunteer Office in the Office of the Prime Minister to receive or collect your donation, Dr. Anthony said.

The Vieux-Fort Fire Service Station said they received the emergency report at 3:19 p.m. and dispatched two fire trucks.


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  1. The problem of slums and shanti towns in vf needs to be addressed. Too many of these. Why mr pm are you not addressing that matter? Why are those people still in shanti town, when land was allocated for them?

    Why did you build foot paths in the mange, instead of focusing on relocation of those residents? Vf has too much waste lands to have people living like rats in a hole.

    What has happened to vf being the new frontier? If it is case of you mr pm not wanting to relocate the people so that you don't loose their votes, then break down all these shacks with tin fences and build apt buildings like Compton did with the CDC. Maybe that will generate some sort of economic activity in vf.


  2. Shame on you. Your home . God is talking to you.
    He is clearing up those people eyes so they know who the dying for.
    A devil in disguise


  3. It's sad . But god gives comfort to those who are in need.
    My second point us the importance of our FIRE SERVICE here.
    My prime minister open your eyes and stop playing your arrogant ROLE . These are the little things that Helen needs. More fire fighters , better pay. Fire equipment and trucks.
    Hospital , nurses ( some were sent to Cuba and had to seek imployment else where.
    Better policing .
    Better investigation entirely
    D.N.A investigation
    Some judges and lawyers to represent those who can't afford . Avoiding the poor and innocent from going to your compact prison.
    Help for the poor. ( represent them.)
    System in place for employees.
    Raise our salary , not the tax.
    Stop making the rich RICHER AND THE POOR POORER.
    The mangue should be a CDC by now. Your community .
    It's your home.
    Clean and care for it first.
    Your town.


    • Are you willing/can afford to pay for all those?

      You just we want that, and we want this not knowing that everything cost money.


      • The individual is giving very valid suggestions but trust someone to shoot it down... i agree one hundred percent. It cost money and they can take a huge loan to extend the four lane highway. Is that necessary. choops.


  4. Verry sorry about the fire and the loss experienced by these folks from Vieux Fort. Well Leslie Fontenelle was retired so the fire trucks could not access the fire. if he was in office he would have taken the blame.


  5. If I am ever an MP, I will never publicize such especially when it is close to an election. What can I do onsite? make people see me. (Aa prime minister sa vin la we). It will appear that I am capitalizing on the misfortune of others. Both parties do it and for me, it is sad. We usually do not see them after elections. I would simply give what I can give personally and no one have to know about it. Do what I can do as a community/country . The think is, if you are some one who is a genuine giver, as an MP, (whatever the incident is) your people MUST know you. Now, when I donate, as the PM has requested, I will be hearing Jadia telling the country , "through the efforts of the PM and MP for Vieux Fort, the fire victims has received ......." Bullshit but I will still donate.


    • Kelba... So true with your points. All politicians do it and celebrities as well. It's a ploy as a publicity stunt and also to appease the masses to play at the positive emotions. People lost so much and it has nothing to do with the PM..what can he do?? What will he do other than "show concern that the people lost everything" .... I am glad that you will still donate irrespective of the fact that u see right through the plot.


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