They beat me and tried to kill me

They beat me and tried to kill me

slide1PRESS RELEASE – At the age of 14, I was addicted to gambling but everything started at school with my friends.

We use to gamble in exchange for sweets and nuts, but it got serious and I went far in the gambling business. I started gambling for money and that’s all I wanted: nice clothes, the best shoes, go out partying, having many girls and drinking beer. I wanted to show everyone that I could be on my own.

I used to break into people’s houses for money, for objects that could be sold, and I would use the money to satisfy my addiction as well.

Just the voice of my mother use to annoy me, and because of that we used to have arguments every day at home. I just wanted to hear her when she had to give me something. I didn’t have respect for my mother and for anybody. The rage was consuming me, the anger was growing little by little, and together the desire of killing people. I was young but full of myself and full of evil in my mind.

I use to send stones in people’s houses, trouble my teachers and go out with different girls. I was not respectful of women.

One day I decided to go to the cinema, and suddenly, some guys grabbed me and beat me till I fell unconscious. They took away my phone and ran. That day I could be dead but the hands of God kept me safe, and because of that I had the desire to have my own gun. My friends had their gun and because I didn’t want anybody taking me for pappyshow, I thought that was the best way to keep them far from me.

I use to sell drugs but my family didn’t know. My life was broken, my family was destroyed and my future was wasted. I was smiling on the outside but when I used to put my head on my pillow I questioned myself: why was I getting bad instead of doing good? At school I was doing well and I knew inside of me I had potential. I could reach far in life but I was finishing my future in exchange of nothing.

One day I meet a friend and he told me about the (YPG) Youth Power Group in Saint Lucia. He invited me for one of their meetings and when I reached there, I saw many other youths. They were smiling and I was not. They talked to me, they listened to my problems and never laughed at my poor choices in life. They shook my hands and said we will help you.

After that I dropped the bad friends, stopped gambling and drinking, I have peace with my family, I have respect for women and I got a job.

It has been one year and five months since I became a part of the YPG and I’m a new man and I serve God with my testimony. If it was not the mercy of God I couldn’t be here today.

– Nickey Jn Baptiste

If you are going through the same situation, I advise you to join us at our meetings.


N.B: We will have on Sunday 7th of May the YPG Football Fundraising, we will be selling the tickets and all the funds collected will be used to help the youths of the project.

The YPG Football Fundraising will start at 12 noon on the Vigie Playing Field. We would like to invite you and your family for this great day. If you need more information on how to buy the tickets and give us the support, call one of our numbers:

YPG Office:

717-0311 / 730-4040 / 730-2343

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  1. People don't know what they want. They are always crying there's no Avenue for the youths but here an organized group is trying to help and all you get is negative comments. One good testimony is encouragement for another. It's damn if you and damn if you don't. The youth need encouragement and not to be discouraged. One saved youth is better than one criminally inclined youth


  2. The YPG is dedicated to making young people become "successful" adults. Yet, when these young people have become grown up, the YPG still wants them to go back in history and bring up past bad experiences. Is this fair? At what stage will the young people be deemed to be "successful adults" and will they, at that stage, be allowed to live a normal life, with the past firmly behind them?


  3. why should we compalin about someone testimony, it serves as encouragment for others who have given up hope, YPG excellent job one less bad child as a statictic as a good for nothing.. Young man may the grace of God contiue to carry you. shalom, one love.


  4. I am tired of all these " cry cry " stories from this group. They just have young people blabbing a lot of negative things about themselves, with the bottom line being that the group "saved" them. A lot of us had bad experiences when we were young, but what good is there in talking about past negative issues several years afterwards. We have used our maturity, our good sense, and our faith in God to carry us through. We don't have to blab about in in order to give value to the work of a group.


    • you have no idea what is a "healing process" thus not qualified to comment. the healing process takes years or even a life time. its people with your mindset that hampers and disrupts the process and thus encourage relaps into former behaviour trends or prolong those still in such destructive path. at least the group is doing something what are you doing?. Facing the giants in ones life is the way to overcome them. you face the giants by recognizing them, acknowledging their presence and the harm they are doing to you and others around you, fight them by calling them out (talking about them), raising the alarm (letting others know) so others can be aware both those also facing them as well as possible supporters who can help in the fight. also getting help to fight the battle because you are not alone and the giants are very powerful they fight even to the death. Be a positive part of the healing process! give encouragement!


      • Yeah right. Make people "deyparley" so that they become publicly exposed and subject to gossip in our small minded community, and you call this a "healing process"? Well, I suggest you offer counsel to these people in private and invoke the spirit of Christ to guide them in their future endeavours. The public exposure does not help because nearly every young person can tell a similar story; so there isn't anything to learn from these experiences. A quiet reflection and prayer to God, the Almighty one, is more effective that a public testimony of what we already know, and what we know will continue to happen because Satan is alive and well. Let us seek healing in Christ, Jesus.


    • If you're tired of reading these stories..... DON'T! And quit your cry cry babbling whining


    • I suppose you would rather read that these young people have died from gang violence, AIDS, suicide etc.

      You speak about faith in God but do you also know that "They have conquered him (the enemy) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony".

      These young people's testimony can help others in similar situations. And I commend this Youth group, we complain all the time that nobody's doing anything for the youth and when they do, they get comments like yours.


        • So what? No one is saying that these young people did not have bad experiences once upon a time, but such a phenomenon is not new. So why these open testimonies? Why can't the affected youths be counselled privately? Their stories, even though they may be true, are repetitive and nothing different from the experiences of other youths who have moved on to achieve positive things. Tell me what is the inherent value in these public testimonies, which some people believe to be false anyway?


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