Therold Prudent says he’s no ‘Johnny come lately’ in Gros Islet

By MERRICK ANDREWS, St. Lucia News Online staff reporter/editor

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Prudent socialising in Gros Islet (file photo)

Former leader of the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) political party, Therold ‘Sardine’ Prudent, has officially thrown his hat in the political ring for the Gros Islet seat, saying his entire life has been devoted to serving the people of Gros Islet and by extension, Saint Lucia.

Prudent is vying to be nominated by the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) to represent Gros Islet as a candidate in the next general elections.

On Thursday, May 30, Prudent’s supporters launched a Facebook page called ‘I’m with Sardine’. A post on the page says, “A humble man of ideas, vision, experience, strong and articulate, and ready to serve!”, while the cover page states: “I’m with Sardine — Licks for Spider”. Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute of the ruling United Workers Party is the current Parliamentary Representative for Gros Islet.

In a statement sent exclusively to St. Lucia News Online, Prudent said outside of politics, he has always been a Gros Islet man and an active member of the community.

“I am by no means a ‘Johnny come lately’ to service, or one who was ever motivated by political aspiration,” he said.

In his own words: Prudent’s achievements

At 14 years old, I founded the Rhum Blanc et Fawdy Club and became the president of that organization. Its membership consisted of men and women who were much older than myself, and could have easily been my parents or grand parents.

At such a tender age, I was troubled by the way in which our society treated persons with alcohol addiction. And so, I set about to reintegrate those person back into our society. I encouraged them to participate in sports and other social activities, and thereby finding some self worth. In time, the Rhum et Fawdy club became the biggest draw in all of Gros Islet, attracting massive crowds at their games.

LPM’s Therold Prudent (left) and Martin “Bob” Phulchuere.

From the age of 14-21, which is about the time I left Gros Islet to pursue studies abroad, I had the distinct honor and privilege to serve as the president of the following youth and sporting organizations, Town Mouse Rebels, Colgate Strikers, United Youth Organization (UNI-YO) — one of the largest youth organizations of the day. And true to form with my passion for service, I became the leader of a musical band, The Universal Stars, and also served on a number of community boards and committees, notably the committee responsible for organizing Gros islet’s elevation to township, on August 5th, 1985.

Thereafter, I become a student pursuing studies abroad, which over time cumulated with a bachelor’s degree in tourism, a second bachelors in management and communications, a masters in government and politics (specializing in international relations) and a graduate certificate in international law and diplomacy. It was this educational background which open the corridors of the world, enabling me to hold a number of important positions, both in the United Sates and in other nations around the world.

LPM Leader Therold Prudent.

Over years, my commitment to the people of Gros Islet have never wavered. I have continued to maintain an active engagement throughout the constituency of Gros Islet. Through the Prudent Family Foundation ( PFF), we founded the Gros Islet Home & Garden Club, which annually distributes vegetable seeds and other gardening supplies and tools to families. The PFF remains a major sponsor of academic scholarships, school supplies, among charitable initiatives which benefits the under-privileged.

Finally, it is that wealth of experience, which I hope will enable me in government to help create good paying jobs with added benefits, provide an abundance of academic scholarships, quality and affordable health care, among a host of deserving opportunities, in hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty, not only in Gros Islet, but throughout our nation.

Joining SLP

At the start of 2019, it was announced that Prudent’s LPM would merge with the SLP.

In a post on social media at the time, the party commended Prudent for the move in which the LPM would be dissolved and its members joining the main opposition SLP.

“The Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) stands united and completely supportive of our leader’s decision to join the St Lucia Labour Party (SLP),” the post read. “We offer our continued support to Mr Therold Prudent, and wish him well on this new journey for our country.”

Prudent had said the move was designed to put country above all else, since the country is being poorly governed by the present United Workers Party government, adding that the LPM had a big voice in the politics of Saint Lucia.

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  1. Honky tonk woman

    Has been or never was?

  2. politics let me break it down – poli (poly) many , tics (ticks) blood sucking parasites put it together you get many blood sucking parasites

  3. And herein lies the problem. Just too many shifts for my liking. LPM has gone the way of ONE. It has disappeared. Another ONE bites the dust.

  4. This guy is just power hungry.Best you move back to the US where you spent most of your adult life.The people of Gros islet will not be fooled.The only progressive leader for Gros islet is Spider an honest man with no hidden agenda.

  5. Kenson is young ,dedicated and progressive. You represent everything wrong with the old Labour party. We need to move forward as a country. You need to get lost.

  6. So, LPM is dead now? Oui mamma. Well, R.I.P. We have just seen the obituary. From UWP to LPM to SLP? What’s next? The floor?

    • How foolish can some people be? The man was head of your group. He picks up and goes to the SLP. What is left is saying that they are ‘united’ in support of the man going to the SLP? ‘United’ my big toe.

      You people are the laughingstock of the UWP.

      United? Really? I have never heard of more foolishness in my entire life.

      So, the sardine ran away to the bread?

  7. Jean Gros Islet

    Mr. Prudent, I do hope that you know you and your family have to give up your greencards.

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