Anthony claims there was ‘widespread bribery’ on election day

By SNO Staff

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Former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony is alleging that massive purchasing of votes took place on election day (June 6) and said there is evidence to prove it.

In a Facebook post today (June 6), Dr. Anthony said he does not believe or accept that the loss of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is explained by the massive purchasing of votes.

However, he believes that the purchasing of votes influenced the final outcome in some marginal constituencies, for example, Dennery South, Castries South, Soufriere and Anse La Raye/ Canaries.

The former prime minister said despite this issue was brought to the attention of the Electoral Commission, no efforts were made to investigate the claims and allegations.

“Not even the guardians of our electoral democracy, they moved to condemn, investigate or simply ask for evidence,” he stated in his post.

Dr. Anthony highlighted that while some people have doubted that there are laws against influencing electors to vote or not to vote, the laws against such acts are found in the Elections Act, Cap 1.02, Revised Laws of Saint Lucia, 2008.

“What occurred is unprecedented in our electoral history. And there is abundant evidence. I have a picture of a young man who proudly showed me a one hundred dollar bill he received in Vieux Fort South on election day as the polls were coming to a close,” he claims.

Dr. Anthony also claims that in one marginal constituency, Dennery South, a young man was sent to collect and he came back with $500.00, stating that there are many other cases.

He continued: “Pleas to the police officers on duty went unheeded. I guess we all know why. In Vieux Fort South money was dispensed by (name withheld) with impunity. So too was money distributed freely by a high official of one local church. He can always sue me for defamation if I have told an untruth.”

The former SLP leader believes a start should be made to expose those who corrupted “our political process on election day. We must name them and provide the evidence of their corrupt acts and behaviour. We must not allow this matter to die.”

Dr. Anthony’s post has prompted many responses with some supporting his views and others disagreeing.

Sarah Joseph said, “Cheap talk Kenny, so you saying almost every flambeau got paid to vote? Nonsense.”

“This election is like a gro pwell to some. It annoys me to hear labourites in particular wishing bad on our beautiful island. The people have spoken. Accept defeat and move on. Better luck next time,” Angel St Hill said.

Another person identified as, Nylar Thomas, said: “You’re right my pm money was distributed in Laborie also because they knew without that they would never win an election never but am not bordered or moved time will tell.”


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  1. If you have evidence, a mature and reasonable person would give that to the police. A demagogue and self-absorbed narcissist would snipe after having been sidelined.

  2. How comes my relatives, friends and I did not get paid, and we all voted. Is it because we voted for UWP. Dr. Kenny, next time make sure you send us the memo to inform us of the time, date and venue of the payday for votes. And make sure we are on the payroll. But remember we will again vote for UWP. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  3. No need to spend much time on this 'Rubbish'.

    Kenny, you continue to disappoint me. Why don't you assist in raising the level of political discourse in our country?

  4. indeed there was as your mllie bug admin practiced just that but it backfired in your faces.

  5. Dr. Anthony must also admit that there was also purchasing of votes on his side as well .it is a fact so don't come an talk like it was only the U.W.P doing it S.L.P was also doing it .do you deny that Dr. Kenny D Anthony ? you can fool some of the people some of the times but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time .it is a known fact you all had more money spending before the election than the United workers party with the purchase of T shirts, spagetti straps vests,handkerchiefs, whistles, bags, wrist bands,caps etc. etc. etc... the list goes on .come on now .some of you going in the ghetto and distributing thousands yes thousands of dollars. who knows knows, so don't come an talk about bribery and money make flambeau win the election , st.lucians were just tired of you and your leadership style....pot calling the kettel black ,nonsense...

  6. Philbert Dujon

    Almost three quarters of the commentators either didn't read the article or didn't understand because if they did then noticed Kenny never said he lost because of votes being purchased. He said it was an influencing factor.

  7. Enough!

  8. well, well well, it takes one to know the other. are you telling the nation that during your reigns as prime minister, you bought your votes. well you did not pay high enough. uwp had a higher bid. kenny back off and let the country move on from your doings. god is in control. what god has put together no man can move. move aside

  9. Rickson Auguste

    Im not a political analyst but slp lost mainly cause of two things. The adults didnt like kenny style of governing and the youth turned on jadia cause of the way she handled the "father" situation......i right martinique n ppl talking bad bout the jn pierre situation....but to sum it down..i believe the deciding factors were vat, handling of impacs (police voted slp out), and jadia father u running against a "white man" whose family name is associated with money n business....i saw it long time

  10. reality check!!

    wait a minute!!!! so the past years SLP in power weren't there purchasing of votes ? or was it voodoo??

    if there were purchasing of votes by UWP that's nothing compared to the debt you put the country in and counting.......

    please... en rouge or whatever you call yourself.... accept defeat and move on......

    if the people voted you back in power stlucia would be chaotic .... ... some of us are still trying to clean up your mess.........labor ppl alone being hired in most or all cases....really? victimization!!!! .... separation, segregation... if you were for the people you would look after the people not just in a constituency but entire the end of the day we are all saint lucian... so red ,yellow whatever the party or supporter if you were wanting to give people jobs you wouldnt just look for your supporters.... cause reality is most of your so called supporters voted you out!!! decide who really purchased votes???

    after the storm is always peace
    after the rain there is always a rainbow

    saint lucia is in peace ... there is a calm in the land if uall havent notice....

    this new party involves prayer, and Yahweh....."the 5 to stay alive" ...will happen . even if it takes another 5 years .. but once we see project at a time... not everything onetime or last minute before well as the empty promises made by we know who

  11. HAHAHAHA, what a sore looooser!!!!

  12. KDA...Have you called PM Chastanet? "That's what credible men do"!

  13. I think we should file an injunction against this man for besmirching our character as voters because he is speaking directly about us as voters. I think things we so bad in the in the country that if Kenny was offered money to vote against himself he would have taken it.

  14. THATS EXACTLY WHY U GOT RELEGATED KENNY. You were probably not paying enough attention to the economy and the pockets of the people. If people could be bought for $100 then it is totally you fault. Chi Ching Ching. Too much VAT bankrupt the people.

  15. Even on this news thread ... St Lucians have spoken "SLP out!". Majority rules.

  16. You see .. why it is clear that st lucians are so consumed by hate and dishonesty they will not see or care to live by the rules of this country. In simple terms IT IS WRONG by all accords to pay someone to vote in an election BOTTOM LINE. it has nothing to do with Kenny. But you all are so small minded that you cannot get past the mans name.

    Kenny Anthony is right!... You the people of this country by no means should ever accept crookedness. PERIOD . NO EXCUSES.

    • reality check!!

      yes it is wrong to pay ppl to vote it is also wrong to persuade them to vote other wise.... if the person is slp or uwp neither or should try to convince the other to vote for their party... at the end of the day it is the people's choice... one may be slp and vote uwp and vice at the end of the day whether they get paid or not no one knows who vote for who unless it's said after ..or who knows the response might be a lie ....and furthermore, candidates offering money for people to vote and most times these people take the money and don't vote.....
      if purchasing has happened it is possible that it has happen from both parties ...
      that's politics for you

  17. We have a new Prime Minister now so move on,yesterday was exactly a month you called election that did not go your way, it was your making evil never win. I wish you all the best in all you endeavor.

  18. When I buy shoes they don't last very long because the soles wear out quickly. And that's because I walk a lot. I am sure Kenny Anthony's shoes last forever. He never knows first hand what happens on the ground and that's just one of the many reasons why he lost both elections.

    Obviously someone has brought him stories of votes being bought and was told that it was UWP and not his party. If the ex-PM really wants to know who was paying for votes let him start walking to know first hand what actually happened .
    I would advise him however to wear "steel toed" construction boots so that he could inflict minimum damage to himself when he shoots himself in the foot on his "first hand" discoveries.

  19. What is Kenny talking about? My TV was bombarded with SLP ads daily on most of the local channels. They even had their events being broadcast on two local TV stations at once, It seems those ads and the events were broadcast free . I wonder how much it cost to run the Hilaire ads on Google? His ads just kept on popping up on my phone and PC. Anyway

  20. judilia patrice

    If we are honest and we love our island we know that there was a shift for the UWP. If we are honest and we should be we realize in this election that we shifted to another level. Usually the government in power would give jobs before elections both parties practice it.

    In this election TRUTH be told the UWP allegedly gave out lots and lots of money . The politics have moved to a different level with tactics that is frightening . St Lucians Money will continue to play a significant role in politics that is frightening.

    Doesn't that frighten you citizens? Doesn't it frighten you that we continue to make excuses for the party we like even though our actions scrupulous?

    What about our christian values?

    Take stock we should be crying out against that behaviour. Lord help us all!

    • If kenny was sustaining jobs and making new ones like he promised instead of giving just a few dollars to cut the grass behind the grass persons won't be so inclined to take money allegedly given would they? If they were proud of this work and what slp had accomplished they would have taken the alleged money and still voted for him at least. So tell him sthu and stop making excusing.

  21. concerned foreign citizen

    Please retire from politics and give someone else a chance.

    • If it happened then it happened on both sides. It has always been cheap politics in st.lucia. What happened to the red shirts with the $100 bill in choiseul and Vieux Fort. Its high time one side stop accussing the other because it is also something kennys party allgedly did.

      Democracy is alive in St.Lucia. Kenny failed us. So can he please accept that we votyed him out . He failed us all.m Our police force. our youth. The ppl have spoken accept it and if you love st.lucia like you say work in making it a better place. Stop critising.

      Give the Prime minister a chance to prove himself. I just hope that he does not continue on the same path that you did

  22. Kenny let me tell you why SLP lost and will continue to lose. 1. Kenny Anthony 2. Ernest Hilaire 3. Leo Clarke 4. Jadia Jn Pierre 5. Claudius Francis 6. SLAP hacks 7. Jobs for boys scheme 8 Rife Nepotism 9. Kenny's inner cartel causing division in the "lower ranks".10 ARROGANCE ARROGANCE ARROGANCE

  23. Such a sore loser... what is wrong with this man?

  24. And the blame game continues? Why must politicians always dig for sorry excuses when they have lost elections? Excuses that always point a finger at the party that have won? It is high time that ALL politicians accept and understand the dynamics of democracy. Democracy defined in simple terms means that when the electorate no longer connects with you, no longer feels that they are being optimally represented by you that it becomes necessary to seek change. The valuable lesson that you Dr. Anthony and all your party stalwarts who are still reeling in the pits of shock over the June 6th results should learn is that politicians must NEVER resort to arrogance...that politicians MUST always listen to the cries of the masses... that politicians must remember that they should be working in the interest of the people. I therefore suggest that the SLP as a team should engage in vigorous debriefing, wipe all tears, accept the defeat and begin to strategize as per ways that the party could be cleansed and restructured to reappear at the next general elections as a party ready to work for the people Remember your name... a LABOUR party. Dr Anthony did well to resign as leader of the party... the cleansing has began!

  25. My extended family in St Lucia number 50 or so and not one of us was offered any money to vote. We held a family meeting a week before the election and my mother, the matriarch made sure that everyone knew her preference on which party to vote for and it was not for the SLP. We all, every one of the 50 from four different constituencies, voted you out for FREE. You cannot be trusted so get out and stay out

  26. Poor show Kenny , a little dignity would not be amiss.
    Kenny you lost the election due to the elitism of your party and government.
    Be aware that you were voted out by SLP voters who had had enough of your style of governing.
    In the past when in opposition you have shown some deplorable behaviour , like ,your words , telling investors not to invest in our country.
    The best thing for the SLP is for you take a back seat, take leo and Claudius with you, and allow the party to regroup an rebuild.
    Of your many comments today, I still await a statement supporting the party leader Philip Pierre. The man who propped you up for so many years

    • The man who together with the Hunter Games did the coronation making you king of the SLP. Some people in Saint Lucia today, keep on suffering from the inferiority complex of our cultural slave past.

  27. We always avoid the truth. Fact of the matter, if u had stepped down earlier Labour would have stood a better chance.

    I voted you out simply because of what I perceived to be your arrogance, hypocrisy and selfishness etc. Blame it on paid votes if you want.

    There will always be vote buying in any election. All your consultants, press secretarys , directors of statutory bodies, your campaign organisers, calypsonians, dancers, contractors etc.

    Yess Kenny we got paid.. All 40 thousand plus of us. But it was not on election day.. You made sure of that. You kept insulting us as PM and now in opposition, you still believe I got paid to vote you out.

    After 50 years in this country. This was my first time voting. And all you can say is I got paid. I was sick of St Lucia being sold out and if Chastanet does the same.. He will soon be joining you....

  28. Dr. Anthony, do you really want to know why you and your party were rejected on June 6th, 2016?

    It's because of "Kenny-nomics", nothing more nothing less. Dr.Anthony, you are just too bright. You thought you could have kept telling us that Chastnet and his father are this and that and we would have voted for you - big mistake.

    Dr. Anthony, you were and still are very oblivious to our sufferings and pains caused mainly by "Kenny-nomics".

    You are just a theorist who refused to listen to the every day cries of our people, who groaned about no jobs and the lost of their businesses from the time you returned to government in 2011.

    Look at V/Fort South which you have been representing since 1997. Coupled with that you were PM and Minister of Finance, ironically that's where the most unemployment and closed businesses can be found in our country.

    Not too long ago the market vendors in V/Fort South were on TV "lamenting" how they ply their business on the pavement in sun and rain.

    Yet you can say to HTS you don't know why the turn out to the polls in your constituency was just 54%.

    The Electoral Website shows that in 2011 you won by 1,241 votes, in 2016 you won by less than 500 votes. Almost 1,000 voters did not see the need to vote for you on June 6, 2016.

    You should consider yourself a big loser and go say your rosary.

  29. Oh plz UWP didnt even have money to print t-shirts....choopz tun. Mary Issac didn't even have posters put in my area up until the last week of elections you walking about bribery? Its called the under dog. UWP were the underdogs. PPL generally back the underdogs when they see others taking full advantage of them. Myself and many others who were not too sure of going to vote saw SLP nasty campaign and their bully behavior towards UWP candidates and decided it was enough to push me against Kenny and his goons... So apparent it wasn't me alone with that mentality. No cash needed.

  30. Kenny please retire in the public interest

  31. Sour loser. Go back where you were hiding. Idiot

  32. don't mind the haters Kenny. All they do excuse wrongdoing. Allen is in court tell them study that

    • Philbert Dujon - You must be Kenny's puppet and depend on his little hand me down. Kenny is a crook and a dam loser. He treated st lucia and st lucians so unkindly and made this country turn into a Jamaica with crimes, criminals, thieves, rapists and you think that good about him.

      Thats is why people like you will remain just the way you are - black and poor and waiting for a little hand me down money every now and then. What you doing for kenny ????? Cleaning his yard ?????

  33. My goodness is Kenny for real. I knew he would not be able to hold back himself but I did not know for how long.i
    The man is consumed in denial, hatred and has absolutely no shame. Take your defeat like a man and stop running around looking for sympathy.

    Like a weasel he is emerging from under Facebook and having exhaled a bit now has some spunk and is appearing on tv. Instead of making a statesman genuine losers speech he is like a whimp crying foul.

    If Dr. Anthony was smart he would realize that month spiders and Ezekiels massive wins this time exposed the 2 and 6 votes fraud they lost by I'm 2011. Spider and Ezekiel won in the night and lost next morning.

    As for money Dr. Anthony better be careful when it comes to juffali. Any primary student will smell the fat smelling rat which it represents.
    If ever we can see this UWP win particularly under ALLEN CHASTANET is eating every ounce of flesh on Kenny. He really thought he would retire on his own terms but he schemed himself. Stayed on too long greedy as he was and paid the price. Only that he brought his party down with him.
    That is the guilt he cannot deal with. He dealt SLP a bad hand. That is why he blaming money but be a man not a whimp and accept your bad stewardship.

  34. Kenny you relly have to give up they did exactly what you did give the people a brake and move on you stupid man get á life god is the one who took you out accept ir by by

  35. The wounded tiger is beginning to lash out. What else did you expect? That one never had a clue how to revive the economy so he used con-artist games like NICE and STEP. The Kool Aid drinkers never had a clue about what was happening to them. They never tried to study what was going to happen to them. They thought that they had all the time in the world to their crap.
    For four and one half years, they did nothing to turn the country around. They never had it in them to do any better than in the desperate last weeks going about making empty promises with foreign money financing their campaign. Good bye to very bad rubbish! Go in peace.

  36. What about all the money that was dispatched in red tee shirts. Was that not buying votes. Practice what you preach.

    • Kenny SLP paid for all UWP'S votes. Let's expose because I for one collected money and plywood in Micoud and I would NEVER vote labour. My cousin collected money from Emma and she tok would never vote Emma. Let's not talk about Stanley ' s lavish spending in Castries Central. Face it we took the money and voted you OUT!!!!!!! Stop being a whimp. You need to follow the act FIRST with all your integrity.

  37. Another coward move by the man who believes he can still manipulates St Lucians!

    You are writing and speaking absolutely utter rubbish! How can $100 or $500 influence a vote so easily? Trust me if I were a supporter of any political party I'd be the smart one, which is to take the alleged money offered and of course still vote for my beliefs, win win for me and boo hoo to the person who thought I'd vote for them instead.
    Listen to yourself man! If the voters could have been swayed so easily that means they did not trust you and your party.
    Funny though you mentioned other constituencies and not yours where you got a shameful marginal win. Food for thought for you.
    Let it go honestly just let it go. St Lucians WANTED you OUT!

  38. Bye bye Kenny it was time u live

  39. you would have offered me $ i 000 000 dollars, i would take it and still not vote for you.

  40. indeed there was, your party tried to buy votes but the people ate youe money and gave you ti Croix. lol, we outsmarted you Kenny, now leave st lucia for good tony.

  41. Piss off Kenny. Where our 500million for the sea beds.

  42. Ask any TV station owner. Labour outspent UWP by three times.We were bombarded with labour's negative advertisements on radio and tv long before UWP could get their act together. As for Castries South, so much money was blasted there against Mary Isaac. Mary Isaac was the least funded of any candidate and she did extremely well against the well oiled and funded campaign of her opponent. Guy was completely outspent in Castries South East as every Tom, Dick and Harry suddenly got contracts. Don't talk for grass cutting, road cleaning and gutter cleaning around Gros Islet. So many one day contracts it was like Christmas. Yet Spider gained a huge margin as did Guy, King,Ezekiel and Chastenet. I am fed up of labour party operatives suggesting that the 45,000 people who voted UWP were paid, given cocaine or are illiterate. Haven't they understood their arrogance and outrageous sense of entitlement is what caused their demise in the first place.

  43. Too many su to ez are plaguing this country. They conceal wrong doing when it suits their purpose instead of standing for what is right and so the circle of evil doing continues.

  44. The high official of a local church was on a spiritual mission. For sure it was not a personal mission. He would have done anything to save those poor and unlearned people bruceville (shantytown) from your abuse. You deliberately did not help empower them because you wanted them to depend on you for STEP etc. This was the only reason the christian brother went all out to help the people by giving them money. The reality is that if Kenny, during his tenure, did help empower these people, no party would have approached them with money. What he did was the opposite. He left them very vulnerable. Examine your conscience Dr. Anthony. You had them MENTALLY ENSLAVED. Thank God you are out.

  45. Honestly, I live in another country and I kept on telling the other people I know from the Caribbean that Mr. Anthony was going to lose the election. How did I know? I read the comments on SNO and have been keeping abreast with the news. If I knew.... how did not perceive their loss? Apparently they were focusing on the wrong things. Next time they need to read the comments and get a feeling of what the people are saying.

  46. Oh ho make sure when the arrest are being made hilare in the cuffs to.

  47. My goodness is Kenny for real. I knew he would not be able to hold back himself but I did not know for how long.
    The man is consumed in denial, hatred and has absolutely no shame. Take your defeat like a man and stop running around looking for sympathy.

    Like a weasel he is emerging from under Facebook and having exhaled a bit now has some spunk and is appearing on tv. Instead of making a statesman genuine losers speech he is like a whimp crying foul.

    If Dr. Anthony was smart he would realize that month spiders and Ezekiels massive wins this time exposed the 2 and 6 votes fraud they lost by I'm 2011. Spider and Ezekiel won in the night and lost next morning.

    As for money Dr. Anthony better be careful when it comes to juffali. Any primary student will smell the fat smelling rat which it represents.
    If ever we can see this UWP win particularly under ALLEN CHASTANET is eating every ounce of flesh on Kenny. He really thought he would retire on his own terms but he schemed himself. Stayed on too long greedy as he was and paid the price. Only that he brought his party down with him.
    That is the guilt he cannot deal with. He dealt SLP a bad hand. That is why he blaming money but be a man not a whimp and accept your bad stewardship.

  48. He can always sue me for defamation if I have told an untruth.”

    you didnt see for yourself but you continue to be POMPOUS with your famous "SUE ME IF YOU WANT" because you feel you untouchable Kenny. that why the votes were as it was. you're gonna die an idiot garson

  49. He wake up?

  50. He wake up

  51. You sure KDA, well in the event this bribery occured then we must get the Taiwanese Funds investigators to pull up all the contracts for works , jobs and other forms of payments through the public purse, done right up to the eve of elections.

    This is the talk of a sore loser , some one of no integrity who sought to bring in henchmen permanent secretaries and contracted staff and placed them permanently to ensure there was no upward mobility for the young. Contracts renewed last minute to frustrate the process and ensure leaking of governmnt information continues. Utter rubbish, while you point , many fingers are pointing back at you.

  52. I am so disgusted by this man and his never ending antics. Up to now u cannot see lucians were sick and truly feed up of ur policies and the way ur admin ran the country? You would think 30 days after elections Kenny could have come to gripes with where they went wrong and started the plan to make improvements. But u choopz to say ur policies didn't fail and it was the next guys fault choopz plzzzzz.

    I and my whole family campaigned against slp kenny!! I did it for FREE to get out under ur thumb and if I had to do it again I'd even pay out of my own pocket with the little i have to ppl but even I know when u pay ppl they can still vote where they want. Stop fooling the ppl with ur crap.

  53. choopssssss Kenny please sit the ,,,down. That all you have to say after a whole month of hiding.

  54. Sure Dr.KA.....votes were bought and you still didn't win...maybe next time you should pay more so persons would vote for you, because you last 4 year record was hardship to St.Lucians with the exception of the party hacks who keep on jumping from ship to ship. Remember your lawyer hack who was with Spider.....then shift to Lorne and then shift to Hilare like a rolling stone....these were the guys who benefitted from you being in power!

  55. CRY BABY!!!! U and ur cohorts was out foxed.....Plain and Simple!!!!

  56. As to your dear party hack aka Virnet Fontenelle, has she recovered. Has she coiled out of her dirty web or busy maligning people's character and name for the love of Kenny. Lest we forget,Jadia took her place,poor miserable soul. Dear sir, you are an arrogant LOSER!!!

  57. Jadia Jn Pierre

    Tell Kenny shut his face up. They were the same persons buying votes on elections day. Ask ,,, how many persons he paid $450 in D4 of his constituency. I got an offer and declined. He who cries wolf is just as guilty... Nonsense...

  58. Sore loser just accept defeat. Claims like that wereade about both sides. Only now you talking.

  59. Do the country a favour and get out of politics. there is nothing to ruin. Its time to rebuild the country. So you played with us telling us that there was no recession in 2008. Fooled us in 2011 election. Turn the country into little Haiti in less than five years. So you let the people so broke they had to sell their votes. Stop the insulting of our people and do us a favour retire. Start a profitable business in the environment you created (not off tax payers money).

  60. Fedee campaigned long before your stage frighted Victorin.Both sides did it,but was your party in power.oh by the way,so many alleged contracts you renewed just before elections.

  61. Sour grapes. STEP was a legally legislated downpayment in advance of the vote. If it happened, pot is calling kettle black. Same stick beating white dog and black dog alike. You all divided the country in half. That was so nasty that relatives could not visit each other in the wrong coloured shirts, blouses, dresses and skirts. SLP you suck!

  62. The same old Kenny tricks. Malign, accuse, assassinate character, but never go through the real process and see justice done. We saw it with the D'Auvegne issue while he was with UWP and KDA was in opposition, immediately upon winning he wanted to bring the same man onboard, we saw it with the Vaughn Lewis issue, change of heart once KDA got what he wanted - power; Frederick before elections and then he changed his approach after he became PM, we saw it with Frederick's VISA issues, we saw it with the UWP and Taiwanese money, we saw it with the JUfalli issue, once KDA gets power suddenly he forgets the supposed alleged illegalities.


      • Ask Pierre how many crappy contracts he gave to any Tom, Dick and Harry... People that don't know a hammer from a shovel. And Guess what? They did a mess and the sad part is that the funds came from tax payers money, not even the SLP's coffers. Don't take my word for it. Seek and you will find.

        Also, ask people from Castries South how much money they received from the SLP.

        I'm not saying that money wasn't given out by the UWP because I know people who benefited from the campaining... My issue here is simply hearing the pot call the kettle black. Hypocrisy!!!

    • flama Alexander

      Sort la kenny..step aside and stay in your hole

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