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“There is still a cold-blooded killer among us” – Saint Lucia gender rights advocate on Kimberly De Leon homicide

By SNO Staff

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Kimberly Williams De Leon

(SNO) — Human and gender rights advocate, Felicia Browne, has expressed disappointment with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force regarding the homicide case of Kimberly Williams De Leon, who was fatally shot at her residence in late 2018.

Browne, who is also president of the Caribbean Mentorship Institute, called on Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry and National Security Minister Hermangild Francis in a Facebook post.

“Sirs, I cannot express how disappointed I have been in the Police Force following the death of Kimberly De Leon,” Browne wrote.

From left: Browne, Francis, and Moncherry

She added: “The Police Commissioner has had very little regard on how this matter is being perceived by the general public. Sirs, We are requesting that you inform the public on the latest developments (not incriminating evidence), i.e.

“Did the forensic results provide any evidence to any possible leads? Please remember that while we are going on our busy days – there is STILL a cold-blooded killer among us. Have a safe weekend everyone.”

Browne’s comments came a few days after Mary Williams, the mother of Kimberly Williams-De Leon, expressed her disappointment in an interview with HTS.

Mary and Kimberly

Mary, also known as Phillipa, said she is running out of patience and is getting frustrated with the pace of investigations into her daughter’s death.

She told HTS News that she has made up her mind to put her “neck on the guillotine” to get justice for her daughter.

“I need justice for my daughter and I will fight to the end,” she told HTS.

Mary has returned to Saint Lucia from the United States in an effort to ensure her daughter’s case does not join the many other cold cases on island.

According to her, she was “sitting down” but now she is “standing up” and “shaking my feathers”. She said the time has come to stand up and rally for justice.

Mary is particularly concerned that the long-overdue forensic results are still pending.

“Why does results have to be posted to you, as opposed to officers picking it up? … What if it gets lost, what if it gets tampered with?…. I am very concerned,” she said, regarding the manner in which the results are expected to be received by the authorities.

She alleged in the HTS interview that the investigating officer, assigned to her daughter’s case, has been ignoring her for the past two months.

“He has been avoiding me for whatever reason… I don’t know…. I am not afraid to say it,” she said, alleging that the officer is always finding an excuse whenever she tries to meet with him.

De Leon, a mother of two, was gunned down in her home at Chef Harry Drive, The Morne in Castries on Oct. 29, 2018. She died from a single gunshot wound to the head, according to the post-mortem. Her children were at home at the time of the shooting but were unharmed.

De Leon, an accountant in the Ministry of Education, was 42 years old.

Her ex-husband, a senior cop, was a person of interest in the case, but not a suspect, according to police officials.

It is publicly known that De Leon and her husband were before the courts regarding custody of their children. It is also known that the couple were involved in domestic disputes that reached the police station.

Kimberly’s mother told HTS that she seldom spoke to her son-in-law.

When asked by the HTS reporter if there was violence in her daughter’s relationship, Mary responded: “There was both physical and verbal.”

Asked how regular was this physical and verbal altercations, Mary said “not that regular, but a couple of times”. She added that whenever her daughter and her ex-husband had arguments “she would call me and let me know”.

She said whenever the ex-husband “would start an argument” Kimberly “would call and put it on speaker” so she would hear.

Mary alleged in the HTS interview that Kimberly was “deprived of seeing her children for two weeks” and that she lost her life “because she wanted to go with her children, she didn’t want to leave them behind”.

Mary, who claims she is unable to sleep well since her daughter’s murder, is calling on the authorities or the investigating officer to reach out to her to “speak to me, don’t give me one story now and give me another later”.

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