“There is no one harassing you before you get in” – Harbor Club caters to both locals and visitors: Hall

“There is no one harassing you before you get in” – Harbor Club caters to both locals and visitors: Hall
Wes Hall of Harbor Club Saint Lucia
Wes Hall of Harbor Club Saint Lucia

Harbor Club located in Rodney Bay, Gros Islet is different from other resorts because it is open to anyone – even the barefooted.

That’s according to Wes Hall, entrepreneur and owner of the resort’s management company, Aimbridge Hospitality.

He was speaking to reporters on Saturday, March 17, 2018 when the resort held its grand inaugural gala and ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the island’s first Hilton Curio Collection Hotel.

Hall said the business provides a genuine Caribbean resort experience for both local locals and visitors.

“You can be barefooted and walking around and sit down, and as long as you behaving yourself, as long as you not causing trouble to other people, you can sit down and you can have a beer, you can have a pizza, you can have some sushi. While if you’re barefoot, you can have it outside, but you can be treated the same way. And there is no one harassing you before you get in, like the security guards judging you as to whether or not you belong in this environment. And it just, it can be beautiful as any other environment,” he said.

Hall said he fell in love with St. Lucia nine years ago when he visited the island during his search for a vacation home.

“I talked to some people, and they said you should check out St Lucia and I said fine and I hopped on a plane, and somebody took me around the island and they took me to Soufriere. They took me to different parts of St. Lucia. And I found a place in Cap Estate and I bought it on the spot, left, went back to Canada, hired builders and then decided to make St. Lucia my second home. And as I’m here, I start to meet people, and I absolutely love the place. The vista, everything about St Lucia I love, and that’s one of the reasons I decided to start investing and doing different things here in St Lucia,” Hall explained.

Minister with responsibility for Tourism, Dominic Fedee, is pleased that Hall chose St. Lucia, more so the economic benefits that the development will bring.

“The youth unemployment rate is very high. We are very, very pleased from an economic point-of-view. We are also very pleased from a product-advancement point of view. The expansion of this hotel can only augur well for the number of arrivals for the growth of our country. And it can only augur well for St. Lucia. It’s a very positive and very good thing. You know, it’s always very flattering for any government when an investor chooses to invest in their country. It says a lot about the people, and about the destination, and about the country itself, and the level of confidence that that investor has in that particular country,” Fedee said.
The event marks the grand opening of Hilton’s first Curio Collection property on the island and another first-class addition to the brand’s expanding Caribbean portfolio.

The nautically-inspired Harbor Club St. Lucia, which officially opened its doors in December 2017, features 115 spacious cabin-style rooms and suites, 10 bars and dining outlets, four swimming pools, a spa, world class gym and meeting space.


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  1. Due to the crime and overly aggressive "boat boys" I and most other sailors will be bypassing St. Lucia. So I won't be paying any for entry fees, cruising permits, groceries, fuel, guides, restaurant meals, and bar drinks.

    Your crime and grasping nature is going to kill your tourism industry.


    • Keep it pushing Big Daddy.
      Many are looking forward to come experience and enjoy the best of our sweet little gem of an isle.
      So no love loss. Good luck with wherever it is you guys decide to dock.


    • Isn't there crime and overly aggressive people where you come from and all the other boat men who won't come here. Your people are so overly aggressive their shoot and kill entire schools and imagine they start that young. You see you and your kind regard us black as slaves and since you are white we should bow to you, but small daddy keep it moving we don't need your kind d around here


  2. Thats not true they threw my friends out when we stopped by for a drink on saturday. And we were not being unruly at all


  3. I know Mr weshall very well, he used to come for breakfast with his family, i took good care of them , he is indeed a very, very pleasant individual. One thing about him he looks out for his people. May God continue to bless you Mr Weshall. Wish I could get a job at habour club right now


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