“There is an attempt to frame me” – MP Guy Joseph

“There is an attempt to frame me” – MP Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph

Former Minister of Works and Communication and Parliamentary Representative for Castries Southeast Guy Joseph says he believes he is being targeted by his political rivals.

Joseph told a news conference today (Nov. 2) that there are rumours about him being arrested over the weekend and his property searched by police officials in relation to an alleged criminal offense.

The United Workers Party (UWP) MP has denounced these rumours, stating that at no time was his home searched by the police, nor was he arrested for any crime.

“I am not surprised. We are in the political season and I will put nothing pass this government. I have said it before, there have been several attempts to frame me,” he told the media today.

Joseph also alleges that persons have attempted to bug his vehicle and tap his cell phone.

“I know most of  the times my conversations on my phone…I know other people listen to it. But I discuss nothing on my phone what I can’t discuss any and everywhere,” he added.

He made a comparison on the issues taking place between the government and opposition in Venezuela, to the alleged attempt to frame him, stating that this could very well be the direction St. Lucia is heading towards.

The UWP politician said he is still trying to understand where this rumour originated from. According to him, he is still lost as to the objective of it and would like to understand who is behind it all.

“I am not one of the persons who waste the court’s time in anything, but I think this time it’s going too far, so I am alerting the media and everybody in St. Lucia,” he remarked.

Joseph said what he finds even more strange is that these rumours started just before he is about to leave the island to spend several weeks overseas.

“There is an attempt to frame me in something, but I will get to the bottom of it,” he asserted.

The UWP politician said he expect things can get much worse as election nears.


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  1. You must understand that Guy is a former bus driver. Mudaro is a former bus driver. They are one and the same. Mudaro blames the US and the boogy man for all problems. Guy blames the SLP and the Bolom. Pretty soon he might say its the la ja bless


      • Gasa ...Bus drivers should be proud of Guy, at least one of the disgusting bunch became a politician......Oh No!!!! politics is just as disgusting, no difference


    • I have a feeling Mr Joseph that you're just setting up your defense for something BIG
      wonder what the hell you got yourself into this time....tsktsktsk


  2. He speaks loud for everyone to hear and says a bunch of crap on public TV then says they are bugging his phone? Lol. Why bug his phone? All we need to do is turn on our TV to hear all his insane rants. Sir, I think you sniffed too much gasoline back in your bus driving days.


  3. this man is a disaster on a colision course .... St Lucians you elect this man and expect nothing but trouble


  4. It's high time you started to take the smell of your own mouth jool caca! What I find supprising is why it took so long for you to be reduced to a prey by your own jool caca. The funny thing is this same jool caca is now hunting you down. Stay there and take it jool cava!


  5. This seems to be exactly the kind of politics Mr Joseph practices. That of attacking people with all manner of insinuation. Looks like he was unprepared for a dose of his medicine.


  6. Hi guys. over 80% of politicians you voted for are only interested in their salaries and filling their pockets on the side. They just talk and produce nothing. That is the case in most countries of the world.


  7. Guy is nothing but an accidental poor litician who uses qualified comical tendencies to work his way around the no brainers who find him very amusing. The Courts have ordered this man to pay thousands of dollars on various matters including the election boundaries matter just last month but he thinks its so cool to tell the St. Lucian people that he love so dearly that he doesn't waste the Courts time. So if I say birds of a feather flock together you might show me Allen Chastanet as your friend. What are your both aka's?...........


  8. WE wanted a leader and we have him 2 years now we have a team and we are working with them we rather loose with them ........ but God is good we are not going to loose so say what you want come 15th November all of you will see.


  9. I am laughing so hard. This sounds like the CIA and other spy agencies working on him. My advice to him is to look out for drones.


  10. This guy always talk crap. Please go and apology to Sarah and don't play you shifting the attention. I never heard that nonsense you talking about until you open your mouth.


    • Because this loser has a seat that SLP will have to fight really hard to gain if they don't change the boundaries or find an indian to contest.


  11. It's always something with you about u and Chastanet.
    You don't know where it originated from but you know it's your political rivals,smh
    What a waste!


  12. Chastanet at a press conference with Guy and Mary and Fedee and all of them looking sad and small.
    With nothing to say but just to fill the airways because on the ground the UWP from around the island getting ready to make a change for the better by replacing this ragtag team with Sarah!


  13. The chickens are coming home to roust. Its always a wise move "sometimes" when you can be the first to sound the alarm especially if it is directly related to said individual. This guy sounds off so often without a shred of evidence sometimes that he is doing himself and his party a disservice. Let this be a lesson to anyone who spews venom without collaboration. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. Empty vessels usually makes the most noise. Hopefully, this is a wake-up call to be less confrontational and more diplomatic in the criticism of his colleagues.


  14. Guy just trying to take the heat off of himself after the disrespect he and his cabal showed to Sarah Flood. They getting endless licks from the people so mate now want people to feel sorry for him.

    After all the roro and maypuis he and Chastanet have caused they beginning to realize Nov 15 not going the way they want. Voters just want them out.

    We not sorry for you Guy or your boss Chastanet.


  15. The SLP hacks are in full force!!! NICE story right? Both sides with now come and defend and forget about the ills that we face in this country...Lord help you all


  16. Government's first duty is to protect the people and not ruin their lives, Kenny and the SLP have to stop blatantly lying to the people of St Lucia in order to mislead the nation. Guy Joseph and Allan Chastanet will be attacked by the St Lucia Labour party and they [SLP] will continuing to protect Stephenson King as they have done in the impact report because King ,Richard, spider and the power hungry frogs working with the SLP to bring down Allan and the UWP. Be strong my people as they have a lot more to say this is only a distraction keep focus St Lucia we are on the path of change, change is coming and soon with Allan and the UWP.


  17. Whether Guy offered King money or not to sign the contract for the Airport development in St. Lucia, my problem is how did Kenny get to know that? Did King tell him that and for what in exchange? Or did King tell Richard and Richard told Kenny and for what in exchange? Whichever way it goes I smell a rat. These men are nit to be trusted at all. Over to you King!


    • Don't shift the goal posts. The focus is on this Guy! Is it true that he did give the King $3million? That is the question.


  18. Simple lesson whether its true or not. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

    You have been allegedly framing others for years. Now a supposedly little rumor and you ready to die.
    You're only being paid in your own coins so please chill.

    Hope you behave yourself now. God is in charge of this nation and he doesn't sleep. The Bible says by their fruits you shall know them. (Did somebody say rotten apples?)


  19. Oh, yo yohye! He is hiding his shark teeth this time. Man! Your reputation is always going way ahead of you all of the time. You have already branded yourself for the impression you have left and continue to leave regarding women in your own party. I cannot ever vote for a backward thinking person. What you have said condemns you.


  20. Ikr Guy. What I found most amusing was that the PM said that you offered King $3.8M US to sign the airport contract. If this indeed was true this would mean that King accepted the offer. Then why is the PM continuing to protect Stephenson King? Is he getting UWP inside info directly for King? Has the PM paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for King to maintain his current non supportive ways of his party? What is hidden must come to light!


  21. Didn't even hear this bullshit story until he brought it up, guy is it possible that you tried to frame yourself?


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