The ‘wy-ning’ queen meets the ‘versatility’ king

The ‘wy-ning’ queen meets the ‘versatility’ king

(PRESS RELEASE) – Add some fire to your social distancing with this new release from “Saucy Wow” and “The Tizzle” himself!!

Denise Belfon and Ricky T presents the Sizzling Soca Track ‘HAHAHA!’ to keep you dancing indoors!

Written by Courtney Louis, Gregory Emmanuel, Ricky Joseph, Denise Belfon and Ian Corbin.

Produced by Gregory Emmanuel of Gee Productions and Small Island Records, an arm of Stratosphere Muzic.

The “wy-ning” Queen collaborates with The “Versatility” King in a challenge of the fittest on the dance floor. Can he handle it?! Or can she handle him?! You decide!

With this Trinidad and St. Lucia combo, fireworks are about to blaze up. Are you ready to “bend up ya back” to this one ladies? We thought you would…’HAHAHA!’

Get Denise Belfon & Ricky T single ” Hahaha ” now: Available everywhere on all platforms.

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