The voice of youth must be heard (Letter to the editor)

The voice of youth must be heard (Letter to the editor)

73018635-b305-4c35-8263-403b10c0cec2Youth crime is one of the most serious issues of our time; the huge increase in recorded crime over the past few months have been affecting us all.

Everyone has recommendations on what must be done to avoid the violence which is going  on yet no one shows interest in finding out what really can influence someone to resort to violence. Young people are being involved in so many destructive ills in our society including;

  • Anger
  • Addiction (drugs and alcohol)
  • Crime and Violence, bullying
  • Abuse (sexual, physical, emotional)
  • Gambling
  • Inequality, discrimination
  • Apathy/Indifference
  • Delinquency
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Peer Pressure
  • Disregard for authority
  • Vandalism
  • Poverty


It is time we unite as the people of the country no matter our differences in order to find the solution to these problems and most importantly putting God first in everything that we do. Many young people are being forced by the devil to participate in crimes, sometimes because of dysfunctional families.

Parents who had to leave the country to get a better job, those who are not role models to their children, families who are broken and single parent are left to take care of the children, some children are left to be raised by their brothers and sisters whilst parents are at work throughout the day and night and even some parents are involved in crimes and have caused their children to follow the same trend.

People in society need to play an important role in the country by listening to young people who have encountered problems and allow them to voice their opinion. No one will know what is going on in the lives of young people if you don’t question them or allow them to speak out. We need to think and wonder why they are part of these crimes, but instead, we point fingers at them every day when they are involved.

I have seen many young people go astray. Maybe I could have been one but someone cared about me. we need to pay attention to young people to encourage them to participate in the process of youth development; motivate them to take charge of their future in order to be people of good character and teach them to build faith to fight against any problem that are going on in their lives.

I often ask myself what we are going to do with the rising prison population. My main answer is that if we do not find a way out to stop the crime eventually we will have to build another prison.

There is a lot to be done, including more job opportunities, more training courses, assisting dropouts who did not get a chance to complete secondary school and also counseling sessions for young people. Furthermore, we need to raise our children knowing God and to have a mindset that they will not be a part of crime. Therefore, continuous adult supervision is necessary. A stable family with parental guidance will enable the family to bond in love and promote strong family relationship. We need to have good parenting skills in order to maintain a stable family. Rules must be consistent and parents must monitor the young people and their friends.

Finally, the young people need to participate in school and community activities such as sports, cultural and religious groups which will keep them busy. Our young people also need to be empowered; their voices need to be heard in order for them to develop themselves. They need to get a chance to experience a future free from crime. To do so, the people of the country need to work together and must be willing to reduce crime by seeking alternative, peaceful methods to prevent the crime from increasing rapidly. Parents must teach their children to aim for excellence in whatever task they undertake, this  will benefit them in the future before they are caught in the web of crime.


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