The “Vivacious Six” for Miss Queen of Gros Islet Pageant

The “Vivacious Six” for Miss Queen of Gros Islet Pageant
The contestants
The contestants: – top row (from left: Chancy Fontenelle – Rodney Bay; Chelsea Joseph – Corinth; Cleopatra Mason – White Rock; and bottom row (from left): Melissa Harte – Corinth, Sheris Paul – Beausejour, and Talia Hyacinth – Marisule.

Six females will vie for the crown at the Miss Queen of Gros Islet Carnival Queen Pageant, scheduled for Sunday, August 16, 2015 at Sandals Grande, starting at 7:30 p.m.

The contestants, dubbed the Vivacious Six by the pageant organisers, are:

Sheris Paul – Beausejour
Chancy Fontenelle – Rodney Bay
Talia Hyacinth – Marisule
Chelsea Joseph – Corinth
Cleopatra Mason – White Rock
Melissa Harte – Corinth

The 2014 Queen of Gros Islet is Racquel John, who was sponsored by HTS – Radio 100/Helen FM.

For more information about the pageant, including the bios of the contestants, click HERE.


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  1. pageantry is an excuse to objectify women- and protitutiosly give them a scholarship in return - the one that looks best in a bikini- that is. young ladies stop exposing your bodies to men who would otherwise NEVER get to see you that way, all kind of perverts in the audience, not too mention that pictures that litter online the following day, men jacking off to twanche and your camel toe... think about it.


  2. black woman have some pride stop exposin ur beauty for them big man stop walkin on stage with bikini


  3. Best Talent Top Middle unless if she is not focused. Top right-best interview or possibly best evening wear as long as she uses her creativity to her own advantage. I wish I could see that show live/in person because with this line up, it will be very competitive.


  4. What's the point of having this pageant? Before they use to have it before the national one, so as to chose someone to represent Gros Islet on the big stage. now what's the sense. and after carnival?


  5. whats the point of dem pageant tings again? anyone care to explain? i dont get why i should care.


  6. What line of make up are they advertising, Revlon, Mac or what? So why do they all have to be wearing that red lipstick, everyone in the same shade. Mweh mem.


      • the photo editor also did a very bad job, we can see where he or she edited out on the darker girl and number two.


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