The SLP’s attacks on Mary Isaac must cease

Mary Isaac.

Judging from the relentless personal attacks on the character of the President of the Civil Service Association (CSA) Mary Isaac, along with the scorched-earth policy of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and its operatives, in their attempt to resolve the current impasse between the government and the CSA, the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) has called upon Dr. Kenny Anthony to demand that his party and supporters refrain from their reprehensible public assault on the civil service.

According to the LPM, the SLP should be ashamed of itself given its historic relationship with the trade union movement in the country, which eventually led to its founding in 1949, and the fact that, for decades, it has been able consistently to rely on union support to cripple and oust governments, as was successfully done in 1979.

The LPM states that it was as a result of this support that Dr. Anthony was able to rise to political prominence when a victorious SLP changed the constitution of Saint Lucia to accommodate him in the new government, thus making him the youngest minister and minister for education ever to serve in any Saint Lucian administration prior to 1979.

The LPM finds it quite disturbing that the same Dr. Anthony, who has personally benefited from the sacrifices of the trade union movement and who has developed an insatiable addiction to power, which today makes him the nation’s second-longest-serving prime minister, would not even lift a finger to intervene in his party’s brutal assault on Isaac and the public service unions as a whole.

The LPM is adamant that that there can be no resolution of the crisis unless there is a serious awakening within the SLP which acknowledges how terrible Dr. Anthony has been both as the leader of the party and as the prime minister of Saint Lucia.

An ethical leader, the LPM contends, does not trash the very unions which once formed the bedrock of support for his party and would have intervened from as early as 1997–2006 when, as prime minister, it was clear to him that Saint Lucia’s debt-to-GDP ratio had surpassed the dangerous threshold of 60 percent.


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  1. Everybody should take to the streets and demand that government to get out. The people should call for elections, now, like they did in 79. The same stick he used to beat the white dog, now let it beat the other white dog.

    It is time to stop talking and start acting. We talk too much and don't do enough and that bastard knows it.


  2. It should be extremely CLEAR that this SLP group, both inside and outside would stoop very low to retain the current leader's obsession in holding on two his two titles.

    Performance has been abysmally low. Not even the CARICOM partners will come to its rescue.

    The litany of egregious blunderings continue. The latest is attack on the bedrock of support of the SLP, the labour movement.

    Except for those expecting benefits as the quid pro quo on this 5% cut issue, these traitors have helped to put a wedge between the SLp and the labour movement.

    All that short-term thinking is all about is to make the string of egregious failure and borrowing easier for the SLP to pour more MILLIONS INTO THE FINANCIAL BLACKHOLE. We have had Frenwell for $45 million, Black Bay $85 million, Grynberg $168 million, some estimate $500 million plus legal fees.

    If we do have a financial crisis, THAT FINANCIAL CRISIS IS Kenny Anthony. Look. Convince me that there is a crisis, but there IS MORE BORROWING for roadwork in Vieux Fort that will not grow the economy? Are you kidding?

    People must put this old horse out to pasture. It has nothing good to offer. It is still peddle selfishness and suffering as development.

    If we don't put a halt to all this madness, we will be continuing to mortgage and SACRIFICE our future and our children's future on the alter of Mr. Anthony's egotistical desires to hold two ministries together. He has learnt nothing from his past mistakes.

    Given the litany of his egregious blunderings and his hell-bent plans to create even more blundering, he is PLAINLY UNSUITABLE to continue to hold either.


  3. Kenny and Labour upset that they can't control Mary Issac. They continue to attack a lady who has more balls than all the Ministers put together. Jadia and Gonzague tell yall boss yall not gaining points by attacking the lady. Disgusting government!


  4. That's a very good 'eye opener'.. By his actions Kenny has continued to expose his egregiousness to past, present and future generations alike. Why can't he recognize that their pathetic rumours are just smoke in the mirror. Stop coming to us with petty issues while ignoring the big picture. Stop the maypwi and Control your party. Additionally, you owe the St.Lucian people an apology for promising better days which only you, and his party hacks, and consultants have enjoyed. But please, don't send Jadia to do it because we all know that she is a square peg in a round hole. Is this how you took our vote and exchanged it for oppression? la lin koowee, jou baway-ey


  5. Again I find myself concuring with LPM. No one should have to endure this level of public scorn for mistakes that Kenny Anthony did not care to address years ago. The SLP is not helping themselves. Just yesterday I did not know anything about the Mary Issac. Today she is the biggest name in every household. And you think you all smart about winning hearts. No the SLP is dumb!!


  6. fully agree. It's time an article like this was written. Blatant hypocrisy by the Labour Admin. Shame on the media that more articles like this are not written.


    • If any these media houses are interested in a fresh perspective on news reporting then LPM is it.I have been observing this party for sometime now and I must admit there there is merit to most of their positions.


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