“The ship is sinking under the captaincy of Dr. Anthony – UWP candidate

“The ship is sinking under the captaincy of Dr. Anthony – UWP candidate
Herod Stanislaus * Credit: UWP
Herod Stanislaus * Credit: UWP
Herod Stanislaus
* Credit: UWP

United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for Soufriere/Fond St. Jacques Herod Stanislaus told a political rally in Micoud on Sunday that the St. Lucian ship is sinking under the captaincy of Dr. Kenny Anthony and first mate Phillip J. Pierre and the UWP needs to take it back, to put the island back on course.

Stanislaus said “We have had too much labour pains in this country,” urging UWP supporters to “come out in droves” and help vote the ruling Saint Lucia Labour (SLP) out of government at the next elections.

He said there are too many reasons why the SLP should not get the chance to serve another term in office.

“If you want equal opportunities for all, if you want economic growth and stability, if you want youth empowerment and development, if you want a world-class and affordable health care, if you a globally competitive education, if you want to raise your children in a safe and secure environment, you have to vote the Labour Party out and put back the UWP to govern this country,” he told the gathering.

The UWP candidate claims that the party’s track record could stand scrutiny, explaining that it is not a party known for creating opportunities for a “selected few”, but for every St. Lucian citizen.

He said that the UWP has proved to the people that it is resilient and can overcome all obstacles in its way. “We kept this country afloat through drought, through earthquakes, the worst financial recession in modern times and of course Hurricane Tomas,” he boasted.

He gave his assurance that under the captaincy of Allen Chastanet and the crew of men and women under the UWP, St. Lucia will see significant changes and development.


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    • He and the UWP can only prove their worth if they are given the opportunity to govern the country. He have the highest recorded unemployment rate since we started keeping official records; economic stagnation for three consecutive years; mystery deals with foreigners without adhering to the dictates of the constitution or due process; mass victimisation; $2.8 billion in debt; debt to GDP ration of 80% or more; a crumbling health care system; some MPs lost in action; jobs for the boys or should I say two or three boys . But most strikingly, is these pathetic numbers and situations does very little to illustrate the pain and suffering experience by the average St. Lucian on a day to day basis. People not knowing where their next meal is going to come from. Parents unable to afford to send their children to school. Sick people unable to visit a doctor as they just cannot afford the visit far less the medication. People going through the humiliation of losing their jobs and consequently losing their vehicles, their homes, their household appliances and furniture. Crime rearing its ugly head again as the RSLPF has been rendered toothless by the inept and insensitive handling of Impacs by the Prime Minister. Man we need a break. We need hope. God knows we need a change.


  1. Young man, I'll tell you of one sure advantage you have over
    the present Stooge, it is that Soufriere people never vote the
    same sucker in a third time, rest assured. The last time around
    the theme was, Chastanet don't or could not speak patois. They
    can't say the same thing again. Choo yo prix. Go make noise.


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