The runoff was between Fedee and Francis – Amatus Edward

The runoff was between Fedee and Francis – Amatus Edward
Amatus Edward.
Amatus Edward

One of the contenders in Thursday night’s runoff for the United Workers Party (UWP) Anse La Raye/Canaries Constituency seat, Amatus Edward, said he was not adequately prepared and noted that the race was between his two colleagues.

Edward did not secure a single ballot in Thursday’s runoff, won by Sandals public relations executive Dominica Fedee.

“I did not take this thing seriously and that was basically it,” Edward told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Friday, adding he did only what was asked of him – to register and compete.

Asked whether he plans to compete for the seat in the future, Edward said when the time comes and he is called upon, he will take the challenge again, but only if he is available to do so.

In the meantime, Edward said he will continue with his work in the community and do whatever he can to help improve Anse La Raye/Canaries in whatever way possible.

However, in a Facbook post Edward wrote: “Guys for all intents and purposes I did not truly participate in the runoff. I did not canvass a single support hence my receiving zero votes. There are things you don’t know and I can’t discuss with you. The runoff was truly between Dominique and Francis, they were the ones canvassing. However, for reasons that I can’t share with you, I would not have removed myself from the process. Suffice it to say you guys are way off what the truth is…..”

Meanwhile, Leslie Mondesir has clarified reports that he was not one of the contenders in the runoff. Mondesir said he pulled out of the race weeks before the first runoff on Thursday.

Asked about what he thinks about the results, he told SNO that he does not wish to comment on the matter, except to say that the decision will be left with the General Council to decide on the next candidate.

Hermangild Francis, who recently jumped ship to UWP, is reported to have said he accept his defeat, and will work with Fedee to ensure that the UWP wins the seat in the next elections.

The UWP said in a statement that edee has won the first round of a contest, capturing 50 of the 85 votes. Francis got 34 votes and one ballot was spoiled.


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  1. Mr. Amatus 'Peace' Edwards:

    A lot have been said in there and I don't want to add any more to the negatives, but just a word of advice, my friend,
    People have long memories, you know.


  2. Amatus Edwards. I hope you can mow see that stupity does not win elections. Being a Mr. KNOW ALL is a turn off for potential voters. People need a humble man or woman with good idears but one who is willing to respect other peoples ideas.
    if you ever plan on vying for office again, a serious attitude adjustment is required.


  3. Hermangild Francis is an opportunist. How could this man think that anyone will vote for him when his brother is the deputy chairman of the Labour party? What is wrong with this guy? I am happy to hear that the people of Anse La Raye/Canaries rejected him. That is the best news for the people of ALR/Canaries.

    Hermangild is a hothead and does not stand for anything. I think he is forgetting too quickly. It was not that long ago his brother was accusing a certain MP of the opposition of plotting against him. Now he is in cahoots with them. What are you trying to prove Herman?It's people like you who is putting people off politics.Who will trust a man who freely switches allegiances without good reason? The simple answer is - No One.

    Perhaps Herman should go back to becoming a cop or becoming a football coach. He was once a brilliant footballer and cricketer. Revenge politics is not for you sir. Stick to what you know and can do best.The noble profession of politics just isn't for you Herman. Whatever it is you are going through try to work it out. Please do not take it out on the party in power by switching to the party in opposition. That will not work and you know it Herman..Stay out of politics sir!!!!

    In the meantime Congratulations To Fedee.


  4. Amateurs Whatever.. The... Chooppsss ...

    Such a serious exercise to determine who will be the candidate and that is what you have to say?
    I know this situation is embarrassing especially when you think you are God's gift to man-but seriously - is that your excuse or reason? You just arrogantly felt that you had it already so there was no need to canvass.
    This is a lesson for you - go and do some quiet reflection. The bottom line is that the people do not like you. We are not interested in what you can or cannot discuss.


  5. I wonder why his wife didn't vote for him? Such a liar peh wasn't taking it seriously so you were there just taking up space? You were dreaming of that moment you were in slap morning noon a night even antagonizing Flambeau's like yourself with the drivel you spout! You were dreaming if this moment representing your people and why not but You forgot the script you were not Ti Chas chosen one the boy from sandals is bankrolled by Butch, Anse la Raye people be on your guard do not sell your souls for a few dollars! Now I wonder how Hermingald feels now you jump ship and got rejected awah wee, I hope you've learnt a lesson the grass is not always greener on the other side. Over send out Lucians have a safe weekend pray more we don't want bandits risking over our fair Helen.


    • Like labour dont have bandits. I once was lost with labour but praise God i intend to vote for LPM.Not me again with these undercover bandits That only share the spoil among their Friends.


  6. Go try a slice of humble pie then revisit your words and attitude. You are displaying typical politician behavior here! "I did not take this seriously" If u don't take this seriously, what will you? How can you represent me and my ppl if you are not serious. Again, go hide youself.


  7. Amatus u need to shut the hell up and take a back seat already!! Nobody likes u. BS about u were not ready. U always ready to take somebody on on SLAP but u weren't ready for this??? Come on. We are not assholes. You've been wanting to run elections for some time now. Everytime u open your mouth u make yourself look like an ass. Go hide your face somewhere. Cheeepss.


  8. “I did not take this thing seriously and that was basically it.” yup typical politicians they don't take anything serious but yet they want us to vote them in...


  9. You were born in Anse La Raye and yet you got zero votes?
    How did you not prepare yourself. You had all the advise for Chatanet yet you could not advise yourself.
    At the end of the day its your strange attitude which lead the people to reject you. Poltics is not about posing as an intellectual but proving to your community that you are worthy of their vote


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