“The place has gotten very dangerous” – Westall Group resident; violence continues to rock Vieux Fort

“The place has gotten very dangerous” – Westall Group resident; violence continues to rock Vieux Fort
The step where Ambroise was sitting when he almost got shot.

(SNO) – Stop the violence.

That’s the anguished cry of residents of Westall Group, Vieux-Fort where several persons were injured in a shooting Friday afternoon (June 29, 2018).

Two of the victims are reportedly still in hospital.

Residents believe the incident was gang related and will continue.

Hilary Ambroise, who owns a shop a few metres from where the incident occurred, was sitting on a step talking to a woman who got shot in her arm.

He said a bullet hit the step and passed close to his waist.

“I could have been killed….” he said, adding that he did not see the gunmen but he heard about 11 shots.

“From the time I heard the first shot and saw the lady running I knew she had gotten shot,” he said.

According to Ambroise, there were many people in the area at the time and they all scampered for cover when they heard the gunshots.

He said the ongoing violence in the community has hurt his business and that the most recent one has made things worse.

Another resident, Prisca Collymore, said the shooting has angered her.

“It’s time the violence stop in the area…,” Collymore said.

Residents said Friday’s shooting may have been committed by residents of Vieux-Fort, but not by those living in the immediate area. They called on the police to make regular patrols in Westall Group.

Another resident, who did not want to be identified, said when she heard the gunshots, she went outside her home and saw the gunmen fleeing the scene.

“The place has gotten very dangerous over the past few years. It’s high time this violence stop in the area,” another resident said.

The crime spree continued over the weekend in Vieux-Fort.

On Saturday a man sustained chop wounds and on Sunday another was shot in his leg.


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  1. Luciaboy sounds like a lil girl like his thong to tight in his buttocks. Police are human beings, they do mistakes and some of dem can easily leak out info u give dem and i quote 'some of dem'. Some of yall needs to put yall selves in residents shoes who leaves in dem trouble areas(ghettos) n stop with yall assumptions cuz yall eh know nun at all. Typical lucians like to palay palay palay


  2. I remember growin up in da 90's to da year 2000 plus we had lots of fun, these were da goodtimes in vieux fort town. We play lots of soccer, cookfood by da beach, congregrate in large numbers as one unite on a postive level etc our war were( mangue, shantytown, sqare, bacadere, uptown , jettyboys etc) rotten egg, breadfruit or tomatoe War , so we use to war, real vybz nuff fun. Am not sayin in dem days didnt had crime yes we had nuff crime but wen i see my sweet community rightnow getting extra hot n know i gots fam down der n real friends and lots of innocent ppl jus have me concern n callin out for peace n unity for vieux fort n hole of stlucia


  3. Jock bois 2 da ppl have thier reasons for calln SOME of da police dogs n u know y so stop playin like is gorgor smarts u have ight. As i said i useto leave mangue ( westhall group) now i leave north n trust me everyweh in lucia from cap to vf have crime so operation restore confidence will not solve nun ( its chaos). Ppl crime, war, corruption will always happen n yes its gettin worst so if proctect yourselves, if u get a chance to run to da law well do it but if not just burst it defend your grounds.


  4. lol not operation restore confidence yall was against uh now yall backside bz and to hot with criminals doing what they want. take what yall get. when the police was doing their operation restore confidence yall had nothing to say.


  5. The cockroaches in Vieux Fort are competing with the vermin in Castries for the "Lifetime Underachievement" Award.


  6. I know st.lucians will pay for their tongue one day, today you'll asking for police to patrol in these areas, remember you'll were the first one to say, the dogs passing, or tell them leave the guys alone when they carried out searches, now today you'll asking for those same dogs to protect you'll. the same guys on the blocks you'll use to quarrel and curse for when the police did their job, go and ask them to stop the violence


    • Exactly, they want help but will not help themselves by telling police who the criminals are. you keep your mouths shut and you deserve the consequences. too many relatives keeping their mouths closed


  7. This has nothing to do with Kenny or any other politician's. Stupid. It's up to the witnesses to turn the culprits in, the more they keep quiet the longer the criminals remain on the streets, without any repercussions of their criminal acts.


    • winner, winner, chicken dinner! they will only make excuses as to why they will not help police


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