The Perfume Man releases his debut single

The Perfume Man releases his debut single

6132802a-93e8-49d0-afd3-92fd4e8e9a75PRESS RELEASE – Singer/Songwriter John Antoine releases his first single, titled “St. Lucia Wake Up”. John, who goes by the stage name “Antoine” expresses that the song speaks about Saint Lucia and its people, their talents- not just in music but in everything.

It outlines the positivity of our people and also speaks about how we as a people hold ourselves back. He said the song is meant to be very positive and uplifting and makes one think and be proud of Saint Lucia .


Antoine who is popularly known as the “The Perfume Man” can be spotted almost every day outside Voyagers on the Castries Boulevard selling perfume and playing his guitar. His passion for music spans wide over 20 years as he was a lead vocalist in a number of local bands.

He has performed at the St. Lucia Jazz Side Stage with his band at the time “Transfix ” and he presently, hosts solo sets in some of the top rated hotels on the island. Apart from his vocal and lyrical abilities, Antoine is also skilled with the alto saxophone, acoustic guitar and percussion.

The debut single “St. Lucia Wake Up” which John believes is very timely especially during our Independence month was written by himself  and composed and produced by Benjamin Adley of Caye Production. A music video is already in the making.


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