“The party is not dysfunctional”- UWP leader

“The party is not dysfunctional”- UWP leader

Leader of the United Workers’ Party (UWP) Allen Chastanet has debunked claims that his party is “dysfunctional” and “slowly falling apart.”

Chastanet, who is being accused of causing a split between party members, made this comment on Hot Button Issue during a live call-in programme on Wednesday evening.

The UWP leader was slammed by members of the public, who had less than complimentary comments about him, questioning his authenticity and his knowledge on economics and governance.

Despite this, Chastanet maintained his position that his comment on the country’s fiscal deficit and the economic situation is nothing but the truth. He said that Saint Lucia is facing an economic crisis and that the Kenny Anthony Administration is doing more damage than repairs. Meanwhile, the political leader said the fall out by members of the UWP was not his doing, but said that their actions originated from the party taking a firm stance on restructuring and cleaning up house issues.

“We felt the party had not changed since 1996. A lot of core stalwart left and it never really restructured itself despite it adopted a new constitution. We needed to restructure and we presented our self to the delegates and asked them to elect a group,” Chastanet said on the programme. A few members who he described as “light-minded people he added were not cooperative. Chastanet said the next convention will determine who will be the political leader, to lead the party in the next elections expected in 2016.

Asked whether he plans on pursing the lead position for the next elections, Chastanet said, “I have not been pushing myself as the political leader for the next elections.”

He said the constituents will elect the leader. Besides that the UWP leader believes that his party has delivered to the people and said the party is now in a better position that they were a few years back, especially as it relates to addressing the disunity among members. The UWP is now aspiring to build a new reputation for itself.

“We have regular meetings, well attended; where decisions are made…you cannot have individuals who want to hold the party ransom, when you leave office and you are one of those individuals who did the same thing while in office …The party has learnt from that. We lost election due to disunity and we will resolve the problem…” the political leader asserted.

Asked about former Prime Minister and Castries North MP Stephenson King’s future in the UWP, Chastanet said, “I am still hopeful that we may resolve whatever differences there may be, but at the same time, the party must go on … it’s not like the party is going to stop and wait on the Honourable Stephenson King … he needs to make a decision and the party made theirs to elect Gale Rigobert.”

King and Castries Central MP Richard Fredrick, who are having issues with the UWP, played a major role in the 2006 general elections in Saint Lucia, which had placed the party in power back then.

The UWP leader further stated that his party is moving swiftly to ensure that it prepares for the next elections and that its policies will be an inclusive process, involving all Saint Lucians.

Chastanet revealed that a policy committee has been created by the party. The committee is divided into various units that are looking at issues such as: health care, education, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, youth, women affairs and other issues.

“We are preparing those documents so we have teams of people working on those policy positions. These policy papers will then go to the constituency branches, so that the members of the party can review them and have an input and a vote to support each of those policy positions,” he added.

“I think it’s fair to say that we believe in the vision plan planned by Sir John and that there needs to investment in infrastructure in our country… but infrastructure that is going to cause an increase both in your private sector and competitiveness overseas,” Chastanet stated.

Diversification of the economy is also a top priority for the party, he noted.

The party, he added, is making firm decisions to ensure that supporters are satisfied and will continue to meet with the people, so that they can have their concerns heard and addressed from representation from the UWP.


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  1. The biggest divider in SL politics...a perennial failure and a damn loser. You Sir, need to learn to stfu.


  2. It may be an indictment on us requiring a party has a complete policy on the way foward while being 21/2 years in opposition and while restructuring. They could only respond to issues as they arise. The people who we elected are those armed with the information and resources so should be in a better position to effect meaninful change.

    As in the case of Dr Anthony who was always in the media on issues while in opossition. He himself never offered a plan on anything. In fact when he was contacted for his advise especially in matters dealing with the laws in Caricom he declined to help his country. So that in itself speaks volume of our dear leader. What an indictment.


  3. I love the politics that is now coming to the fore in the UWP. It is a process where people can be critical of their own.

    To disagree and make up without insults is the perfect way for a citizen to monitor what is his MP's true opinion on issues. I think other posts are just lightminded to use Chastanet's phrase. Lucians need to see a political process within parties for what it is. This view comes with political maturity. Can't any SLP MP disagree with his own. This is the debate that we should be hearing in the interest of all the people then we would know how Government comes up with so many idiotic solutions to problems.

    Chastanet has always said that he may not be the one leading the party into the next elections it is decided by a Candidates Committee and a Convention. So lets not be confused and wait and see as it is a process.
    In the meantime we should be concentrating of what the government which is now in power can do because it seems as though we have already seen the present Government as faliures and now calling on the opposition to give us answers. We never elected them to office and were given no mandate. They would not have a comprehensive plan down to managing the country as their opinions are evolving. So from where they are they can only comment on issues as they arise.


  4. When a man looses a general election, a party leadership election and loses the confidence of his members of parliament to be leader of the opposition, all of which were democratic processes which occurred one after the other then clearly something must be wrong with the leadership qualities of that individual.

    A good general should never suffer three defeats one after the other


  5. Asked whether he plans on pursing the lead position for the next elections, Chastanet said, “I have not been pushing myself as the political leader for the next elections.”


    • That statement I find so confusing its not funny anymore. So what was the hoopla about orchestrating to win the leadership of the party if the sole intention and purpose was not to become the political leader prepared for elections? I am so confused. So will Chastanet allow Gale Rigobert to also run as Political leader in preparation for general elections? I am more confused. So why Allen Chastanet are you so bent on living Sir John's plans and vision. For crying out loud what are YOUR PLANS and what is YOUR VISION for Saint Lucia? Sir John is dead and gone and his memory will still leave on but Saint Lucia does not stop in the process of growth and development. We must move with the changing global times and WE MUST continue to be current. So Allen Chastanet if you claim that your party is "not dysfunctional" are we dreaming? are we imagining that it is all happening? So why is Richard Frederick and Stephenson King being sidelined? Now I am really really confused. But you know what? I have learned that unless an alcoholic admits that he has a drinking problem, he cannot seek or begin to understand that he needs help


  6. The UWP, though in opposition, post 2006, was seen as an organization going through a downturn after almost 30 years running the affairs of St. Lucia. It was expected that they would reorganize and reorient themselves to running a country. Within 5 years in office they proved incompetent, disorganized and lacking leadership. What does such a party do post loosing an election they should have won? They first of all need to get rid of the leadership which damaged the UWP brand and the individual who caused them to loose....Both these individuals are now on the outside looking in. Does king honestly believe that he will ever lead a party to victory in St. Lucia, and does his backer feel that the party will ever let him back in? De ban Cooyon!


  7. It's becoming a tad bit hackneyed listening to these politicians spew the proverbial venom at the opposing party whenever they are on the outside looking in and are not holding the decision making cards. They always have the answers to the issues when they're not in the hot seat. Its high time the electorate take a holistic approach to voting and I mean taking external, beyond our control factors into consideration before making a determination as to which party gets the X. Too often, we get distracted by the side shows and fanfare and forget the crux of choosing a successive government. It is to effect change but only when this change is indeed realistic and possible. Sad that so many people bought the JOBS JOBS JOBS slogan,hook,line and sinker. Like seriously, in a challenging global climate such as this? I guess there's a reason the term politricking was coined....


  8. First off I am neutral, and make it a point not to wear red or yellow especially in an election year.

    But as a neutral, and one who waits till the last day to decide where to cast my vote, I have to wonder, if these guys can barely run a party, how can I expect them to come together to run a country?

    and how can Chastanet go on TV and call other party members "light-minded people". Clearly he is not making it any easier to find a resolution.

    At this rate, I dont see UWP being in any position to win the next elections, that is unless the SLP shoot themselves in the foot with poor economic performances, and other emerging scandals. Good news for "Flambeau", is that "Labour" looks to be doing just that.


    • You are so right, he is more dividing the party than trying to put it together, listening to people like Peter Josie, Juke Bois etc......they will be in opposition for a long time.


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