Operations of Saint Lucia Cadet Corps scrutinised

Operations of Saint Lucia Cadet Corps scrutinised

The 84-yearold Saint Lucia Cadet Corps is set to turn a new chapter in its history with the guidance of a new review which has been conducted on the status and operations of the entity which has assisted in molding and shaping the character of thousands of Saint Lucians over the years.

The report is expected to pave the way for a transformed and revamped St. Lucia Cadet Corps.

The report was produced over a period of six months by a Special Advisory Committee  selected by Saint Lucia’s Governor General Dame Pearlette  Louisy.

The committee comprised of some nine persons with backgrounds in the Corps and was headed by Dr. Thomas Samuel who is a former commander of the Delta Company which includes the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School and Entrepot Secondary School Units.

Samuel says  the review document contains a road map and a course of action that the Cadet Corps can begin to implement almost immediately.

“We also had a review of overarching literature.  As you may know the Cadet Corps throughout the Commonwealth is an organization that started in England as a volunteer force in war time. Another part of our process to obtain information to guide us in this work was to get input from the key stakeholders. Who are they? These are the cadets themselves and the officers who administer the Corps so we put together a survey in the form of separate questionnaires that were prepared for the cadets and for the officers,” Samuel says.

Upon receiving the document at the presentation and handover ceremony, Dame Louisy commended the Special Advisory Committee for providing a very thorough and comprehensive report on the entity which celebrated 84 years this past Saturday.

She says the intervention is timely and that she will do all in her power to ensure that the report does not languish in a dormant state but is put into effect in an incremental way as soon as possible.

“I must say how satisfied I am with the report and the extent of the work that the committee had put in. I myself it would appear had not realized how much of an assignment it was until I got the report and realized the nature, the extent and the scope of the review and particularly of the recommendations that this committee has made, so I am very pleased with it, and I would really like to hope that we can move with dispatch to the implementation of some of the recommendations,” she says.

The presentation and handover ceremony was held under  the theme, “Making the Necessary Changes”.

The governor  general is the commandant-in-chief in the structure of the Cadet Corps.


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