The National Electoral Council and the Electoral Accompaniment in Venezuela (Part III)


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(CNE) – What is the importance and significance of the international electoral accompaniment in Venezuela?

The National Electoral Council International Electoral Accompaniment Program encourages the participation and encounter among fellows, among peers, among those who know, because of their current or former condition as the organizers or administrators of electoral processes, about the how-to of an electoral process, its intricacies, its complications, the implications of every stage, and every decision made, and about the contingences that can emerge, and the way to solve them.

The program bolster the exchange of experiences, and mutual enrichment among the accredited experts and the electoral authority, by appreciating the knowledge among those who can understand and grasp the value of electoral management, the way in which each electoral administrator solves problems, improves and modernizes its procedures and, most of all, all of them can learn from the strengths of the polling systems from other countries. Because of all of this, the National Electoral Council believes that electoral authorities’ accompaniment in every country of the world is essential in the task of the International Accompaniment.

New Paradigms in the International Electoral Cooperation

This new concept of international accompaniment is not exclusive from Venezuela. As a result of the deepening and strengthening of democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean during the last decades, several countries are moving forward to a new paradigm, going from the traditional Observation Missions, which are characterized by their invasive and tutelary nature, towards processes of cooperation and institutional strengthening regarding electoral matters. The progress in other countries of the region regarding this subject if noticeable, while the countries that still embrace those bold ideas, in which the recognition or accreditation of organizations, countries or multilateral organisms, which are not related to the nations and their citizens, are increasingly less.

Which International Organizations have participated in the International Accompaniment Programs of Electoral Nature in Venezuela?

The National Electoral Council has incorporated a series of organizations and integration mechanisms to the international accompaniment program, such as the Union of the South American Nations (USAN), the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR, for its initials in Spanish), the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States (CELAC, for its initials in Spanish), the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America (ALBA, for its initials in Spanish), the MERCOSUR Parliament (also known as PARLASUR, for its acronym in Spanish).

Additionally, the international accompaniment program relies on the participation of authorities and technicians from the countries that have entered into cooperation and exchange agreements regarding technological electoral development with the Venezuelan Electoral Power, such as the Russian Federation, India, Philippines, the Republic of Mali and the Republic of South Korea, as well as the electoral organization of member countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the African Union (AU).

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