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The National Electoral Council and the Electoral Accompaniment in Venezuela (Part I)


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The electoral power is one of the five public branches that make up the Venezuelan State structure. The National Electoral Council (CNE, for its initials in Spanish), is the institutional organ and the governing entity of the electoral processes in Venezuela.

(CNE) – The National Electoral Council, in the most transparent way possible, has opened a window to the world, through which the integrity and reliability of the Venezuelan automated voting system has been projected and known.

Since the year 2006, the National Electoral Council applied an International Accompaniment Plan, which is composed by two aspects: The Electoral Missions and the Accompaniment Program.

The Electoral Missions: According to the characteristics of the electoral process, the National Electoral Council allows the participation of the Electoral Missions of the International organizations it is a member of, or multilateral organizations with which it has promoted or developed electoral cooperation.

The International Accompaniment Program for each election includes the invitation and accreditation of electoral or political authorities, institutions, organizations and foreign personalities so that they can bear witness to the strength and transparency of the electoral processes carried out in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Such program involves participation in the technical stages and the activities scheduled to be performed before the Election Day, during the development of the mentioned election, and immediately after it.

Two main principles define the international electoral participation in the Venezuelan elections: Firstly, respect to the sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, its democracy and its electoral processes; and secondly, the international electoral cooperation.

The Venezuelan laws and electoral standards set forth as follows: “International accompaniments are those institutions, electoral authorities, international organizations, or organisms from other States, as well as the institutions and persons in general, that have been properly accredited as such by the National Electoral Council, by means of an invitation issued by the organization, or by request submitted before the National Electoral Council, in the times and under the conditions set forth in the corresponding plan.”

What happens with the international electoral observation in Venezuela?

In Venezuela, observation of the electoral event is exclusively reserved to Venezuelans, who are allowed to witness the transparency of the electoral process if, and only if, they are members of a civil organization, properly accredited by the National Electoral Council.

Since the application of the observation program in the year 2006, many national civil organizations have participated as observers, with representations throughout the country. More than 3, 000 observers are accredited in every electoral process, who visit in average more than fifty percent of the active polling centres.

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